30 Day Anime Challenge Day 13

I don’t cosplay…

Day 13: A picture of you cosplaying as your favorite character or a character you’d like to cosplay as.

Able NightroadI’m not one to be all gun ho about dressing up as a fictional character. Although…if it would count…I did try to cosplay as Storm from X-Men. But that’s not anime as I believe that cartoon was completely American based. I would also say Yuna from Final Fantasy X, but that’s a game and I don’t think I’d every be able to do it since her clothes are so darn revealing.

Anime, anime, anime. Cosplay, cosplay, cosplay. Maybe kitten girl Merle from Escaflowne or Tatara/Sasara from Basara. Hmm…how about an anime I haven’t covered…I could do Alice fromĀ Alice 19th. Or how about the vamped out Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood?

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