30 Day Manga Challenge Day 27

This seems kind of mean to say…

Day 27: A manga you would never buy?

Well… I mean… I guess it all depends on re-readability. If I think it is a series I will enjoy enough to revisit, then I will purchase it. If I don’t feel the conviction that it is a series I will like to read more than once, then I won’t buy it. An example? Well… Bleach. That’s probably a manga series I will never buy because I will never reread it after (if) I finish it once. Red River is another series I feel the same about. Good to read once. Wouldn’t want to read it again. Hmm…but if you make me narrow it down to just one title…

Zettai Kareshi by Yuu Watase. I will NEVER buy this series. I have a softer spot for the dramas which took this to the adult world. This was not an abhorrent manga, but by the end of it, I was sooo over it. I felt the plot was entirely too unrealistic to even willing suspend disbelief. I was not happy about a high school student buying a robot lover and when I finally was invested in the couple…the ending hit. Nope, just won’t buy this series.

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