Crazy Love Episode 85 Recap

As I kind of predicted…we aren’t moving too far forward and are kind of circling right now. When will the plot really kick into action?

After the announcement, Mi So takes up residence in Myung Ja’s office. Jo tells her that Hwang has restarted his investigation into Oh Tae San focusing on how he manipulated the market to pad his wallet during the merger. This means Mi So should ignore Tae San for the time being and focus her energy on Na Young. So just what is Mi So’s plan? She will right every wrong that Na Young has committed professionally while at CK. She will make sure that Na Young doesn’t have a chance to utilize her unethical and underhanded business tactics. Well…how’s that for revenge? Jo comments that Mi So will show them what a truly beautiful revenge is.

Jong Hee comes in as Jo leaves and congratulates her best friend on becoming the CEO and having Jo’s backing. No one knew what hit them at the meeting. Mi So’s first order of business is to go to the accounts department and get their reports. She will be a very hands on acting president.

Meanwhile, Na Young is livid. She wonders what tricks Mi So used to get Jo to give her the position. Na Young easily talks back to her now superior when she bumps into Jong Hee and Mi So. Jong Hee reminds Na Young that Mi So is in a higher position so the other girl had better watch out. Na Young is horrified to learn just how much Mi So plans on taking on and is especially not happy to hear from Mi So’s own mouth that it is Mi So who has the final say in all business matters.

Tae San fights with Yoo Jung about Mi So being appointed. He knows Mi So is out for vengeance. And if it turns out Jo is orchestrating everything, there will be hell to pay. Yoo Jung cannot believe there is a reason for vengeance on Jo’s part and tells her husband to relax. Tae San cannot believe his own ears. You know…Yoo Jung said to Mi So earlier that she finds it hard to trust people, but this girl is very naïve and actually is believing people are better than they are. Na Young happens to overhear all of this and decides that by helping get rid of Mi So, she will prove herself indispensable and will be eagerly welcomed into the Oh family. Right.

Myung Ja and Min Jae go home in shock. Myung Ja is shocked to learn her ex-daughter-in-law is now in her old position. But she quickly puts that behind her since Mi So doesn’t remember anything. Myung Ja believes they can salvage this disaster by treating Mi So well now. This way Mi So will have no idea how poorly the Lees treated her up until now. This brightens the depressed Min Jae and he immediately goes to do his mother’s bidding of sucking up to his ex-wife.

Chan Ki is happy to learn of his sister’s new position. It’s too bad that their father is not awake to hear the news. Moon Do would be happier than anyone else about his daughter’s new position and authority. Mi So asks after his health. It’s neither better nor worse. The only thing they can continue to do is wait and pray. Jong Hee takes Chan Ki out of the room so that Mi So can have a private chat. She apologizes for breaking up with Kyung Soo since it was not easy for Moon Do to accept the lawyer, but there was no other choice. Mi So needs to do what is best for herself and her family and for Kyung Soo.

Speaking of our lawyer, he’s out drinking. He tried once again to convince Mi So to not make any rash decisions about their relationship, but failed. This makes Jae Hyuk feel a bit guilty since he knows the whole truth and Kyung Soo doesn’t. This makes Baek plead with Mi So to not cast Kyung Soo aside. Mi So’s reply? It needs to be done. Kyung Soo needs to finish what he’s started just as she does. Mi So’s goal is to erase that love from her memory to convince Kyung Soo to give up entirely.

The next day, Mi So starts implementing her reign. She easily wins over Na Young’s team by earnestly listening to their ideas and complaints. The team are excited to be able to talk directly to the acting president and are happy that Mi So is willing to listen and take everything into consideration. After the meeting, Jong Hee heads over to get the cell phone fixed so they can get the recorded conversations off of it just in case.

While Mi So meets with Na Young’s team, Na Young meets with Oh Tae San. She promises to easily oust Mi So in return for Oh Tae San accepting her as Yoo Jung’s daughter. Tae San does agree to this (whether he plans on honoring it or not). Enter Hae Ryung. She wonders what Na Young is doing there, but Tae San refuses to tell her. Hae Ryung then asks if her father signed the divorce papers. Yes, he did. He knows the pregnancy is a farce and he must get rid of Kyung Soo before Kyung Soo can take action against them. Hence why the divorce.

Na Young gets back to the office and is livid to learn that Mi So will be micromanaging everything. She’s even more horrified to learn about the cell phone. She quickly rushes out of the office and goes to the store once she sees Jong Hee leave. How can the store hand over that phone when someone else had brought it in? Na Young is relieved to have the phone in her possession and even more relieved to learn that the phone can’t turn on since its broken. That means Mi So didn’t hear the recordings, right? So wrong.

We end this episode with Kyung Soo finding Mi So in their special spot. Mi So says she heard they used to meet there and so she came to remember, but as expected she can’t recall a darn thing. She’s doing this to crush his hopes, but Kyung Soo is having none of it. Mi So’s heart remembers him—he’s sure of it. And even if she can’t call up any of their memories and love, they can start over again.

End episode. See? Not a whole lot of forward movement.

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