Crazy Love Episode 73 Recap

When Na Young opened her vile trap to spew her poison and condemnation, I was waiting for Yoo Jung to point out something, but she never did. I’m disappointed. I also expected her to do that with Min Jae, too, but no. How sad.

So we open with Mi So telling daddy that she understands him and doesn’t blame him for what he did. Say what? WHERE is what he did understandable? Of course, he didn’t expect Myung Ja to take things as far as she she did…but come one, he should know the Lee family well enough by now to understand how they operate. So after crying and yelling and Moon Do storming off like a child, Jong Hee reminds Mi So not to bear a grudge against her misguided father. I think he’s kind of blown all the second chances and more that a person deserves. I say bear a grudge. What another move of flaming stupidity.

Kyung Soo arrives at the office and our loveable office manger shows him the poster and asks if its true. Kyung Soo confirms it is and OM smiles and happily tells Kyung Soo how well he and Mi So go together. Of course he’d support Mi So over Psycho Wife because he knows how unhappy Kyung Soo has been all these years. He then reminds our lawyer about his court date for his divorce. Kyung Soo calls up Psycho and she’s at home primping and refusing to answer because she won’t go to court and won’t divorce him. If he’s technically suing for a divorce and has filed his suit…can she do that? They wouldn’t need her consent too much in this case, right? As she’s being unreasonable and not even trying.

Mi So is trash talked by the Planning team for having an affair and being shameless enough to come into work. Mi So doesn’t care about this, but she gets upset to learn that Kyung Soo is being badmouthed especially when he’s already going through such a hard time. Mi So would rather all insults be hurled at her as she doesn’t want him hurting any more than he already is. Kyung Soo doesn’t care either. It’s to be expected. He also vows to her that he no matter what Oh Tae San does, he will never waiver in his fight. Mi So doesn’t want him to fight at all. Doesn’t that show a gross lack of understanding? I mean, every time Kyung Soo talks about his life and how he wishes to take it in his hands and make it better, she always Sally Downer telling him not to do stuff and to think more carefully. I’m sorry, but at this point, you should know how horrible he’s lived (his choice, but still) and you wish to dissuade him from the actions he should take? Ay de mi.

Yoo Jung bursts into Myung Ja’s office and yells at her for not talking to her first before doing something so ludicrous. Myung Ja is in her glory and crowing about how its all true anyways. Yoo Jung then points a finger at Min Jae, but does not dress him down about his own affair (which I thought the entire office was aware of, but maybe I’m wrong…but then again…Na Young did kiss him passionately in an elevator and the two were caught…). Yoo Jung deflates a bit when Myung Ja mentions Na Young saying she knew Yoo Jung’s weakness and she leaves the office making Myung Ja believe she’s won and that Yoo Jung, Mi So, and Kyung Soo, will all be kicked out sooner rather than later.

Yoo Jung finds Na Young in her office and asks for the truth. Na Young assures her that she tried to keep the secret, but Moon Do came in and blabbed it. Then Na Young should have stopped what happened. Haha. Na Young then begins insulting the adultering Mi So and this makes Yoo Jung flip on her and call her a poor excuse for a human being (not that harsh, but that is essentially what she means). How can Na Young not show any compassion to the woman who was like a sister to her at the orphanage? Plus, Kyung Soo is getting divorced and Yoo Jung has told her time and again that she does not understand the situation fully. I wanted Yoo Jung to point out that Na Young is the pot calling the kettle black, but no. Drat. WHY does no one throw Min Jae’s or Na Young’s affairs at them? Or Psycho Wife’s for that matter, too? Grrr.

Moon Do bawls out Myung Ja over the phone for not firing his daughter and spreading the story all over the company. Myung Ja cannot believe this. I do like that Moon Do does not back down like he used to, but at the same time, he’s just an idiot for thinking Myung Ja would just fire Mi So for the affair. He then asks for Kyung Soo’s address from Jong Hee. The girl doesn’t have it, but sends him in Bazek’s direction. Moon Do wants to see Kyung Soo to talk to him. The only problem with this is that Mi So has been at Kyung Soo’s all afternoon and evening housekeeping and cooking and making him food since they have agreed to stop seeing each other for the time being.

Does anyone else think its ironic that they are cooling down just as their “affair” has been discovered? Of course, that isn’t the reason they are. Mi So knows Kyung Soo wants to keep her out of harm’s way so he can fully concentrate on his revenge scheme, but she doesn’t have to be happy about it. Enter Moon Do. He drags his daughter out of the apartment in a rage.

And I think to myself…dude…she’s in her 30s (possibly her 40s)…this is freaking ridiculous. Yes, at times I’m against her dating a married man even if he’s miserable and trying to get divorced. I think she could have waited, but at the same time…this woman is a flipping ADULT already. Moon Do has NO right to tell her what to do with her life. Yeah…family and respecting your elders is much bigger in Korea than the US, but come one…cut the cord already. Your children need to live their own lives and shouldn’t be dictated to at that age. Treating her like a bad teenager…OMFG. I’m not saying he can’t be concerned and unhappy about her decisions, but really given the fact that she herself was a mother…he shouldn’t be acting like he’s Lord King and can rule her anymore. And since he’s this adamant with Kyung Soo…why didn’t he and his wife (who both didn’t like Min Jae to begin with) do something like this 5 or so years ago when she married her ex-husband? Saved us all this misery.

So…Moon Do drags Mi So home to the Yoon house only to back her things in a bag and kick her out of the house. He warns Jong Hee and Chan Ki to never let her back in again. Chan Ki, however, promises her to unlock the door once daddy’s asleep. Mi So can only cry and plead and say that she’s wrong. Is this the same woman who asked to be allowed to move in with Kyung Soo during his time of need? Nope.

So Moon Do goes crying to Jae Hyuk that he kicked his daughter out. All he wanted was to take care of her and happily let her go on to a better life after Hae Ram’s death and the divorce…but Mi So just existed. Now it’s this horrible person who’s given her possibly her last chance at life and love (this was also Chan Ki’s words to his father after yet another argument with Mi So). Moon Do can’t stand that. While Jae Hyuk is unhappy that Moon Do kicked Mi So out, he also wishes his sister had fallen for a better man than Kyung Soo. This isn’t to say he’s bad in any major way if you look at his character, but given the fact he’s so caught up in Psycho Dad’s schemes and evil…he’s not an ideal candidate.

So we end with Mi So sitting outside of Kyung Soo’s apartment because she had nowhere to go. I’m not surprised that she did not think of Jae Hyuk’s place…but come on…no place else, really? So not true.

And, I can’t remember exactly where this happens in this episode, but poor Yoo Jung comes home to overhear her family talking of murder. What a rotten end to her rotten day. Hae Ryung happily lords the murder and flaunts it. No remorse at all. I did like that Yoo Jung screamed asking if that was really a good reason to kill someone. Definitely not. Tae San tries to smooth things over, but Hae Ryung then announces his plans to kill Kyung Soo and names her mother and accomplice. Hae Ryung really does need to be committed. Or shot and put out of her misery like a rabid dog before she can do more damage with her destructive behavior and Psychoticness. I want her to suffer…but give her mentality…it’s really not possible. If the writers try to make her a good person at the end of this drama, it will be impossible to believe.

One comment

  • Please, writer-nims! Let her climb to the highest building and throw her ass off!! No redemption! No prison! Nothing! I’ve never seen anyone so without remorse when the truth comes out! Hae Ryung’s tirade was stunning!! Cut the cord?!! Moon Do needs to. Seriously! The ungrateful bastard!!

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