Crazy Love Episode 87 Recap

I thought I’d get caught up over the long weekend, but that didn’t happen as I had my niece and nephew up and boy is it hard to keep up with the little hellions. I was hoping to do a three-in-one recap today instead, but then I had to make dinner, cut grass and do dishes. Thus…only one episode is served.

Mi So is horrible. Just…I don’t know what to do with her character any more. And it’s mostly just how the script is written and what they are having her do. And, again, I’m so sick of these inner monologues. And just like its so obvious that Mi So has her memory back, it’s too obvious that Na Young is guilty of something in regards to Hae Ram, so I have no idea how these two are fooling anybody at this point.

MI So stands firm in her rejection of Kyung Soo while oppa does his best to get her to reconsider breaking up and lying to Kyung Soo about her memory. Kyung Soo then shows up with his bouquet of baby’s breath. Mi So accepts it and goes inside while Jae Hyuk apologizes for meeting Mi So not knowing the two had plans. Kyung Soo tells him that is all right as he did it all on his own without Mi So’s input, so he was ready to be stood up. He then thanks Baek for telling him what Mi So’s favorite flower is. Jae Hyuk then reveals that there was a field of baby’s breath by the orphanage and it always made Mi So smile as it looked like snow in the summer. He then tells the lawyer to chin up as Mi So will definitely return to him. Right. Oh, I’m sure she will, but I do find it surprising that Mi So is adamant in permanently severing ties instead of going back to Kyung Soo when everything is over.

Ah, what else happens? So, Hae Ryung calls up her newly discovered step-sister and immediately asks how Na Young could ever have fooled Yoo Jung with a DNA test when there is now way that Na Young can be her daughter. This floors Na Young. Hae Ryung then gloats about how daddy dearest had Na Young investigated. In the report, Na Young’s blood type is stated as AB which means there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that she’s Yoo Jung’s. Na Young then drops the bomb about who Yoo Jung’s real daughter is and tells Hae Ryung it’s in the younger girl’s best interest to help her out instead of revealing her.

At CK, Mi So is getting more work done as the interim CEO then when anyone else was working. Of course, that meeting scene with her, Jung Hee, Kang, and Oh was horribly…trite at times, but they are making more progress now then we’ve ever seen. Mi So reports everything back to Yoo Jung who is happy to hear how well things are going, but who is unhappy at how unwell Mi So looks. Mi So lies and says everything is just fine—it’s just pushing to get all of this stuff done as the new CEO. She then has a little inner monologue about how Yoo Jung taught her all she knows. What a crock. Enter Hae Ryung to tell mommy that she has decided to get along with her new eonni.

Kyung Soo goes to Mi So’s office with the documents about her CEO status and she’s not looking well at all. She had just gotten off the phone with Secretary Kim who is having difficulties tracking down the driver of the truck who hit Hae Ram. This makes her agitated and she takes out two walnuts(?) that Kyung Soo gave her and wonders what to do. Kyung Soo recognizes these and Mi So feigns ignorance. She’s not willing to give an inch in any quarter.

Mi So goes over to the Lee house where both Myung Ja and Min Jae are planning on pampering her. Oh, the irony. They are happy that se has amnesia as that means she has forgotten how horrible they were to her. Enter Na Young who is livid to see the Lees kissing up to her mortal enemy. She’s really unhappy that they aren’t even taking her into consideration in their kissing up. Myung Ja assures her that as Yoo Jung’s daughter, she’s fine, but Min Jae isn’t and this is to save his job. After dinner, Myung Ja, Min Jae, and Mi So go through Hae Ram’s photo album. You can tell they do all share genuine love for the deceased little girl. Although it is sickening that the Lees used Hae Ram as a ploy to suck up to Mi So. Our pretend amnesiac starts asking questions about what happened the day of the disappearance and Na Young’s guilt and duplicity is mentioned. Min Jae does assure his ex that it turns out Na Young had an ironclad alibi. Na Young gets downright livid that she is being suspected by Mi So. Who apologizes and leaves while Myung Ja and Min Jae get angry at Na Young for spouting off like that. Mi So angrily berates the Lees for taking Na Young in after all she’s done. True. Even if they don’t know about Hae Ram, it doesn’t make sense how Na Young was allowed in so easily.

Mi So visits the hospital where Hae Ram was taken. She is told the little girl died alone from shock and blood loss. It will take time to track down the attending physician since he was only their temporarily. Meanwhile, Chan Ki introduces Jong Hee as his girlfriend and promises to marry her when his father wakes up. This shocks Jong Hee, but she assures Chan Ki and Moon Do that she will always be by Chan Ki’s side.

Mi So gets the call from the attending physician who assures her he can recognize the woman who brought Hae Ram in. He then stabs her through the heart by saying that Hae Ram sang the three bears song and said she was going to see her mom when she passed away. Mi So breaks down sobbing as Jae Hyuk comes in with information from Secretary Kim. He’s horrified to see his little sister in so much pain. We then cut to Baek back as his apartment. He recalls Mi So telling him she has discovered Hae Ram’s killer and that is why she’s back at CK. It doesn’t take Jae Hyuk long to figure out that Hae Ram’s killer is probably Na Young.

We haven’t seen Na Young doing anything at CK to destroy Mi So, so I don’t know how she can confidently tell Tae San that everything’s going according to plan…Anywho, Mi So calls Na Young out and demands to know where Na Young buried her daughter after Hae Ram died in the car accident.

Yes, idiot. Although I already thought it was too obvious about your memory returning, let’s tell the evil viper that you remember everything. Baboya.

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