Crazy Love Episode 94 Recap

Aigoo. I’m not saying Hae Ryung’s 100% wrong in her deduction that abandonment made her crazy to hang on to the people she loves, but she, as well as Na Young, (and lord knows how many other characters in this drama) needs to take responsibility for her own actions. Getting abandoned once as a child does not mean she’s free to become the evil wench she is today. Of course, Yoo Jung and Tae San coddling her all the time didn’t help either.

And while we have characters who refuse to take responsibility, we have other characters who take too much. Kyung Soo blames himself for what happened to Mi So and her family and his brother. It’s not 100% his fault. Yoo Jung takes on all the burden of her husband’s and stepdaughter’s misdeeds. Even Mi So takes on blame and burdens that are not her own. WTF. How stupid.

Jae Hyuk arrives back home and thankfully Mi So gets called back into work. He then heads into his apartment and scolds Na Young once more for her actions. She has no luxury to be making demands and interfering. She needs to make her decision and make it now. Na Young begs him to run away from her and start over with her. Jae Hyuk angrily tells her for the bajillionth time that she needs to man up and pay for her crimes. She has until the next day to do so.

Jong Hee confesses that Hae Ryung knew about Na Young not being her birth daughter and threatening Mi So so that Mi So kept the secret as well. This floors Yoo Jung. Her daughter really did that? Jong Hee encourages Yoo Jung to not spend any time in a hotel and spend time bonding with Mi So. Yoo Jung goes home and prepares dinner for her birth daughter only to have her stepdaughter come in and start whining about how she’s thrown Hae Ryung away now. Yoo Jung assures Hae Ryung that isn’t true, but she just needs time to think.

Hae Ryung confesses she did tell Mi So to keep the secret as who knows what daddy will do to mommy. Plus, thanks to Yoo Jung leaving when Hae Ryung was six, Hae Ryung developed a perpetual fear of abandonment which made her fiercely hang on to those she loves. This shocks Yoo Jung that Hae Ryung remembers that long ago incident and she sincerely apologizes for any pain she caused her daughter. Hae Ryung storms out and accuses Mi So of stealing her mother away. Of course she won’t listen to Mi So’s side of the story. Hae Ryung leaves and Yoo Jung apologizes for her husband and daughter once more. It seems it’s all her fault. BS.

Hae Ryung rushes home to daddy and demands Oh Tae San go and get his wife away from Mi So. No can do. Tae San is actively declaring war on his wife and devising ways to bring her to her knees in front of him. Hae Ryung is horrified. She yells that her father has made their family and home into a living hell and says that she needs Yoo Jung—she needs her mother. If Tae San can’t bring her back, then Hae Ryung will leave, too. Fine. Who needs them?

Kyung Soo calls out Jae Hyuk and says that he doesn’t want Jae Hyuk to reveal their conversation to Mi So. In fact, he’d rather Jae Hyuk forget it as well because if Mi So is in love with Jae Hyuk, it’s too sad to think of Jae Hyuk tossing her back to Kyung Soo once everything is over. Besides, if Mi So never remembers him, at least she will be with Jae Hyuk who is the only man Kyung Soo can willingly let Mi So go to. Jae Hyuk also agrees that Kyung Soo is the only man he can willingly let Mi So go to as well.

Na Young decides not to let her brief remorse over Hae Ram’s death ruin her life. She will go into hiding. She calls up Jae Hyuk (who is meeting with Mi So and talking about Kyung Soo who has finally agreed to help with the prosecution with Tae San Capital at long last) and asks him one last time to run away with her. Jae Hyuk refuses and tells her they will talk later and hangs up. Fine. Na Young runs to the Lee house and steals all of Myung Ja’s jewels and the money that Myung Ja hides under her bed (because she always dreamed of sleeping on top of money once she made it rich).

Kyung Soo meets with Mi So and returns her ring with the message that should she ever remember, bring the ring to him to start over. And here I thought he might say he’s completely giving up. Nope. This makes her cry. She really has no right to be in pain. Sure, given Kyung Soo’s personality, he’d take things hard, but can’t she be up front about everything instead of telling him nothing but lies?

We then cut to see Chan Ki talking to his father and seeing Moon Do’s one finger move. Enter Jong Hee. He excitedly tells her this, but she doesn’t believe at first until she sees the finger move for herself. Chan Ki rushes to get a doctor while Jong Hee tells Moon Do to hang in there and wake up.

Myung Ja and Min Jae return home and notice things amiss. Myung Ja goes to call the police while Min Jae calls up Mi So to let her know that Na Young burglarized their house. Mi So is shocked. She then recalls Jae Hyuk’s phone call earlier. Surely Jae Hyuk must know. We then cut to see Jae Hyuk arguing with the running Na Young to stay and face the music and Na Young saying she won’t rot in jail. Enter Mi So who is floored that her beloved oppa has been hiding Na Young all along.

Ye gads. Seriously, no one should get as many chances as people are getting in this drama. Mi So wanting Na Young to turn herself in in order for Mi So to forgive her is ridiculous. I don’t care if it was intentional or not, Na Young maliciously kidnapped Hae Ram which led to the child’s death. It’s one thing if a child does die in a horrible accident that has nothing to do with negligence or ill intent, it’s another thing if a child dies accidentally when someone is doing something bad to them. Na Young doesn’t deserve forgiveness. She doesn’t deserve to live her life in hiding. She deserves to rot in that jail cell until she dies. And Tae San and Hae Ryung? Please. After all the crap they pulled, why they got any chances to prove they are human is beyond me.

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