Crazy Love Episodes 74-77 Recap

I’m saving 78 for tomorrow.

Ah, these episodes. I’m not going to give you a play by play and like the other multi-episode recaps of late, you’re getting this out of order, but you still get all you need to know.

So this is what happens at CK:

Myung Ja believes that her plot to destroy Yoo Jung will be successful and demands the board impeach her from her position. She’s certain that this will get her daughter-in-law to tow the line once more. However…we don’t see any indication that her plot is actually succeeding. As Na Young steals Mi So’s toothbrush and some hair from her hairbrush (both which she kept in her desk…who does that?) to ensure a DNA test comes out with a positive result. Using this result, Na Young gets Yoo Jung to put her in charge officially of both the planning and development teams (which Yoo Jung actually believes she’s incapable of doing) since Mi So finally resigns to spare Yoo Jung and Kyung Soo.

Myung Ja also finds out that her daughter-in-law has been taking money out of Min Jae’s accounts every month for a while now. Turns out Min Jae handed over the account books to his new wife and she’s been taking his money (at 5 million at a time) to give to buy her mother’s silence on the Hae Ram incident. However, once Myung Ja cuts her cash flow off, Na Young’s mother revolts and starts calling up Mi So and dropping hints about knowing what happened to Hae Ram.

And this is what happens at the Oh household:

Yoo Jung is sickened by what she has learned. She formally apologizes to Kyung Soo and tells him to do what he thinks is right. Although, when she learns just how evil the Oh family is, she tries to convince him to stop to save himself and Mi So. Anyhow, Yoo Jung urges her husband and daughter to do the right thing. This angers them both. Tae San then brings up the fact that he knows all about Yoo Jung’s past and that she’s still searching for her biological daughter. I was livid when the fight went out of her and she backpaddled so fast and started apologizing. Say what? That’s as bad as Hae Joo’s biological mother in May Queen who ultimately forgave her evil husband before he killed himself. Yoo Jung shouldn’t have to apologize for that and so what if he knows the truth? Didn’t Tae San stay with her all this time out of love? What a disgusting family both father and daughter.

So after a huge fight with Tae San and Hae Ryung ordering the death of Kyung Soo and Mi So, Yoo Jung tries once more to have her daughter stop all of this. When Hae Ryung refuses to and even laughs about how she will be happy knowing the two are on the run and are being hunted down to be killed, Yoo Jung snaps. She will have her daughter committed and get the help she so obviously needs. Hae Ryung gets angry and says her mother is starting to become an annoyance, too. Yoo Jung just needs to bail. There is not stopping, nor no saving that family.

And what happens at Tae San Capital?

Si Sang comes in and reveals the big secret—Kyung Soo is dating Mi So. And to make matters worse, Mi So is none other than Baek Jae Hyuk’s precious baby sister. So to get to both men, they need only go after her. Si Sang tries, but fails as Jae Hyuk comes before Si Sang could abduct Mi So.

Tae San learns that Kyung Soo has turned evidence over to the prosecutor’s office and he’s desperate to stop it all. He calls Kyung Soo over and threatens Mi So to Kyung Soo’s face. Kyung Soo says that he will not allow anything to happen to that woman and he won’t stop this war. Tae San is livid. Thus comes the order to just kill our trio. Sigh.

Meanwhile, what’s going on with the Yoon family?

Jong Hee and Chan Ki are still very much upset by Moon Do’s persistence in not regretting kicking Mi So out. The funny thing is that both Mi So and them refer to it as Mi So leaving home, which she didn’t do since Moon Do blatantly kicked her out, so I fail to see how she’s a bad daughter for staying away like her father wanted her to. Anywho, Chan Ki argues with his father who is already wavering. He’s never stopped loving his daughter and does regret what he’s done. After Jae Hyuk reveals what happened with Kyung Soo’s brother, Moon Do is ready to forgive…I guess. So he heads over to Kyung Soo’s place for a heart-to-heart.

And what’s been going on with our trio?

Baek tries staying one step ahead of Si Sang and his goons while Kyung Soo and Mi So enjoy their living together. Until Hae Ryung shakes things up by calling Kyung Soo out to take the signed divorce decree. She drugs him and gets him up to a hotel room where she calls Mi So and says they are having a fling. Mi So says she believes in Kyung Soo, but she doesn’t look so certain of it—especially when Kyung Soo comes home with a lipstick stain on his collar. Kyung Soo is very unhappy to learn from Hae Ryung that she called up Mi So and he’s even more unhappy that Mi So is obviously not happy, but won’t even talk to him, so they have their first fight which they are very proud of. I don’t get that, but okay.

After their fight, they talk about their future and Mi So apologizes for not being able to bear Kyung Soo any children. Kyung Soo doesn’t care, he plans on adopting their children from the same orphanage that Mi So grew up in. Mi So then reveals how she’s sponsoring a child, but can’t meet them as she’s afraid she’ll start to forget Hae Ram. Kyung Soo understands this and says they will talk more about this when Mi So is willing to let go and move on.

Baek learns of Si Sang’s order to kill the two lovebirds and gets to them just before Scarface can. He takes them to where his good friend Jin Goo is working now that he’s out on parole. Jin Goo is happy to see his best friend and his savior. Baek calms Mi So down by calling Moon Do and filling him in and checking to see if he arrived back home and wasn’t caught by Si Sang and his men. Kyung Soo says he will leave to protect Mi So and asks that Jae Hyuk take care of her in his stead. On his way out, Jin Goo tells him the tale about how Jae Hyuk bought that school for his first love—a girl from the same orphanage who once dreamed of being a teacher. No alarm bells yet.

He heads back to Seoul where he first meets Moon Do to apologize and Moon Do basically accepts Kyung Soo finally and makes him promise to finish things quickly with Tae San and bring Mi So back home safely. Kyung Soo then meets with Ma who tells him how desperate Tae San is getting since he can’t get any one on his side. Tae San then calls up Ma and tells him to put Kyung Soo on the phone. He then proceeds to threaten the entire Yoon family now.

Kyung Soo heads back to the hideout where he finds a cute scene of Mi So and Jae Hyuk…playing school and having a good time. Yeah, I think he gets it now that Mi So is NOT just Jae Hyuk’s precious little sister, but also his precious first love. Too bad Mi So is so into Kyung Soo that Jae Hyuk really can’t give the lawyer a run for his money.

You know…looking at it from this perspective…what the heck happened in a week? Nothing much, but I’m enjoying all the Baek Jae Hyuk moments and seeing Na Young’s house of cards tumbling card by card.

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