Crazy Love Episodes 78-79 Recap

Aigoo. I’m sure we already know this…but people in daily dramas are stupid and completely clueless. Okay, I’ve only ever watched one other daily, but it was so drug out and the plot was so obvious at times that it really can make a person frustrated.

What frustrates me is that Mi So still hasn’t put two and two together about Hae Ram and Na Young and Na Young’s adoptive mom. I’m also frustrated that Kyung Soo puts his tail between his legs when he should know better that Oh Tae San is not a man of his word. I am kind of looking forward to Na Young being mistaken as Yoo Jung’s real daughter by the Ohs. Let’s see how those three can torment one another. Let’s face it, Na Young has no problem baring her fangs while Mi So just gets weaker and weaker and only uses words and not very well. Rhetoric is not always going to work.

So…Yeah, Kyung Soo knows Jae Hyuk’s secret, but he won’t share that information with Mi So. In fact, he promises Jae Hyuk to keep the secret from Mi So. Jae Hyuk is really only against Kyung Soo because of how tied up he is with Oh Tae San, otherwise, I think he’d be truly happy that if he couldn’t have Mi So, then at least Kyung Soo has her and can (hopefully) make her happy.

Kyung Soo keeps Mi So in the dark about Tae San’s threat against her family. Baek deduces as much and invites the lawyer for a game of basketball and afterwards he encourages Kyung Soo to keep strong as Baek will not let anything happen to the Yoon family. This gives Kyung Soo the conviction to try and keep going. Besides…Mi So’s keeping him in the dark about the new Hae Ram ordeal.

I liked the part where Kyung Soo bawls Mi So for going out alone and not answering her phone. I think Baek would have done the same thing out of worry, but Kyung Soo beat him to he punch which made Jae Hyuk mad as Kyung Soo was bawling out his precious Mi So. Jin Goo hasn’t figured out that Baek’s in love with Mi So, so he just equates it to being an overprotective brother. Mi So gets whiny at Kyung Soo for yelling at her and he hugs her and tells her how afraid he was when he couldn’t contact her.

What makes no sense and is a horrible inconsistency, is that Mi So says her phone died. After the boys leave to go pull a tractor out of a ditch (I don’t envy them that…tractors can be huge and would be very hard to rescue depending on the size of the ditch—I live in farming country), Mi So answers her phone. I thought it was dead… Anywho, she is told that the owner of the restaurant is coming to sign the contract and pay the rest of the money, she she heads on over.

There she finds Na Young with her mother. NY’s mom was just threatening her about having recorded their phone conversations in regard to Hae Ram. She also states that she will sever all ties with her adopted daughter now. When Mi So comes, the two lie and make up excuses and then Adoptive Mom pretends to leave and once Na Young is gone, she comes out and lies some more saying she only called Mi So because she feels horrible about Na Young kicking her out of the Lee family right after Hae Ram’s death. Mi So bawls about how she can’t remember Hae Ram’s face or voice and all she wants is to see and hear her baby once more. This really hits Adoptive Mom hard.

Hae Ram is really haunting Na Young now. Not only is Mi So not over the child’s death, and let’s be honest…what parent can ever truly 100% get over a child’s death—it’s tragic and heart breaking), but Min Jae and his mother frequently visit the temple to pay respects to their lost Hae Ram. As much as Myung Ja complained about her grandchild’s sex, she did love Hae Ram. Na Young forbids Min Jae from ever mentioning his daughter’s name and says that as long as the Lee family holds onto the ghost of Hae Ram, then there is no way she will get pregnant again (it’s a superstition).

Put two and two together people! Na Young gets on edge, angry, defensive, and just so dang suspicious every time Hae Ram is mentioned. Hello? Wake up and smell the arsenic already!

Kyung Soo and Mi So make up and Mi So asks him to hold a promise ceremony with her. It’s not quite like an engagement party. I really don’t get these things myself…but whatever. Kyung Soo agrees and Baek nonchalantly agrees to host the whole thing and throw a big (very small and private actually…so maybe grand is better) promise ceremony for the two (even though its shredding his heart). He and Kyung Soo go to Seoul and Si Sang attacks Yoon. Thankfully, Jae Hyuk arrives on scene before too much damage is done. He cleans up the apartment and takes Yoon to the hospital.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Hae Ram overhears Tae San threatening Yoo Jung and her birth daughter in order to save himself and his daughter. Yoo Jung cannot believe that this is the real face of the man she married. Truthfully…how clueless can she really have been when his business revolves around lending money… Hae Ram throws a fit and starts believing she was only a replacement for Da Hae (she was in a way). So she goes to CK to confront her mommy and Na Young reveals she’s the birth daughter and, yeah. No cat fight. I was waiting for one.

The attack makes Kyung Soo retract his decision to keep attacking Tae San. Jae Hyuk is not happy and even more so when Kyung Soo asks him to hide this fact from Mi So. Jae Hyuk knows that Mi So will not be pleased that Kyung Soo is giving up his fight for her (and her family). But Kyung Soo’s mind is made up. He calls Tae San the next day waving a white flag. Tae San pretends to accept this and then orders Si Sang to put an end to things now (because somehow Si Sang got the hideout’s location).

Just before the ceremony starts, Jong Hee delivers not only a (supposedly pretty) dress, but a package with no return address and a letter from Seung Ha (the orphan Mi So sponsors). Mi So opens the package and inside is a cell phone in a plastic baggy. We then cut to Na Young’s Adoptive Mom telling her daughter that she is washing herself of this mess and sent the phone (which has Hae Ram’s voice on it) to Mi So. Na Young is horrified. Surely her mother is lying. Not at all. Poetic justice (except for the fact that I already know it isn’t just yet).

As the promise ceremony starts and the rings are exchanged, Si Sang and his goons descend.

I’m guessing now that Hae Ram could possibly be really dead as Adoptive Mom told Na Young to tell Mi So just where her daughter is buried. I’m taking this literally as you normally would suggest hidden if a person was still alive. So…my guess would be that if Hae Ram really died…she got hit by the truck and the driver ran. If there were no other witnesses, then Adoptive Mom and Na Young could have buried the child with no one being the wiser…MAYBE. Eh, this is a drama, it doesn’t have to make sense.


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