30 Day Anime Challenge Day 25

Hmm. Best again.

Day 25: Best anime villain?

Well, let’s see. Between Naraku and Darcia… Well…does Darcia from Wolf’s Rain really count as a true villain? His only goal was to try to resurrect the woman he loved who suffered from the Paradise disease and well in order to do that he had to get Cheza which means he had to take on our favorite wolf pack who were hoping to find Paradise with Cheza’s help. I guess cold-blooded and emotionless murder counts. He was all broody and I loved his US voice actor. His voice induces shivers (in a good way). Best villain? Probably not, but I include him because I love him.


Naraku was the evil that just never wanted to die in InuYasha. I think he kind of fell for our resurrected princess before sucking 1,000 or more demons into himself to create the ultimate bad ass demon. All the manipulations and people and demons who died because of him was…pretty darn high. So yeah. I think that qualifies him to be considered one of the best. Plus, I loathe his cartoon existence.



  • Hmm for me I’d have to say Aizen from Bleach is the best villain! He was such a mastermind!

    • Haven’t watched the anime at all, so couldn’t say he was the best. I also haven’t gotten into just how awesomely evil he is in the manga yet either. I think I only made it up to them learning of his betrayal and that was it…or was that when I peaked ahead…

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