Crazy Love Episodes 89-92 Recap

Whoowee. Almost the entire week in one shot. After this week, there’s only like 7 episodes left. Assa! But even then…that feels like way too many. I get it. Daily dramas drag things out to the point it becomes painful and frustrating. That’s what this drama is doing.

Sure…we had some stuff happen this week. But…still…not enough. And I don’t care what Mi So says she’s doing, she’s not really having revenge on any one. It’s more like everything is falling into her lap without her having done a single thing except for lacerate Kyung Soo’s heart.

Anywho, both Na Young and Hae Ryung encourage Mi So to keep her parentage a secret. Mi So agrees just because she doesn’t want to hurt her mother nor bring down the wrath of Oh Tae San. However, Yoo Jung quickly finds out that her real daughter is Mi So when Chan Ki finds her missing bracelet and Jong Hee brings it in to work. Yoo Jung then realizes just how much Na Young deceived her (Hae Ryung’s deception still remains in the dark and Mi So has no intention of telling).

Na Young scams money from both Myung Ja and Tae San to make a run for it only to have Kyung Soo confront Jae Hyuk about the truth and set the wheels in motion to have her arrested. Min Jae and Myung Ja are horrified to learn that their precious Hae Ram’s murderer was in the house the entire time. Both are apologetic for putting all the blame on Mi So’s shoulders.

Even with Na Young fleeing, Mi So wants to give her the chance to do the right thing. She gives Jae Hyuk the flower drawing and tells him that it was Na Young’s suggestion to make the flower smile for good luck in getting good parents. Jae Hyuk then recalls what Moon Do said about that picture making him and his wife decide on Mi So versus Na Young. So it wasn’t entirely Baek’s doing, but Na Young’s that landed Mi So a good home. Jae Hyuk calls up Na Young and tells her this story. It touches the tiny space inside her withered and blackened heart that’s still not completely evil. So thanks to this message, Na Young goes to Mi So’s house. She can’t turn back time. She can’t change what happened. So the next best thing is to tell Mi So (over the phone) where Hae Ram is buried.

Mi So goes to visit her daughter with Jae Hyuk. Before the two get to the arboretum, Na Young is there with flowers. She has been taking care of Hae Ram’s grave this entire time. I guess she really did feel remorse even if she acted like a huge monster. Na Young spies on Mi So and Jae Hyuk and tears about seeing Mi So sob her heart out in front of Hae Ramui Namu (literally translates to Hae Ram’s Tree). However, Na Young can’t turn herself in. Even though Hae Ram’s death was an unfortunate accident that she helped cause, she doesn’t want to face prison. She’d rather die. But Jae Hyuk won’t let her. He stops her from killing herself and tells her she will stay at his place until she can accept Mi So’s last chance (and earn Mi So’s forgiveness) by turning herself in.

Meanwhile, Hae Ryung is horrified to overhear that Na Young is the cause of Hae Ram’s unfortunate demise. Tae San was screaming at Yoo Jung because not only did Na Young run off with his money, but she also was a kidnapper and child killer. Yoo Jung screams back Na Young isn’t her daughter and then screams at how angry she is at her husband for nearly killing her real daughter. Yeah, Tae San isn’t happy to learn it’s really Mi So. This is not good. Of course he feels no remorse for nearly killing his wife’s biological daughter. He even gives Yoo Jung money to bribe the board to kick Mi So out. Yoo Jung refuses and threatens to leave him if he continues. Nice. This freaks Hae Ryung out. She calls up Mi So and assures the woman she would never have helped Na Young had she known and how sorry she is over what happened with Hae Ram. Mi So accepts this and then goes to pay mommy a visit as she doesn’t want Yoo Jung to go against Tae San and get hurt.

Jo calls up Kyung Soo and reveals her ultimatum. He confronts Mi So who tells him she can easily throw him away because she doesn’t remember him. Of course when Kyung Soo gets drunk off his arse, she drops her façade and when he wakes up, he remembers this. So when he confronts her about her memories, Mi So insists she doesn’t have them and tells him she’s in love with Jae Hyuk. Wow. Great way to eviscerate two hearts.

I seriously don’t get it. I mean, Kyung Soo wouldn’t pursue revenge because he was dating Mi So and now he can’t pursue revenge because Mi So broke up with him. So…either way he won’t be going after Tae San like he should, so I don’t see the need to keep up the pretense and lies any more. And why keep dragging in Jae Hyuk? The poor man.

At this point, it’s a little too late to save Na Young, but that’s the way the writing is going. I do have a feeling it may be Hae Ryung who could end up killing herself if she loses her hubby, mommy, and daddy. When she has nothing, there’s no reason for her to live any more and she actually might go through with suicide like she’s been threatening in nearly every episode. Craziness. But…I guess. At least Na Young shows remorse. It was jealousy and stupidity that brought her to do what she did and she does regret it now. Oh Tae San, however, wouldn’t know the word remorse even if it came and bit him in the bum. So how will the non-revenge, revenge go now, I wonder?

One comment

  • Forgiveness for killing a child (even indirectly), does not exist in my vocabulary! Repentance? Forget that! I’d be like so many parents wanting revenge, forget the legal system. Let’s just make it through these last 8 episodes and vow NEVER again!! Never again get sucked into this abyss of a drama! I’ve given up trying to understand this writer!!.

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