Crazy Love Episodes 97-99 Recap

Tsk, tsk. That’s really all I can say. Out of all the unbelievable endings out there, this one takes the cake. Granted, the show hasn’t officially ended, but it will this week and it’s ending on such a ridiculous note.

I am so sick of Mi So trying to pretend she doesn’t remember and just how forgiving she and everyone else is. I’m sick of Kyung Soo constantly blaming himself for everything—especially Mi So’s pain. It was Mi So’s decision to break up with him to get the case back on track, but that wasn’t wholly it. So, I don’t get why Kyung Soo has to hate himself for that when it was ultimately Mi So’s decision to do so she could pursue her (nonexistent) revenge against the people who ruined her life.

So after Tae San is told to beg Moon Do for forgiveness, he goes to his office, gets drunk, and then goes back to the hospital to kill Moon Do. He’s caught in the act by Chan Ki who quickly forgets about him in his terror at Moon Do’s sudden relapse. The man is then taken for emergency surgery and this could be the last we see of him. Will it be? Who knows.

Jae Hyuk gets angry at himself for not finding Kyung Soo faster thus causing Moon Do to visit Tae San. Jae Hyuk takes this anger and unleashes it at our unsuspecting lawyer who is already feeling guilty over Moon Do’s collapse as Kyung Soo’s relationship with Mi So really put Moon Do through the ringer. Luckily, Mi So stops Jae Hyuk from spilling everything.

Not that it matters. Once the news is out that it was Oh Tae San who was the last person in Moon Do’s room before the relapse, Jae Hyuk drags Tae San back to the hospital and Tae San points his finger at Kyung Soo saying it is all thanks to Kyung Soo in the end. This makes Kyung Soo feel awful and makes him hate himself even more and decides that he won’t see Mi So any more.

I don’t know why he continues to shoulder the full blame for his brother’s death and Moon Do’s collapse. He is only one factor of many. Sure, him becoming involved with the Oh family started it all…but still…that doesn’t mean its solely his fault. Hae Ryung was crazy thanks to daddy and mommy. Tae San was a poor man who used every dirty method to crawl up in the world. The deserve to shoulder the blame as well.

We also have Hae Ryung doing a complete 180 and warming up to the ever-forgiving Mi So. She changes sooo much. But…she did have her somewhat sane and humane moments which were always ruined by her constant bouts of psychoticness. It’s just not believable for her to turn that fast. And her shock over learning about what her father did to Moon Do is just stupid. Wasn’t she the one who told her mom about Jimmy and just how bad Tae San really is? So why the shock that he would do horrible things to Mi So and her dad? Crazy.

And after all that blustering and him vowing not to get taken down, he quietly goes in after Yoo Jung assures him that Hae Ryung is stronger now and will be fine without her father while they both pay for their crimes. Say what? Even at the end of May Queen Jang was insistent that he wasn’t wrong as times were different then. Sure his life and everything in it turned to crap, but he doesn’t regret the decisions he made. Tae San looks beaten and sorry for his crimes. It just doesn’t add up when you saw him earlier and when he tried to kill Moon Do.

Jae Hyuk agrees to accompany Na Young for dinner and for a trip to the orphanage before she t urns herself in. Na Young then visits Moon Do and wonders what would have happened if she had grown up loved like Mi So. Would she have been just as good then? She does apologize to Mi So for everything and Mi So says she can’t forgive completely, but she will try. She also promises to be Na Young’s friend once more once Na Young has fully paid for her crime.

Before the last dinner, Jae Hyuk meets with Mi So. They both wet shoe shopping. Jae Hyuk got shoes for Na Young to where to the orphanage while Mi So got shoes for Kyung Soo to take him on his next journey in the investigation into Tae San. Na Young takes Je Hyuk’s delayed absence to mean that Mi So and the Yoon family is far more important then her and she leaves with a note saying how she loved him too much and is tired of waiting for him. Jae Hyuk immediately rushes out to find her. Will he get to her before she swallows her bottle of sleeping pills? I doubt it. After all that talk of paying for her crimes and starting over, she is choosing the easy (?) way out. Maybe if Jae Hyuk had been on time…she really wouldn’t have chose suicide. Again, who knows?

We also have Min Jae and Myung Ja finding out about Mi So’s recovered memory. The two earnestly go to her office to apologize and to thank her for accepting their horrible act when she herself must have been going through such a hard time. Myung Ja confesses how badly she felt thinking that Mi So had lost all memories of the precious Hae Ram and again how badly she felt over all they did to Mi So. Min Jae then says they do earnestly pray that Moon Do recovers. Mi So thanks them for all of this. Later when the Lees see the article on Oh Tae San, Myung Ja comments on how he needs to be brought to justice for all the bad things he’s done to others and to the Yoon family. Min Jae concurs and also vows that with everything that has happened, he is finally going to grow up and take control of his life so he will be less ashamed when he meets Hae Ram in the afterlife. This makes his mother happy. It’s nice to finally see the more serious side of Min Jae. His character became an idiotic buffoon in the last half of this series. Believable? Eh. Oh well.

And on the Chan Ki and Jong Hee front, Jong Hee takes the initiative to buy the engagement rings and the two exchange them in front of the comatose Moon Do as their witness. This way even if the worst happens, they feel like he’s watching over them and giving him their blessing.

And that’s three episodes in a nutshell. It’s… well… they had 100 episodes, right? Horrible pacing and a completely inplausible ending. All the baddies are feeling remorse and getting forgiven. Sure, that can happen in real life. The likelihood of truly evil people feeling all that regret? No very high. Hae Ryung and Na Young I can slightly believe as they both had some more humane glimpses (though very rare and fleeting), but Oh Tae San? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

And we end episode 99 with our couple parting ways with new shoes and one last waltz. Sure, I bet they’ll live happily ever after in the next episode…but…it’s just…flat.


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