Crazy Love Episodes 68-70 Recap

Well. Yes, I’m about two weeks late for these episodes. I went on a week’s vacation and for some reason my sister’s internet decided to move like molasses. Videos don’t load well on a molasses in winter connection. Thus…I am back home and catching up. I don’t feel like I’ve missed too much… Anyhow, I will say this…this triple recap may be a bit disjointed and piecemeal and not quite chronological, but you’ll get the gist.

I don’t know why, but I really don’t like the mother-daughter moments in this drama between Mi So and Yoo Jung. Maybe its because we all know the truth by now if it hasn’t been guessed already long ago so this whole deep and inexplicable bond between them gets…trite? Overdone? Anywho, we open with Na Young beating a hasty exit as Mi So enters with Yoo Jung. Of course, Na Young acts as if Mi So deliberately is ruining her plan. She needs to make sure to get that bracelet from Mi So and succeed in successfully taking Mi So’s birth mother from her.

Oh. And a brief pause to talk about double standards. Na Young said at the beginning that Mi So will pay for taking all that should have been Na Young’s. The Yoon family, Min Jae, etc. And here she is turning around and trying to take something that has belonged to Mi  So (just as the other things technically all belonged to her as well). Just desserts for stealing what was hers? What a crock.

Anywho, Mi So learns just who Da Hae really is and is shocked. She then tries to comfort the saddened Yoo Jung when she gets the call that Da Hae has backed out of their meeting. Mi So goes home and keeps thinking about her birth mother and she takes out the bracelet she always has with her. Moon Do flips a lid and tells her to just go find and live with her real parents since she can’t be bothered to listen to him. Jong Hee assures Mi So that Moon Do doesn’t really feel that way. It’s only him being upset about Kyung Soo that’s making him spout such harsh words.

Thanks to this scene, Mi So decides to give up on the idea of pursuing finding her own birth parents and just live happily as her father’s daughter. Yeah. That’s not going to happen because Mi So is still seeing Kyung Soo. And while I get that Moon Do can never forgive or forget what happened with his late wife and his factory and he’s horrified to know his precious angelic daughter is seeing a married man…his attitude is rotten. I know it hurts adoptive parents when their children wish to seek out and learn about their birth parents, but…you can’t change that is a part of who they are and they do have the right to know about just where they came from. It doesn’t mean the child loves the adoptive parent any less. He’s just showing how much of a bad father he is by taking everything out on Mi So and blaming her for getting back at him for the drinking and the money. Right. She’s not a rebellious teenager or anything like that.

Jong Hee is going to get a purse fixed and wishes to take Mi So’s bracelet with her, but Mi So has it at home and won’t be using it as an amulet anymore. Jong Hee leaves and Na Young takes this opportunity to be “nice” to Mi So and offer the proverbial olive branch by asking to get some childhood photos and try to bury the past bitterness. Mi So, after being somewhat cautious, accepts what Na Young is saying and is happy the other woman is taking the initiative to rekindle their past friendship (which was never really a true friendship, but whatever). So Mi So takes her home and then Na Young fakes a stomach ache and sends Mi So to the pharmacy to buy something for her. Na Young immediately digs through Mi So’s room…rather poorly. She sucks at looking. It’s like she’s not even looking hard and merely giving things a cursory once over. Just as she thinks she’s found the bracelet, Chan Ki and Jong Hee arrive home and she tosses the pouch under a cabinet. Yeah, that’s getting rid of the bracelet. Eyeroll.

Chan Ki and Jong Hee had just had a very cute moment about Jong Hee remembering the kiss and worrying about taking responsibility and all that. Chan Ki is very happy as that means that Jong Hee has mutual feelings for him. They were holding hands as they entered the apartment when they jump in fright to see Na Young who explains that Mi So invited her over and then left to run an errand. Na Young then takes her leave and says it’s time for the real act to begin now. Regardless…it’s still a danger with that bracelet, but she seems to think it will be safe now. What an idiot.

So Na Young meets with Yoo Jung who is in utter shock to find out the young woman she dislikes is really her daughter. And I will stop here. In all these stupid dramas they have people be complete idiots. WHY don’t they ever ask for a DNA test just to be certain? WHY? Better safe than sorry. I don’t care if it will hurt that person’s feelings when they are the genuine article, but there are so many dramas where people fake being long lost whatevers and no one bothers to do DNA testing. Oh sure, you get some DNA tests done in secret and with sometimes faked results, but the majority of time, birth secrets are taken at face value. Nonsense.

