Crazy Love Episodes 66-67 Recap

I don’t even know what to say anymore about this drama. I really don’t. I do question why Mi So gets the wardrobe she gets while Jong Hee gets much nicer clothes. Mi So was married to a rich man, she took her clothes with her…why doesn’t she wear the nice clothes? The stylist for this show should really be fired. Her clothes…I’m not feeling them at all and they are very unflattering for her figure.

And…Hae Ryung’s possessive streak is amazing. I’m shocked Oh Tae San was even able to remarry at all. I guess it really depends on her age. She might have been too young to put a stop to Yoo Jung marrying her father. But everything with her is people – mine. People aren’t possessions. You don’t own them. And then we have Mi So and Kyung Soo. Is it really that hard for them to cool down and stop actively seeing each other (yes, I know, we wouldn’t have a series, but at the same time…)? If they could do this then I think Moon Do and Chan Ki would definitely have been more open and receptive. But no, Mi So is particularly horrible with caring (but not enough) about how much she’s hurting her family with her decisions. Look at how she treated Jae Hyuk. Did she forget he works for Oh Tae San? Granted she only knows a little bit of the man’s evilness, how can she ask Jae Hyuk to protect her and Kyung Soo when it could mean her “guardian angel’s” demise? Not cool. Of course…Baek brings it on himself because you know he’d sacrifice even his life for her. Such very unhealthy relationships over all.

So Moon Do goes ballistic because Mi So refuses to stop going to work or stop seeing Kyung Soo. Mi So tries to explain she’s only going until she finishes her duties with the merger and the new product, but he doesn’t believe her and goes into his room in anger. Mi So cries and Jong Hee scolds her for not trying to sneak out after Moon Do went to work.

Meanwhile Crazy Lady #1 is having Yoo Jung investigate to learn if Mi So really is her daughter. You know Na Young. She needs must destroy Mi So and take away everything that (rightfully) belongs to the woman. Enter Jong Hee and Mi So. Na Young immediately starts in on Mi So quitting and lets it be known that she was the one who has been tattling to Hae Ryung. Mi So demands Na Young stay out of her life and Jong Hee restrains herself from launching at Na Young to yank all of her hair out. Of course Na Young never knows when to leave well enough alone.

Moon Do comes to CK to personally hand in his daughter’s letter of resignation. Jong Hee tries to keep him from Yoo Jung, but is unable to do so. He hands in the resignation and Yoo Jung tells him the whole truth and Moon Do is shocked and floored. Yoo Jung asks him to take back the resignation, but after learning the whole truth, Moon Do is more insistent that Mi So leave and that Kyung Soo is NOT the right man for his daughter.

Jong Hee fills Mi So in and she rushes to Kyung Soo’s office since Moon Do gave him a piece of his mind before seeing Yoo Jung. Mi So and he have their commiseration and cheer up party. They must work extra hard so that other will be willing to accept their relationship. Yeah. Given the situation…again…the best way for others to accept them is for them to wait until AFTER the divorce. It’s just the mores of many societies around the world.

Na Young runs into Hae Ryung. The older woman relishes in rubbing it in Hae Ryung’s face about how Mi So is fearless and is still coming to work to happily prance around with Kyung Soo. Hae Ryung snaps. At this time, Yoo Jung and Mi So have a heart to heart. Mi So cries as she says she doesn’t want to take off her bracelet or let go of Yoo Jung as a mother figure. Yoo Jung tears up and says she understands how hard things are for the girl when Crazy Lady #2 enters. Psycho Wife flips her lid even more when she sees her mother comforting Mi So. Hae Ryung calls the other woman out and then repeatedly shoves her and starts strangling her.

Enter oppa Baek Jae Hyuk. He immediately throws Hae Ryung to the ground and tends to his baby sister. Hae Ryung is floored to learn that Mi So is Baek’s dongsaeng. She follows him to set things straight and Baek issues his usual warning. Hae Ryung asks if he’ll turn her into the cops or kill her. Jae Hyuk smirks. Does she really think that killing her would be problematic for him? Good man. Evil temper. Don’t wake the dragon (sorry, I’ve been watching Game of Thrones). Anywho, Baek then says he will make damn sure to break up Mi So and Kyung Soo. He also reveals to Hae Ryung who doesn’t want to let go of her husband that he will kill Kyung Soo with his own hands if she is hurt because of him. Hae Ryung…looks kind of scared and unhappy. Nice. Will that stop her or Kyung Soo? Not a chance.

Baek goes to meet with the anxious Mi So who asks after Hae Ryung. Baek ignores this  question and once more tries to convince Mi So to stop. Mi So, like always, refuses to listen. Even though he doesn’t approve, it’s basically his job as her eternal guardian angel to protect both her and Kyung Soo from the evil that is Oh Tae San. Okay. She said it in a slightly nicer way. Oy. I’m so sick of all these voice overs. Please, please STOP them for the love of Mike (whoever Mike is). I say this because the voice overs are getting ridiculously common and overabundant. Jae Hyuk vows to not listen to Mi So. His one and only goal is saving her, so he has no problem in letting the wolves eat Kyung Soo.

Na Young gets confirmation about Yoo Jung’s past and is now certain that Mi So must be Go Da Hae—Yoo Jung’s lost daughter. Na Young vows once more to not let Mi So have such a great and powerful mother. Enter Min Jae to excitedly tell Na Young to come out. Myung Ja has prepared herbal tonic to help Na Young get pregnant. Na Young refuses this as she doesn’t want a baby now since she’d rather focus on work. Myung Ja bites down on her temper and then offers Na Young her pick of her own rings since she moved in without a wedding ceremony. Na Young refuses them and asks for the 3 karat diamond on EMIL’s hand. EMIL doesn’t want to part with it and takes it off to explain its old and out of style. That’s fine. Na Young can have it reset and since it’s already off her hand, why not hand it over? Shameless hussy. Just desserts that. Myung Ja will now really understand the meaning of a truly evil daughter-in-law. Funny, though, how she’ll cater to Na Young and give her chances she never gave Mi So.

