Crazy Love Episode 83 Recap

Because no revenge plot is something that can be done solely by one person. Well, it’s a good thing Mi So has a woman with money and power backing her revenge.

So Mi So tells Jong Hee everything. Jong Hee wants to immediately take the phone to the police, but Mi So is adamantly against this. She wants to learn everything about Hae Ram’s death from Na Young, plus she wants Na Young to suffer more than Hae Ram did. 20-30 years in prison is not punishment enough. Jong Hee reluctantly agrees to keep this a secret from Chan Ki while Mi So continues to pretend she has amnesia in order to get her revenge. She also plans on enlisting the help of someone who has written a book entitled The Queen of  Revenge.

Mi So pays Tae San a visit. She pretends that she doesn’t know him and then asks questions about what happened to her father. Tae San is not worried in the least and dresses down her father for coming into his office to threaten him about Kyung Soo. Mi So is taken aback to learn the reason her father visited Tae San, but she warns the older man that he’d better pray her father wakes up. She then silently adds on that it will be all over for Tae San if Moon Do doesn’t.

Mi So then heads to the hospital where Yoo Jung and Kyung Soo sit outside Moon Do’s room. Yoo Jung is telling Kyung Soo again how ashamed and apologetic she is for all her family has done to him and Mi So and her family. Even if Kyung Soo is giving up his revenge to save Mi So and her family, Yoo Jung will see to it that at least Hae Ryung pays for her crime. Enter Mi So. Yoo Jung is horrified to see that Mi So really doesn’t recognize her. Mi So silently apologizes and tells Yoo Jung to stop treating her well because Mi So plans on destroying Yoo Jung’s family.

In the hospital room, Mi So again vows her revenge. Enter Kyung Soo. She tells him that Hae Ryung and Jae Hyuk told her everything and berates him for giving up pursuing justice for his hyung just for her and her family. If she were in his shoes, she would not give up until she had her revenge. Mi So then tells him to leave her be as being with him and not knowing him makes her uncomfortable. This sends Kyung Soo to Baek to drink. Kyung Soo is worried about Mi So never regaining her memories, but Jae Hyuk assures him that Mi So is strong and will come back to him. Kyung Soo then tells him about the glimmer of the old Mi So—it made him happy to have her scold him like that.

If you ask me, Mi So is so obvious about her amnesia being gone that I can’t believe that all of these people are really being fooled by her, but whatever.

Na Young is upset that Yoo Jung is taking her sweet time to announce her and introduce her to the family. The angry Na Young vows to do it herself if Yoo Jung keeps dallying. Meanwhile, the two go to the book launch of Jo, the wife of Queen’s CEO and also its director (or something like that). Mi So is also there. During the event, Mi So catches Jo’s eye and Jo cancels her plans with Yoo Jung and Na Young just to meet with Mi So. This angers Na Young. No matter what she does, Mi So is always in her way.

Jo scolds Mi So for quitting CK without her approval and disappearing. But seeing how bad Mi So looks, Jo has lost the will to scold her severely. Mi So apologizes for her sudden leave. Jo then reveals that her relationship with her current husband was  quite the scandal. She was divorced and ended up dating a married man who was  quite wealthy. Oh…and as if their lives didn’t parallel enough, Jo also lost a child in a tragic accident after the child went missing. I think…that’s a little too much, but whatever. Anywho, Mi So then hands over an envelope and asks Mrs. Jo to help her get revenge on these three people. Where did she get such pictures of her enemies? It was almost like she asked them to pose quickly for a snapshot or like the horrible pictures you see on IDs and driver’s licenses. Mrs. Jo cannot believe her sweet and angelic Mi So is making such a request. She needs to know just what the people have done.

Apparently Mi So does tell her as Mi So goes home and tells Jong Hee that she is waiting to hear back from Jo. Jong Hee is optimistic that since Jo went through a similar experience, that she will help Mi So. Jo calls up Mi So and arranges to meet the next day. Meanwhile, Na Young comes home and reveals to Min Jae and his mother that she is Yoo Jung’s birth daughter. Just wait until the real truth comes out on that one.

Mrs. Jo meets with Mi So and  quickly agrees to help her on one condition—Mi So must give up Kyung Soo as love is a poison in revenge schemes. True. Very true. Love turns some people soft so they don’t go through all the way with their revenge plans.


  • Okay, the parallel lives between Mi So and Dir Jo was even too incredulous for the idiot that is me still watching this. When I saw the title of the book, Queen of Revenge, I had to pause from watching the drama because I could no longer see the screen because I was crying…from laughter. Okay, whatever gets the revenge rolling. Personally, talking the phone to the police would have been my first action but then because of the constant portrayal of the police ineptness, I guess consulting the Queen of Revenge is a good thing! How much longer are we going to be subjected to the lie of Na Young being Yung Jong’s daughter?!

    • The article is talking about Park Sun Young’s dramatic transformation from the sweet and angelic woman to the hardened CEO bent on revenge. This 180 transformation has really surprised and garnered the interest in the actress and show to see how she will go about enacting her revenge and driving up anticipation of just what the ending will be.

      This show has recorded the highest ratings of a cable show in that particular time slot. There’s even a brief mention of a love triangle between Baek, Mi So, and Kyung Soo as every show needs romance.

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