Crazy Love Episode 95 Recap

Just when you think this show can’t go further down the crapper it proves you wrong. Mi So. Kyung Soo. Talk about completely ineffective leads who cannot accomplish anything. Even Jae Hyuk is falling into that category with all the chances he gives a certain unrepentant harridan.

So Mi So kicks Jae Hyuk out of his apartment. Na Young doesn’t throw him under the bus and does admit he’s only letting her stay in hopes she’ll turn herself in. Mi So orders Na Young to do it now or else and Na Young tells her she has no inkling to seek forgiveness for her sins nor turn herself in. And if Mi So calls the police, Na Young will make sure she’s not going to jail alone. Even though Baek didn’t have anything to do with the crime, he can still be charged as an accomplice for hiding the fugitive. Mi So is livid, but what can she do?

She leaves the apartment and demands to know why Jae Hyuk didn’t tell her. He tried, got interrupted and could never screw up the courage again. He then says he’s only allowing Na Young to stay with him to convince her to turn herself in and seek forgiveness instead of running or killing herself. Mi So is shocked to hear that Na Young was originally planning suicide until Jae Hyuk stopped her. Jae Hyuk urges Mi So to give Na Young another chance to turn herself in so Mi So won’t spend the rest of her life with the pain of hating and not forgiving Na Young. Seriously? The Psycho has already done too much to expect forgiveness and forgetting.

Mi So then gets the call from Chan Ki about their dad and she and Jae Hyuk rush off alone. Mi So sends Chan Ki and Jong Hee home saying she and Jae Hyuk will stay instead. Once the two lovebirds leave, Mi So then kicks Jae Hyuk out as she needs to think. When he leaves, she silently asks her father what she should do about Na Young. She doesn’t know if she has the courage to hate her ex friend for the rest of her life. Eyeroll.

Chan Ki does call up Kyung Soo to tell him the good news. Even hearing that Jae Hyuk will be with Mi So at the hospital, Kyung Soo still goes to visit. Of course Jae Hyuk isn’t there and Mi So hides the fact she was crying. She then tells Kyung Soo not to even visit her dad. Cruel. Really. He’s genuinely concerned and in pain over Moon Do’s condition, too. Allowing him to see her hospitalized father shouldn’t be forbidden, too. But whatever.

Jae Hyuk goes home to fight with Na Young (who is sitting calmly ironing his shirts, blech). Na Young says she threatened him in front of Mi So to survive as she can’t go to prison. Jae Hyuk gives her to the week’s end—her final chance. Na Young’s reply is that Jae Hyuk must then give her a chance. He must treat her better and open his heart to her. Are you freaking kidding me? That was pretty much Jae Hyuk’s reaction, too. But that’s Na Young’s ultimatum. There’s no way she can win his heart, but whatever floats her boat. She’s in control here, no one else.

At the office, Mi So recalls her mommy talking about how it might be her fault that Hae Ryung did the hurtful and horrible things. This sends Mi So to Kyung Soo’s office to ask him to give Hae Ryung one more chance to seek treatment. Kyung Soo reports that was his plan all along as he’s sure a court would agree his ex is looney. Kyung Soo then goes to Yoo Jung and tells her this and she’s happy that he’s not trying to have Hae Ryung thrown in jail for the rest of her life. She wishes to tell him the truth about Mi So being her daughter, but they are interrupted by devil Oh Tae San. Yoo Jung urges Kyung Soo out of the room while Tae San threatens him. Once he’s gone, Tae San says that if Yoo Jung continues this war, his only choice is to hit her where it hurts the most. Yoo Jung explodes. If he lays a finger on her precious daughter, he will have hell to pay.

Funny. This is just have Hae Ryung was lying sick in her bed and telling him that if he doesn’t convince Yoo Jung to come back, then she will just waste away and die or move out. Whichever comes first really. Tae San cannot believe Hae Ryung only cares about her mother when he’s raised and loved her all these years (not to mention he’s he real parent and not step like Yoo Jung). Hae Ryung asks him to admit as well that their life would have been a living hell in that house if it wasn’t for Yoo Jung. Tae San doesn’t care—he’s only interested in himself in the long run.

Na Young is having her first “date” with Jae Hyuk (who has since moved out of the apartment) and asks about what is going on with Kyung Soo and Mi So. Jae Hyuk says it has nothing to do with her, but ends up telling her everything. Like she needed any more leverage over Mi So. He then gets called out by Attorney Seo and rushes out of the apartment. Mi So takes this chance to pay a visit and tell Na Young that she needs to turn herself in to the police tonight or Mi So will do it for her because she can’t have Jae Hyuk prosecuted for a crime he didn’t commit (earlier Myung Ja came asking for a job and talked about how Na Young’s “accomplice” needs to suffer as well). Na Young decides to pull out all stops. Fine. If Mi So will do that, then Na Young has no other recourse but to call Kyung Soo and tell him everything. Mi So tries to get her phone back and is shoved to the floor.

Aigoo. What a pathetic heroine until the end.

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