Crazy Love Episodes 80-82 Recap

Hallelujah! Now let’s see if Mi So can really pull off a grand revenge scheme in the remaining episodes of this drama. She’s got a lot of work to do to take care of Oh Tae San, Oh Hae Ryung, and Han Na Young. But I can’t wait.

So Si Sang and his boys crash the ceremony. Mi So shields Kyung Soo when she sees Si Sang coming up to club him and gets knocked out. Jae Hyuk and Jong Hee escape with Mi So while Jin Goo and Kyung Soo keep on fighting. My questions is why they didn’t all just jump into the car together, but whatever.

Mi So is hospitalized and the doctors talk about brain damage. She dreams of her promise ceremony and Hae Ram bidding her farewell. She wakes up with no memories from her life as Mi So and clings on to Hong Eun Joo’s beloved oppa Jae Hyuk. Meanwhile, Si Sang has taken Kyung Soo. He wants the goods that Kyung Soo has on Tae San to use for his own nefarious purposes. Kyung Soo refuses. Si Sang threatens to kill him, but Tae San intervenes and says he will head on over. Hae Ryung hears this and freaks. Her dad is really going to kill Kyung Soo? What an idiot.

Kyung Soo tells Tae San that if anything should happen to him, then the CD will be made public and while Tae San will probably recover from the fallout, Hae Ryung won’t. At this time, Hae Ryung calls up daddy and says he can’t kill Kyung Soo because she’s pregnant with his child. Such an obvious lie, but Tae San rushes home to find Hae Ryung threatening to kill herself and his unborn grandchild if he kills Kyung Soo. Enter Yoo Jung who encourages her husband to do the right thing and choose a way for both him and Kyung Soo to live. If he refuses, she will turn him in to the cops.

So Tae San caves and Kyung Soo is let go. This is not before Moon Do storms his office demanding “his” Kyung Soo back and he learns the truth and Tae San ordered a hit on Mi So as well. Moon Do is kicked out of the office and collapses in a heap on the ground. Tae San’s driver wishes to rush him to a hospital, but Tae San refuses and thus Moon Do arrives at the hospital and has to undergo emergency brain surgery. The doctors will not know how he fared until he regains consciousness. This makes Chan Ki lose it and he starts getting angry with his amnesiac sister.

Meanwhile, Na Young is desperate to get that phone back. While she is happy to learn that Yoon Mi So has regressed to Hong Eun Joo, she is worried about what will happen with Mi So regains her memories. Jong Hee promises to deliver the phone that Na Young lied about mis-sending because she was cleaning Min Jae’s room and thought it was his ex’s. Mi So, however, gets a hold of the phone and sees a text from Adoptive Mom apologizing and saying she is giving Mi So the phone to listen to Hae Ram’s voice again. Mi So listens to the messages wondering just who this little girl is.

Mi So asks around, but Jong Hee and Na Young both lie about who Hae Ram is. So Mi So calls up Min Jae (who was shocked earlier to learn that she really didn’t remember him or his mother) who tells her that Hae Ram is her daughter who died. Mi So is floored. She bawls, beats her chest and yells at herself to remember and she does. And now that she remembers, she takes the phone and listens to the recordings again. She now knows that it was Han Na Young who killed her daughter.

Mi So rushes to the Lee house where she is sobbing. Min Jae and Myung Ja don’t know what to do and treat her better than we have seen them treat her. Myung Ja even has some sympathy for her amnesiac ex-daughter-in-law who just learnt her child passed away. Mi So decides to remain quiet and pretend to be Hong Eun Joo once more so that Na Young doesn’t catch on. Mi So will do this until she uncovers everything about Hae Ram’s disappearance.

Hae Ryung goes to Kyung Soo asking him to start over again since the love of his life can’t remember him and since Hae Ryung saved his life by lying to her father about her pregnancy. Kyung Soo’s reply? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Good answer. Hae Ryung then runs into Mi So who had been giving Na Young a warning about what should happen if she remembers anything (and to lie that she lost Na Young’s cell phone). She pulls the older woman aside and tells her everything that happened. Oddly enough, Hae Ryung doesn’t catch on that Mi So remembers everything as it was kind of obvious to me with Mi So’s response. Needless to say, Mi So isn’t happy to learn Tae San did something to her father and that Kyung Soo backed off avenging his hyung for her and her family.

Hae Ryung boasts of doing this to her mother and then warns Yoo Jung to keep the pregnancy lie a secret unless Yoo Jung wants to really see Kyung Soo and Mi So dead. Aigoo. Oh, and we do have Na Young pestering Yoo Jung to publically claim her. I really don’t know why Yoo Jung has any hopes for her husband and daughter to turn into good people when they have never really been.

Mi So goes to visit her father where Tae San’s driver comes to visit. He is much aggrieved and feeling guilty that he listened to Tae San and left Moon Do on the street. If only he had called the hospital earlier than he did. Mi So is floored. She goes into her father’s room and tells him to watch her. Watch her get revenge on those people. She will take care of Oh Tae San for hurting her father, she will take care of Oh Hae Ryung for killing Kyung Soo’s brother, and she will gladly bring Na Young down for killing Hae Ram.

And previews for next week show a sleek and new Mi So coming into CK once more thanks to Queen’s. Hell is going to start to break loose at long last.


  • Finally, some movement from the doormat!

  • Finally revenge is coming in and i cant wait for it to happen to see those true colours of Han Na Yong, Oh Tae San and Oh Hae Reung

  • So they throw every freaking cliche in the drama in one freaking episode? WTH?!! Bad enough we are subjected to two of the worse doormats in drama history but then the writer-nim throws the drama kitchen sink at us at this stage?!! I was livid! I couldn’t believe it! And what is so freaking hard about divorcing a murderer?!! I don’t get it!! And her delusions that even if him and Mi So part ways, he is somehow going to forget what you did to his brother? Daughter AND father are both candidates for the insane asylum!

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