30 Day Manga Challenge Day 28

Well, even if it’s more comic style, I still qualify manga as literature. Oh, sure not in the strictest sense, but I tend to stay out of the hot debates that revolve around just what literature is.

Day 28: A manga you think is so brilliant it’s like literature?

Deep Love cover

Deep Love by Yoshi and illustrated by Yuu Yoshii. It’s not that I think it’s brilliant. But this manga was very sad at the end and I think covered a very interesting topic – teenage prostitution. Definitely heavy and darker in that respect. We have Ayu who for whatever reason sells herself. Her best friend who worships her decides she wishes to join her. Along the way her friend gets pregnant and Ayu stops prostituting herself when she ends up living with an old woman who makes her promise to never do it again. However, when the boy Ayu likes has a heart condition and requires surgery, she goes back to prostituting herself to get the money and contracts aids and dies while he has a successful surgery and lives. When her best friend’s baby is born, she names the baby Ayu after her dead friend.

It does have a lot to say about life and the choices we make.

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