Crazy Love Episode 93 Recap

You know, you have dramas where you have a main character who everyone is willing to do stuff for. Some of those characters aren’t bad and really aren’t expecting it or anything. It’s love and obsession that gets others to do it and in a small number of cases, that’s not that character’s fault. In this drama, Mi So’s got everyone doing stuff for her. Mommy promises to make up for all the bad things step-daddy has done and vows to bring Mi So and Kyung Soo together so that they can be happy. Meanwhile, oppa Jae Hyuk has the exact same thoughts. No need to worry, Mi So, your uselessness is bringing in the cavalry.

Kyung Soo can’t believe Mi So is really in love with Jae Hyuk. And he’s not afraid to tell her this. She insists that she is, but Kyung Soo says there is no way Jae Hyuk would ever consent to a relationship with Mi So while he’s supporting Kyung Soo. Mi So then says it’s a one-sided love. Pfft. I was waiting for Kyung Soo to say it obviously wouldn’t be since Jae Hyuk is in love with her, but he maintained the secret. And to show that she really does love her brother as more than a brother, she calls him up for a date right in front of Kyung Soo. Still…it isn’t convincing at all.

Unfortunately, in spite of everything Mi So is doing to get Kyung Soo to enact his revenge, Kyung Soo refuses to budge. He refuses to accept their relationship is over and refuses to get Tae San to answer for his crimes as well as Hae Ryung. Since everyone around him keeps telling him to man up so he can be together with Mi So and start over…will he finally take the slap in the face, shake it off and start doing what he should? Even ex-mommy-in-law tells him that he’s the reason Mi So broke things off—because he refused to act.

Yoo Jung refuses to give her husband any more chances. She tells him straight up she’s joining forces with Jo and will right all the wrongs he’s committed. Tae San is livid. Yoo Jung reminds him of all his chances and all his great big disappointing decisions. He knows he’s the reason for their divorce, right? Yoo Jung packs her bags and leaves the Oh house with haste while Hae Ryung looks like a scared and lost little girl. Serves her right. So Yoo Jung goes over to spend the night with her daughter. Some nice bonding time ending with Yoo Jung vowing to make certain that her daughter lives a happy life with Kyung Soo. Ah, and Jong Hee reveals Mi So and Yoo Jung being mother and daughter to Chan Ki.

Na Young is livid to see that Mi So is using Jae Hyuk to break things off with Kyung Soo. Na Young tells Jae Hyuk to be honest with himself and his desire for Mi So. Unlike Na Young, as much as it kills him to have the woman he loves be with another man, he genuinely wants the two of them to be happy. He’s not a vicious, backstabbing leech doing whatever he can to bring misery for his own happiness. Well this ticks Na Young off. She’s already lost everything else to Mi So, she can’t lose Jae Hyuk, too. Aigoo. So she calls up Mi So and warns her to treat Jae Hyuk oppa well or else. Right. This, of course, makes Mi So recall her interrupted conversation with Jae Hyuk when he was about to tell her something about Na Young. Does that mean he knows where Na Young is? For someone who is a criminal mastermind (not really), Na Young sure is one of the dumbest characters.

After witnessing a sweet scene between Mi So and Jae Hyuk, Kyung Soo calls Jae Hyuk out. Jae Hyuk asks to be allowed to stay by his first love’s side until Kyung Soo takes care of business and can get together with Mi So. Meanwhile, Mi So goes to Jae Hyuk’s apartment to find out about Na Young.

And now we have this week’s episodes. Not feel particularly happy with this show, but hurrah, it’s almost over. How could such a strong start go so, so, so, so, so, so wrong?

And you know what? I can’t believe Mi So only now just asked why Jae Hyuk is so nice and does everything she asks. Well…I guess I can’t say I can’t believe it. She’s obtuse to the point of stupidity. By this time, she should understand that Jae Hyuk’s feelings go a lot deeper.

And Min Jae and his mother…they never really learn. Sure, they are showing their better sides now, but even after all the heartache and agony, Myung Ja is still using niceness and Hae Ram to curry favor. Poor, Hae Ram.

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