Crazy Love Episode 72 Recap

I like Kyung Soo’s idea of revenge. He wants Hae Ryung forced into therapy until she becomes a real human being and rots with the guilt that she killed his brother. Is that even possible given how her crazy has been allowed free reign all of her life? And if Moon Do was a real father, even if he was upset and ashamed of his daughter’s choice in loving a married man (who he blames for the family’s troubles and his wife’s death), he would never have done what he did. Ant truthfully, what family openly wants shame reigned down on them because of one of their member’s actions? Tsk, tsk.

Kyung Soo and Tae San have their poker faces on. Kyung Soo says he wanted to speak with Hae Ryung first, but here he is with his father-in-law instead. Tae San says he understands that Kyung Soo knows the full truth now and tells his son-in-law to remember just who he is and what he can do. Kyung Soo knows Tae San wants him to settle and keep this all under wraps, but he can’t do that. No, he will spend the rest of his life making Oh Tae San and Oh Hae Ryung pay for what they did. Kyung Min was the person Kyung Soo loved more than anyone else in the world and that is the only reason he stooped to working for Tae San and repaid the man’s “kindness” by marrying his psychotically infatuated daughter. While Kyung Soo’s poker face never changes, Tae San gets a really bad angry facial tick and tells his son-in-law to be prepared for a vicious war that the lawyer can’t win because Tae San has power and money and a father’s love.

Tae San then goes home and Hae Ryung is horrified to learn that Kyung Soo learnt the truth. She berates her father for allowing the CD to fall into Kyung Soo’s hands. What can she do now that he knows? She’ll lose him for sure! SLAP. Slightly satisfying. Tae San is right, that’s not the problem. Plus, this whole situation is all because of Hae Ryung’s crazy actions. Hae Ryung is horrified to learn that her father is already making plans to eviscerate Kyung Soo. Not surprising. Tae San gets rid of anyone and everything that bars his way.

Kyung Soo returns home to a frantic Mi So. He says he didn’t want to wake her and only went out to confront Tae San. So…how did that go? Kyung Soo tells her that a long battle is ahead, but he will not falter and will hold steady to his path to get justice for his brother. Mi So worries for his safety, but Kyung Soo assures her that he will be fine as he was once a prosecutor and it’s not easy to get he drop on him. Snort. Oh, he’s proved his coolness with his self defense in the past…but later in this episode…he gets his arse handed to him.

Okay, so Kyung Soo meets with Ma and hands over the CD. He wants Ma to guard it with his life until Kyung Soo has managed to get enough solid evidence to prove that Oh Tae San covered up his daughter’s murder. Thus, he can get both Hae Ryung and her father at the exact same time this way. Ma also berates himself for being angry at Kyung Min for committing suicide (like Kyung Soo was also) even though he always had his doubts about the veracity of the claim.

Later Hae Ryung stops by his office. What can she possibly have to say. She tells him that what he saw is all true, but she did not intentionally go there to murder his brother. She just snapped and got angry and killed him. This floors Kyung Soo. She did this only because she got angry? He should never have dated her to begin with and should have just broke up with her like his brother wanted. Hae Ryung screams at her husband to kill her as she’d rather die by his hands then spend the rest of her life knowing he hates her. Kyung Soo talks about her not having a conscience like a normal human and how he will get his revenge by putting her through therapy so the guilt can eat away at her for the rest of her life. It’s true, Psycho Wife deserves more than oblivion. She deserves torment, but at the same time, I have my doubts that she can ever be made human enough to feel actual remorse that she ended someone’s life. She’s only sorry now that she’s gotten caught.

Mi So worries over Kyung Soo when Na Young comes in and complains that Jong Hee’s report was poorly written. Mi So is floored. What just happened? Na Young denounces her for being a stupid team leader before flouncing off. Jong Hee explains what happened the other day and tells Mi So to talk to Yoo Jung when she meets with her to verify if Na Young is, indeed, in charge of the Development Team as well as the Planning Team.

Mi So goes to Yoo Jung’s office where the VP reveals that Na Young is her long lost daughter. She then says that is why Na Young is greedy for projects and holds even more resentment towards Mi So. Can the eternal doormat be understanding? Mi So is shocked. Who would have thunk that Na Young would be Yoo Jung’s missing daughter? Mi So then reveals she and Na Young grew up together at the same orphanage. Since she is an orphan, Mi So has kind of been thinking of Yoo Jung as her birth mother. Yoo Jung feels badly for not knowing this sooner and Mi So tells her not to feel bad as Mi So already feels guilty because of dating Kyung Soo. Enter Na Young. I’m sorry, how can no one notice her EVIL glares? She does these bad faces all the time where people can see them and NO ONE notices them? Eottoke?

