30 Day Anime Challenge Day 30

Every time I try to schedule a post anymore, it doesn’t go through. I’m kind of unhappy, but I’m not sure what exactly is going on any more. I will have to investigate. Anywho, here is the final day in the 30 Day Anime Challenge!

Day 30: An anime you wish never ended and just continued its run?

Indefinite runs are bad. They really are. As of now, I have three animes that have left me a bit dissatisfied. Number one on my list is Fruits Basket. This is mainly because they ran the anime before the manga had finished its run so the anime is incomplete. I mean…it does have a teensy bit of a resolution for one arc…but I would have loved to see the actual ending from the manga. Oh well.

I also would have loved to see a continuation of Ouran for the same reason. The anime ended way before the manga. Again, it had an okay stopping point, but I would have loved to see some of the other stories played out that were in the manga.

And lastly, Trinity Blood. I think this might have been a manga that remained unfinished because the mangaka passed away…I could be wrong. So…since the manga wasn’t finished, the anime didn’t get a good resolution. I really wanted to know what would happen as Abel continued his mission to destroy Cain. But we’ll never know.

Wanna share your thoughts?

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