Of course, meeting with Na Young leaves Yoo Jung feeling cold and miserable. She has no spark of recognition. She calls up Mi So complaining about how there’s no connection and how she couldn’t cry or hug her daughter. Mi So assures her that it is perfectly normal after a long separation for that awkwardness to  be there. Yoo Jung is a tiny bit relieved, but still majorly unhappy as she wanted her Da Hae to be a good woman like Mi So.

The two hang up and Hae Ryung launches into her mother. When Yoo Jung has had enough and starts demanding Hae Ryung to leave Kyung Soo, Hae Ryung almost lets the murder slip. She catches herself in time and rushes off, but Yoo Jung isn’t stupid. She smells a rate and knows something is not right. She’s had suspicions for a while, but has no idea just what her beloved stepdaughter has really done.

In all this mess, Jimmy meets with Tae San to hand over the CD and get his money. When Tae San asks how Jimmy found out, the ex-model reveals it was straight from the horse’s mouth. He warns Tae San that the father needs to keep his daughter’s mouth shut before leaving. Tae San calls in Jae Hyuk to take care of Jimmy. Translation: kill the man. Baek, of course, does not want to do this as he is still recalling Mi So’s painful words about quitting Tae San Capital.

Baek and his men track down Jimmy. Baek has some private time with the boy toy and scolds him for living like this when he has a little sister working in a bar. Yeah. Baek and his sister issues. Jimmy then reveals that Tae San will regret the order to kill him as he has made copies. Tae San then calls to ask if the deed is done and Baek reveals what Jimmy said. This means they can’t kill him yet. Tae San demands Jimmy be brought to his office ASAP. On the way there, the car narrowly misses a motorcyclist and Jimmy manages to escape. Baek tells his men not to follow as Jimmy will be in touch soon. Tae San is livid to learn of Jimmy’s escape. He’s also not happy to learn that Jimmy spilled the beans to Jae Hyuk about Hae Ryung killing Kyung Min.

We learn that Jae Hyuk’s “brother” Jin Gu is being released from jail soon. We also learn that his release is all thanks to Kyung Soo constantly petitioning for him. This goes a long way since Jae Hyuk regards Jin Gu as a real brother. This also puts Baek at odds with Tae San. Why? Because Baek is a loyal man. If Kyung Soo did go above and beyond the call of duty for Baek’s good friend, then that means he owes the morose lawyer. So how do you think Baek will pay him back? This makes Tae San leery of the “ungrateful” Baek and he takes him off the Jimmy problem.

Jae Hyuk goes to Kyung Soo and asks him why he helped Jin Gu as he did. Kyung Soo’s initial response is because that is what a lawyer should do for his client. Later, Kyung Soo amends this and explains its all because of his hyung. Hearing what a good man Kyung Min was, Baek’s decision is firmly cemented in his mind.

Of course, during this time Hae Ryung is freaking out. Other people can find out about her murdering Kyung Min, but not her husband. She begs her father for help and Tae San’s response is more about saving his own skin than his daughter’s and then yelling at her for causing such problems. Yeah. Hae Ryung’s crazy is about to get her into heaps of trouble. Jimmy then puts in a call saying he’s on his way to Kyung Soo’s office. Lies, but Hae Ryung believes him and rushes off.

Meanwhile, Mi So is in Kyung Soo’s office asking about the phone call he received during their apartment date (funny how she was initially unhappy that he moved out of the Oh house, but then turns around and has no problems playing house in his new apartment). Kyung Soo reveals that the caller told him he had proof of Kyung Min’s murder. Now Kyung Soo just doesn’t know what to think or do. All this time it’s been eating away at him that his brother committed suicide. Now…to find out that might not be true has thrown him.

Enter Hae Ryung. She’s livid to find Mi So so carelessly in Kyung Soo’s office. Mi So leaves and Kyung Soo asks what Hae Ryung wants. Has someone stopped by? Who? Hae Ryung then gets a text from Jimmy saying he’ll consider her terms and not tell Kyung Soo just yet. Hae Ryung then lies and says she had a friend who needed help and she referred her to Kyung Soo. The lawyer then asks about how his hyung was the last time Hae Ryung saw him. Hae Ryung quickly lies and says that Kyung Min was depressed and wished to stop being a burden to his baby brother and family. Really?

