Crazy Love Episode 88 Recap

Oh, seriously. Mi So’s revenge scheme is non-existent. She plays all of her cards basically only to have Na Young throw it back in her face that if Mi So wants to pursue her revenge, fine. Just don’t expect Na Young to be forthcoming with Hae Ram’s burial place. What’s the heartbroken mother to do? She begs Na Young to reconsider and turn herself in. Wow. And have you given any good reason to do what you request? Nope. None.

I guess you can say in this episode while there is no revenge progress whatsoever, we have a lot of secrets being exposed. I am kind of curious as to WHY Mi So and Jong Hee think that Baek Jae Hyuk would immediately go to the police if he knew about Na Young. This guy has been doing underhanded and illegal things for years now. I can’t imagine him running to the cops and pointing his finger at Na Young for the “murder” of Hae Ram.

And…let’s be honest. Na Young technically didn’t kill the girl. She kidnapped Hae Ram which led to the child’s death. Yes, she’s responsible, but she actually didn’t murder the little girl and actually took her to the hospital. Will wonders never cease? I didn’t think she’d do that much. Of course that doesn’t excuse her. But…I wonder if you can get the death charge leveled on her of if it would be just stuck at kidnapping…

Anywho. Na Young shows a calm, brazen, and shameless face to Mi So justifying herself because Mi So took everything that was rightfully hers. BS. However, Na Young is worried. She needs to fly the coop before Mi So does try to indict her. So Na Young goes to Myung Ja and demands her mother-in-law sell property and give the proceeds to Na Young. Myung Ja, of course, refuses. As she and her son might be jobless soon, it is best to be frugal. Na Young cannot believe this and she is even more angry to learn that Myung Ja has no intention of kicking Mi So to the curb as Mi So could be the Lees’ only hope of salvation.

So with mommy-in-law not being helpful, Na Young goes to Tae San and asks for the capital to go ahead full steam with her revenge scheme. Tae San was wondering how long it would take for Na Young to bring this up and happily says he’ll contribute to the kick Mi So out fund. Given Tae San’s overall stinginess…even if he’s worried about Mi So…it just doesn’t seem realistic that he’d hand over any cash to Na Young. So what is Na Young’s plan? As soon as Tae San’s money is in her account, she’ll run away.

Of course, during this time Baek confronts Mi So about Na Young and his sister lies to him. Jae Hyuk then goes and tricks Jong Hee into confessing that Na Young is responsible for Hae Ram’s death. Angry Jae Hyuk bursts in on Na Young as she’s about to call a travel agency and pulls her out. He demands to know how she could do something so low. Na Young laughs. So Mi So ran to oppa. Now Na Young definitely won’t tell her where Hae Ram is buried. Jae Hyuk can relay that message. How did she end up like this? Na Young doesn’t know. She doesn’t know where it all went wrong and where she started turning into a complete monster with no remorse. Sigh, Jae Hyuk giving her yet another chance to do the right thing just like Mi So has. As if that will ever work with that Psycho.

So Na Young then goes to fight it out with Mi So who ends up slapping Na Young for her mouth. Enter Yoo Jung who was so worried about Mi So’s appearance that she bought herbal tonic. Yoo Jung drops the tonic and Na Young immediately lies and says that Mi So is bullying and threatening her to quit because Na Young accepted a supplier’s bribe. Yoo Jung is furious at Mi So and drags her daughter out making Mi So feel bad. What a crock. Mi So shouldn’t feel badly because of the stunts Na Young pulls.

Anywho, Yoo Jung asks if the bribe thing is true which annoys Na Young to no end. Well…even if Yoo Jung was upset, she really can’t see Mi So be angry over nothing. LOL. Even angry at Mi So, Yoo Jung just can’t believe there is really something bad about her. And what does Na Young do? She talks about how mean Mi So was to her in the orphanage and how Mi So has been gunning for her ever since she found out Yoo Jung was Na Young’s mother. Again, what a crock. But to smooth things over, Yoo Jung proposes a girl’s night out with her daughters.

Mi So wants to make amends with Yoo Jung over the incident and so she finds out where the dinner is being held. At this time, Hae Ryung calls out Na Young earlier to get the bracelet back that Na Young stole from Yoo Jung. Na Young returns it and says she will soon stop being the pretend daughter. Hae Ryung is livid. Of course Mi So overhears everything and gets quite a shock. Hae Ryung is especially upset when Na Young confesses everything to Mi So. Hae Ryung wants Mi So to leave before Yoo Jung gets there, but too late. Hae Ryung drags her out of the restaurant before Mi So can open her yap and tell her birth mother everything.

Oh, and somewhere in this we have Min Jae buttering up to Mi So by giving her pictures of Hae Ram. Jong Hee cannot stand what he’s doing and tells Mi So that she may not remember, but Min Jae cheated on her and beat her. Nice. Mi So shows no emotions at this and just stares forlornly at her daughter’s pictures. Jong Hee almost confesses everything to Kyung Soo, but manages to stop herself just in time and changes what she was going to say to Mi So is upset over not remembering her daughter. So Kyung Soo blows bubbles on the rooftop with Mi So and tells her about her daughter. Sweet. If it also wasn’t so stupid at the same time.

Things are definitely hitting the fan this week, but I haven’t had the time to catch up on all the episode yet.

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  • Again, why isn’t this woman in jail?! Hell, I cannot believe that these writers think that a real mother would do this!! Hell, I’d be in jail, under the jail if it was me!! I’m besides myself right now as to why she hasn’t reported her; why wasn’t the phone evidence turned over! I’m besides myself!!

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