Crazy Love Episode 86 Recap

Meh. Meh. Blah. That’s what we’ve got so far. Sure…some secrets are coming out into the open…but still there is no progress. It’s really not even worth recapping what’s happened in this episode. Seriously.

Remember how we ended the previous episode with Kyung Soo refusing to give up? Well he changes tact a little bit here. Oh, he’s not giving up, but his big idea is to erase Mi So so the two of them can start over fresh together. Mi So goes back to her office and wonders why he just can’t forget her and move on. Um…duh? It’s not like you can forget him and move on. I mean, to get your revenge, you can call things quit for the time being, but that doesn’t mean it has to be permanently.

Although…Mi So’s one phrasing bothered me. She told Hae Ram to wait as ohmma will see her soon. Hae Ram is dead. So either Mi So will visit her daughter’s resting place or Mi So is planning on joining her. Which do you think it is?

Now…let’s see…what else? Ah, apparently Na Young got the phone by pretending to be Jong Hee. Again, if the store workers hadn’t changed shift or anything, why would they give the phone to Na Young when she looked completely different from Jong Hee? Holes…this story is full of them. One of the worst is time holes. Chan Ki says that Mi So and Kyung Soo waited years. Um…did they? There is no concept of time so it makes it hard. There hasn’t really been any season changes or anything. Sure…you could see the shift from the colder spring to summer, but that was it. So how far along are we that Chan Ki says years?

Okay, enough digressing. So Mi So and Jong Hee pretty much know it had to have been Na Young who took the phone. This just makes Mi So all the more determined to track down the driver of that truck that hit Hae Ram. If she can get that and the man recognizes her daughter, then she can nail Na Young. Mi So is more worried about her cover being blown since she lied to Na Young about the phone being lost in a taxi. Jong Hee handles that. She tells Na Young (who is livid after learning that Min Jae has been sucking up to MI So—he gave her the flowers and talked about how Na Young seduced him after Mi So started acting funny after Hae Ram died) they found the phone, Mi So didn’t leave it in a taxi after all. Jong Hee dropped it and broke it and went to have it repaired, but the phone is now missing. Na Young plays it cool and says that’s too bad, but it’s nothing to worry about.

Na Young then asks where her subordinates are. They are with Mi So in the test kitchen talking about the new product. Na Young quickly rushes off and immediately yells at her team (in front of Mi So no less) for leaving her out. Mi So sends Kang and Oh inside and then tells Na Young she won’t be left out anymore. This time, Na Young wasn’t in the office and Mi So was told Na Young often went missing for personal reasons. Snort. Personal indeed. These two then have silent declarations of war with each other in a glare down (which Mi So wins). Na Young, even though she has the phone, still feels a bit uneasy about whether or not Mi So doesn’t really remember or not.

Mi So goes back to her office to calm herself down and Kyung Soo invites her out on a date. When he met her in the hall earlier he was acting like he never saw her before and spouted off that it was love at first sight. He’s officially divorced now. Hae Ryung is livid that Kyung Soo is still pursuing Mi So who has already broken things off. She’s even more unhappy to learn that Kyung Soo won’t forgive and forget. I can’t believe she honestly thought Kyung Soo would forgive her when she has shown no remorse over his brother’s death. Airhead.

Oh, and we get Baek threatening Tae San to watch out for Mi So thanks to what happened to Baek’s and her father. Great. Tip the man off. This makes Tae San call in Na Young. Yoo Jung is surprised to see her birth daughter at the door. Hae Ryung is livid that daddy invited the other man’s daughter over. Tae San chortles about how he likes Na Young since she’s out to bring Mi So down. Needless to say Yoo Jung is not happy with this vein of thinking.

Instead of meeting Kyung Soo for the date, Mi So calls up oppa for dinner. Jae Hyuk is happy to have her call, but is worried that something is wrong. Mi So lies at first and asks him to entertain her by talking about his first love. Baek clams up. Later. Mi So then reveals she was supposed to meet Kyung Soo. He’s probably still waiting (he is in a restaurant all alone with Mi So’s favorite bouquet of baby’s breath). Be that as it may, Mi So won’t go. And even though she has made this decision herself, she can’t help but miss him.

Blech. It does look like Mi So might be snapping a bit in the next episode and confronting Na Young about Hae Ram.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Hae Ryung got into her dad’s files and was looking at Na Young’s profile. Hae Ryung immediately hones in on the fact that Na Young is AB. Since Yoo Jung is O, Na Young shouldn’t really be an AB, should she? That wench is pretending to be her mother’s daughter!

Unfortunately given the previews, the confrontation ends up with the two teaming up together because Hae Ryung is not happy to learn who her mother’s real daughter is.

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