Hmm…Ah. Now we go to Oh Tae San brooding while stealthy banana-eating Scarface comes into his office. Tae San orders Scarface to kill Kyung Soo. Scarface tells him that the money isn’t enough and he’ll be back to collect in full once the job is done. Scarface also says that Baek’s betrayal must be dealt with, thus Scarface will kill Jae Hyuk as a free service for Tae San. Sad day! Although…Jae Hyuk would probably be harder to kill than Kyung Soo.

Kyung Soo has just learned that the autopsy report for his brother does not exist so his next step is to follow Ma’s advice and get together with Prosecutor Hwang (who is trying to build a case against Tae San and who is also looking into Kyung Min’s early demise) as well as talking things over with the detective who was in charge of his brother’s case. And since this all happened less than 15 years ago, that means both Tae San and Hae Ryung can be prosecuted since the statute of limitations has not passed.

Kyung Soo returns to the office and he’s all alone (no other cars or people in the car park). Scarface pounces and slashes Kyung Soo’s arm before he can defend himself. Kyung Soo gets like maybe 2 good hits in before he’s very easily brought to the ground. Baek then drives up and scares Scarface away. Guess he thought he couldn’t handle both Baek and Kyung Soo with only his sole knife. Jae Hyuk asks if Kyung Soo is really prepared for this war and Kyung Soo says that he is prepared to take things all the way.

Mi So is at Kyung Soo’s cooking dinner when Baek brings him home after stopping by the hospital. Kyung Soo essentially kicks her out to go home with her brother. Jae Hyuk heads out to the car first and Mi So grills Kyung Soo about why he’s sending her away when he’s hurt. Kyung Soo fibs and says its because she spent 2 nights out and Jong Hee shouldn’t have to lie for her. Mi So doesn’t believe him, but does leave with Jae Hyuk. When Baek says Kyung Soo is only telling her to stay away during his investigation to keep her safe, Mi So says she knows and then tells Jae Hyuk to not tell her to stay away, too. She can’t leave Kyung Soo like that when she knows he’s troubled and hurting. Regardless of danger, she will remain by his side.

Jong Hee and Mi So argue about Mi So moving in with Kyung Soo and Moon Do and Chan Ki over here this and the fact that Mi So spent the night out and was not working the past few nights. Well…this wasn’t news to Chan Ki as Jong Hee told him the whole truth, but it is news to Moon Do. He gets angry and Mi So gets down on her knees and begs Moon Do to let her be with Kyung Soo in his hour of need. This shocks Moon Do.

So what does adoptive daddy dearest do? He goes to Myung Ja and tells her about the affair and tells her to get Mi So kicked out of the company. I kid you not. So Myung Ja has her son post posters all around CK announcing Kyung Soo’s and Mi So’s relationship. She will use this humiliation to officially kick Yoo Jung out the door. Na Young is livid. There goes her carefully laid plans. She gripes at Myung Ja who doesn’t understand her daughter-in-law’s anger about Yoo Jung being mad.

Na Young then runs into Jong Hee and Mi So who have also seen the poster. Na Young reveals who the real culprit is and Jong Hee and Mi So go home. Chan Ki has no idea what is going on and is floored when Jong Hee hands over the poster b*tching Moon Do out for what he did. Moon Do says that he doesn’t regret it since both parties needed a rude awakening—this is how people will look at them. This should be enough to break them up, right? Wrong. Mi So again pleads with Moon Do to let her be with Kyung Soo because he needs her right now. Guess that backfired.

One comment

  • I was simply floored with this episode! Starting with Hae Ryung’s tyrannical speech and basically admitting indifference to Kyung Min’s death…like he deserved it! When she made the same rant to her step-mom, I was shocked but when she made the same rant and then EXPANDED it to Kyung Soo, sorry, just let the biatch die!!! Na Young? What can we say? Same ole, same ole. But the fact that Mommy clueless DOESN’T even do a DNA test, that is a sign of true desperation. I wonder how long they will drag this story out? Moon Do? Useless piece of trash Daddy. That’s all I’m going to say. He’s now of FF with Min Jae and crazy Mom!

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