Of course Kyung Soo’s suspicion monitor has gone off and he talks to his reporter sunbae. Ma reports that thanks to the chaos of Kyung Min’s suicide, he let a lot of his suspicions slide. One suspicion was the fact that only one nurse talked about Kyung Min’s depression and the fact that the day that Kyung Min killed himself, the CCTVs were not working. I’m surprised Ma didn’t go through and try to find out what was what then given his nose for stories. Ma tells Kyung Soo to make sure that he does follow up with his mysterious caller and let him know what happens while Ma goes and re-questions the nurse. As it turns out, the nurse emigrated shortly after the suicide and Oh Tae San was her financial guarantor for the emigration. That speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

Mi So meets with Hae Ryung. Why? Jong Hee strongly discourages this because of Hae Ryung’s past violence (and she doesn’t even know the half of it), but Mi So is not afraid. She will meet with Hae Ryung when she decides she wishes to. Ummm….yes…let’s meet with your lover’s psychotic wife because that makes about as much sense as believing that your vicious, backstabbing bosom buddy wants to mend fences with no indication of her wavering at all in her hatred. Anywho, Mi So meets with Hae Ryung to return the money she gave to Moon Do (who didn’t get a chance to refuse it, but told Mi So he gladly accepted it to ruin himself in order to get back at her for not listening to him). Hae Ryung promises Mi So even more money if Mi So decides to leave Kyung Soo since Hae Ryung won’t let him go until she’s dead. Somehow, Hae Ryung brings the talk around to Kyung Min and when she starts belittling her deceased brother-in-law, Mi So gets downright angry and gives her a piece of her mind and tells Hae Ryung again about how she doesn’t understand love nor is she a decent human being. Shocker. Jong Hee hides and listens to everything getting steamed with all that Hae Ryung is doing. After beating a retreat before she can again say she murdered Kyung Min, Jong Hee comes out of hiding and congratulates Mi So for standing up to Pyschotic Wife and lighting into her when she became to bash Kyung Min. I’m kind of surprised at Mi So’s stupidity. Can’t she recall that Kyung Soo just learned that his brother might have been murdered and she can’t figure out that Hae Ryung’s animosity towards Kyung Min and how he “offended” her could possibly lead the Psycho to kill him?

Jimmy is an idiot. He decides to meet with Kyung Soo at a club he is known for frequenting in Cheongdamdong. Baek quickly rushes to the club as does Kyung Soo. Baek is hoping to stop fellow gang member Si…something. Anyways, there’s bad blood between them since this man sold Jae Hyuk and good buddy Jin Gu out. Unfortunately, Scarface Si gets to Jimmy first and knifes him while he dances. Baek quickly rushes him out of the club and attempts to save him. Jimmy hands over a locker key to Baek and begs him to save his sister from that bar so that she can lead a happy life. Needless to say Jimmy is toast. His death makes the headlines and Tae San is livid for how public the death was. Scarface asserts that the problem was dealt with as Jimmy is dead. Now they just need to find the CCTV footage before Baek does.

Of course, Baek being as awesome as he is, manages to track down the locker first. Scarface confronts him and the two rehash their hatred for one another. Scarface wishes for a fight. Jae Hyuk quickly agrees to this as he’s not as weak as he once was. Our favorite brooding oppa kicks Scarface’s rear but good. I’m sure he got some satisfaction out of the fight since he then kicked the man while he was down completely knocking him out.

After winning the battle, Jae Hyuk immediately goes to Kyung Soo to give him the CD. Baek tells him the debt has now been repaid. Kyung Soo then watches the footage and sees Hae Ryung roll his brother’s wheelchair down the stairs. He looks…sad. Incredibly sad. He then goes to his apartment where Mi So has dinner waiting. She scolds him for not answering his phone and he breaks down and sobs.

Previews show that Kyung Soo might try to do something stupid to himself just like Mi So did. Oh…and…since they brought up Hae Ram again and Na Young brings up to Yoo Jung about how she grew up without a mother…will those two issues come back to haunt her? Will we learn anything new about Hae Ram’s truck incident? Will Na Young’s adoptive mother ruin her plot? We shall see. I hope so.

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  • I made it through them. Can I say one thing: If I found out my wife killed my brother, I would do everything in the world to make her pay!! Now that’s what I learned from these episodes!!

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