Chan Ki hands over the things from Kyung Soo to Mi So to return to the lawyer. Mi So tries to get him to accept them and Kyung Soo’s good intentions, but Chan Ki can’t because he will never approve of her relationship to Kyung Soo. I love how he says she’s not sane for willingly entering into such a relationship. Well…in a way. You can’t blame him for not liking the road Mi So chose for herself. Daddy then comes home drunk wondering where his good daughter went. Mi So rushes out of the room bawling and he cries and wonders what he’ll do with the rotten girl now.

Hae Ryung gets the divorce notice from Kyung Soo and hits the roof. Tae San does as well. Thanks to Hae Ryung mentioning another woman before, Tae San refuses to believe that the other woman is out of the picture since Kyung Soo is still moving ahead with the divorce. Good job, Hae Ryung. You got daddy involved. You shouldn’t have done that.

Hae Ryung storms into Kyung Soo’s office to scream that she’ll never let him go and Kyung Soo tells her to lawyer up. Nice. She then says she will test Mi So’s and his great love and slams out of the office. Her test? She puts poison in one wine glass and when Mi So comes, she tells her to drink it to prove her love. Mi So cannot believe this, but she does willingly down the wine.

No, Mi So did NOT drink poison. Hae Ryung gave her the clean wine glass. Hae Ryung was astounded that Mi So would willingly risk her own life. Psycho Wife then reveals that the poison is in her glass and goes to drink it. Mi So won’t let her. She reminds Hae Ryung about her parents and assures the other girl that she will not let Kyung Soo be in pain because of her. Assa!

Hae Ryung throws the wine glass down as Kyung Soo enters. Hae Ryung reveals what she did and assures Kyung Soo that Mi So will live before storming out. Mi So shakily gets to her feet and passes out. You’d think that because Kyung Soo heard poison out of his wife’s mouth that he’d rush the unconscious woman to the hospital. Nope. He just stays with her in his car. Sheesh. Feel the love. They talk. Nothing major. Seriously. Mi So asks him to not make her cry anymore when he complains that she always cries because of him. Sigh.

Hae Ryung gets plastered and plays with her boy toy. She is upset that Mi So loves Kyung Soo more than she does. She’s upset that Mi So shows no fear of her. Mi So wouldn’t think like that if she knows just what she’s capable of. Jimmy easily gets it out of Hae Ryung that she killed Kyung Soo’s hyung and there’s proof of it. Jimmy smirks and calls her an idiot for telling him her weakness (She’s passed out in the hotel room when he does this). Yep. Jimmy is not to be trifled with, the gold digging hustler.

Jong Hee and Chan Ki were having a cute moment until Kyung Soo shows up with Mi So. Chan Ki cannot believe the two are still so blatant about their relationship. Chan Ki scolds Kyung Soo for being a trusted friend and brother and turning around and doing something that’s ripping their family apart. He gives back all of the things he got from Kyung Soo himself, hurting our lawyer.

Tae San confronts Kyung Soo who admits to having another woman and refusing to stop the divorce. Kyung Soo also asks his father-in-law just what it is that is being hidden that Tae San is afraid of him finding out. Kyung Soo isn’t dumb. He knows Tae San’s posturing is just not about wanting Hae Ryung to get what she wants.

Tae San then goes to Yoo Jung to ask about the other woman and Yoo Jung is horrified to learn that Kyung Soo confirmed there was, in fact, someone else. Yeah. Not a good move. Enter Mi So. Yoo Jung introduces the two and Mi So shoots angry daggers his way. Not because of Kyung Soo, but because of what happened with her family. I’m guessing Yoo Jung has no idea about Mi So being hounded by Baek thanks to her husband. Mi So leaves and runs into Kyung Soo. The two chat happily while Evil Father-in-Law is still in the building. Smart? I think not.

What else happens? Na Young sends out Yoo Jung’s things to the agency finally, but keeps the bracelet to prove she’s Yoo Jung’s daughter and then calls up the same agency saying she’s looking for her birth mother. Ick. Predictable, though. Yoo Jung is over the moon to learn that the agency has found her missing daughter already. She tells Mi So she’s crying out of happiness since Mi So happened to be in the office when she got the call.

Bake gets beaten by Tae San because of ordering the man to stop following Kyung Soo. Tae San wonders if Hae Ryung ordered him to do that, but, of course, Baek keeps quiet. Poor boy. Stuck between crazy and selfish people. Well…he’s not the sanest either, so I guess it’s a good fit. Anywho, he goes home where he gets scolded by Mi So for not answering his phone earlier. She left him food. Baek happily eats it, but his happiness is tempered by knowing about the storm that’s ready to break loose at any moment.

Yoo Jung goes to meet with her newfound daughter and brings Mi So with her. Na Young who was all happy about her plan begins to panic and quickly tries to take off the bracelet that Mi So is sure to recognize.

End episode.


  • I’m not watching this drama. Instead, I’m avidly reading your blog. Your recaps make what sounds like a crazy, bad drama into a great read!

    • We are past the point of questioning our sanity! However, I know I’m too invested to drop it and must see it to the end. What I hate the doormat-ness of BOTH Kyung Soo and Mi So; both are sad-sacks! Divorce the evil biatch already!!

    • lol. I’m impressed my recaps make the tedious drama into a great read. Sigh. Strong start, lagging middle, and morose and stupid leads. So much promise that went down the drain.

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