Crazy Love Episode 84 Recap

Will the parade of absurdities never cease in Crazy Love? I’m sorry, but it’s like the writer is taking a very easy out in his/her approach to this drama. Easy out? Shall I tell you?

So not only is Jo a divorcee who lost her daughter in a car accident, she also fell in love with a wealthy married man and created quite the stir with him before he divorced his wife for her. Let’s add on to this fact that during her first marriage, she owned a small factory that became indebted to Oh Tae San who royally screwed them over. It was a cold winter day when she went to plead with Oh Tae San for mercy. She told her daughter to wait in the car, but when mommy was going longer than expected, the child went out to find her and got into a car accident and died. Thus, Jo from the very beginning of this merger deal has gone into it with plans to take down Oh Tae San. Oh, and you know that prosecutor, Hwang, that  Kyung Soo was supposed to be helping out? Hwang lost his parents thanks to Oh Tae San. Jo knew this and sponsored the boy through college and right up to when he became a prosecutor allowing him to exact his own revenge. Sheesh.

So…that is the one reason Jo is eager to help Mi So as long as she tosses Kyung Soo to the side. So as long as Jo isn’t a crazy, diabolical person bent on revenge at all costs (meaning using people for nefarious purposes and throwing them away), then Mi So is in safe hands. That is so beyond the realm of believability. Yes, such conveniences and parallels can happen in real life…but the probability? Very slim.

So Jo agrees and Mi So does accept her condition even if it breaks her heart since she wants Kyung Soo to help Hwang out and get revenge for his brother’s untimely death. Jo then takes Mi So out shopping for an appropriate wardrobe. What does she need this wardrobe for? Jo will make Mi So the new CEO of CK (remember that it was part of the merger agreement for Queens to choose a new CEO/president). Mi So is startled by this thinking she is unworthy, but Jo is certain the woman has the guts. She instructs Mi So to keep her poker face and get rid of her angelicness if she wants to really pursue her vengeance.

Oh, and Jo brings someone in on the revenge scheme—Baek Jae Hyuk!!!! She knows about the two’s relationship and the fact that Jae Hyuk has worked closely with Tae San as his right hand man all of these years will help them best the evil man. Jae Hyuk is shocked to hear his beloved sister wishes to take revenge and is even more shocked to learn her memories have returned. She does plead with him to keep it a secret until her revenge succeeds. He asks what she wants revenge for and Mi So only reveals what happened between her father and Oh Tae San the last time they met. Needless to say, Jae Hyuk is definitely onboard knowing that Oh Tae San hurt his “father.”

We then get a touching scene where Chan Ki proudly shows off his savings account to his father. Thanks to Kyung Soo’s generous pay while Chan Ki worked at his office, Chan Ki was able to secretly squirrel money away to help send his father on an overseas trip just like Moon Do always wanted. Chan Ki tears up and pleads at his father to wake up so he can go. Mi So hurts for her brother and tells him what a good job he’s doing. Chan Ki is only sorry he can’t be of more help to their father and her. Mi So assures him he’s doing enough. She then silently apologizes and tells her brother that memory or no, he will always be her beloved dongsaeng.

Mi So goes home and tells Jong Hee about her successful meeting with Jo and that Jae Hyuk is now on board with the revenge scheme against Oh Tae San. Mi So knows that if she were to tell Baek about Hae Ram, he would not let Na Young go and Mi So needs him to let her go until her revenge is completed. After Jong Hee leaves to visit Moon Do and Chan Ki, Mi So takes out an envelope and goes through a report. Jo gave her what little her secretary could find about Hae Ram’s death. There was an unreported car accident near the area Hae Ram was last scene. Jo is certain that the child involved was little Hae Ram.

We then cut to Na Young having nightmares about Hae Ram running out in front of the truck. She wakes up and goes out into the living room only to find Mi So who asks her about Hae Ram’s death, the child’s pain, and if Na Young even tried to save her. Mi So then goes all crazy eyed and launches herself at Na Young, strangling her. Na Young then wakes up again. Nothing like a nightmare within a nightmare. Of course I’m disappointed, but really, there was no way Mi So got into that house like that.

So before the big meeting announcement, Mi So ends things with Kyung Soo who doesn’t 100% believe that she can’t remember him. Mi So assures him that she can’t and that she hates it whenever he comes around expecting her to remember things. She then punctuates this all by going to his apartment and returning the ring. She silently apologizes to the empty room and tells Kyung Soo to not give up anymore because of her.

We then end with Jo making the big announcement that Queens is appointing Yoon Mi So as CK’s new CEO. Min Jae, Myung Ja, Kyung Soo, Na Young, Yoo Jung, and Tae San are all astounded.

The previews show Na Young teaming up with Oh Tae San to try to bring Mi So down while Baek tries to get Mi So to tell Kyung Soo the truth and Kyung Soo refuses to let go of their love and keeps pursuing her. Even if she doesn’t remember now, he’s sure they can come to love again (he uses “dashi” a lot).

And just because I love Choi Dae Hoon/Baek Jae Hyuk and it’s also an awesome song, here is a new release from the Crazy Love OST. The artist is Yu Hae Jun (Yoo Hae Joon) and the title is 비울 수 없는 사랑 (biul so eopsneun sarang which roughly translates into something like love cannot be empty). I’m working on romanzing and translating the lyrics. My Korean is not where it should be, but I’m slowly getting the rust out of the system and hope to get this translated in the near future.


  • During Jo’s soliloquy of her history, I couldn’t smile and think that the writer(s) are pretty f*king bored!! Really?! That was the best!!?? And after first saying what the hay on giving up Kyung Soo, I finally understood: he really needs to take care of his revenge. Maybe the writers will really f*ck with our heads and at the end, poor Kyung Soo will still be begging and pleading while Jae Hyuk and Mi So make a new life together as used to be bro/sis! Hey, it could happen with this writer!!

  • Crazy Love OST Part 3, OMG I love this song SO MUCH especially when they play it in the drama. I have been listening to it over and over. and A BIG THANKS to you for your translation about my request.

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