Crazy Love Episode 65 Recap

Sigh. Eternal doormat. Again, I get this whiny little kid feeling from Mi So. In all honesty, hers and Kyung Soo’s love isn’t bad. What is bad is the fact that he is married and even if it is an unhappy marriage, no family member or friend will be supportive of such a relationship until Kyung Soo has extricated himself. Chan Ki was right in berating Kyung Soo for making Mi So a home wrecker. Why couldn’t Kyung Soo come to an arrangement with Mi So and thus these two wait to officially start until after the divorce? These are very valid points.

Kyung Soo is seeing more and more about how bad things were to rush into this before taking care of the trash…I mean Psycho Wife and father-in-law. Well, that’s where, unfortunately, selfishness can take you. Yes, people need to be selfish on a occasion and pursue a right to be happy in spite of others, but at the same time… with this many people unhappy and how badly everything is going, I think it is safe to say they could have held off a little bit on blindly pursuing their relationship.

Mi So…just…I don’t know. She doesn’t get it. She believes everyone should respect their decision since it was a hard decision to make and they can’t live without one another. This is a very moral grey area actually. Kyung Soo is trapped in a loveless marriage partially his own making and he didn’t expect to fall for Mi So. He does honestly try to stay away and keep his distance and try once more with Psycho. Brownie points for that. But… I guess. If they don’t start this way, there’d be no way for them to get started giving Psycho Wife’s adamancy on NOT divorcing the husband she believes his her own possession. Divorce is never fun when you have that type of person to deal with.

But still… Mi So claims to be able to understand and see from others’ points of views, but remains adamant that she will not let go even though Kyung Soo is still married to that harridan. This belies the angelic Mi So that was supposed to be portrayed. Yes, she’s had a hard life in the recent years. Yes, she deserves to be happy. Yes, she deserves to be a little selfish. But to completely ignore even her family’s objections and pain… I don’t know if I could do that. Well…I guess it would depend on the family member actually.

Has anyone else noticed that Park Sun Young’s acting has gotten worse? I mean, you could really feel her raw and visceral pain with Hae Ryung’s kidnapping and her crying scenes were very believable. Now…it just feels fake. Maybe it’s just me.

Okay. Enough griping. I should be recapping. Geurae. Recap. So where do we begin? With Moon Do having a cow after learning his precious perfect (no such thing) daughter is having an affair with a married man. He couldn’t be more surprised that she is and that it is none other than the man he hates the most. He is horrified when Mi So confirms things as does Kyung Soo. Hae Ryung cuts her husband off and says they should leave as Moon Do tosses his daughter inside the house.

He slaps her repeatedly (on her back of all places) for the shameful thing she’s done. Of course, Mi So doesn’t really believe she’s wrong and she refuses to give Kyung Soo up. This does little to alleviate Moon Do’s rage and anger. Girl, you should learn when to keep your mouth shut and when to open it. This is NOT the time to be pledging your eternal love. Chan Ki is also horrified to learn that his new favorite hyung is dating his sister. Oh, he’d have no objections if it weren’t for the fact that Kyung Soo is married to Psycho Wife. Kyung Soo stands outside of the Yoon house in torment over what is happening inside. He recalls Mi So telling him earlier once they came to the decision to come clean that he isn’t allowed to feel bad no matter what she has to face. Why? Why can’t he feel bad? Because this was your decision? Don’t tell someone else how to feel. Humans will never be rational, so don’t try to force them to be.

Kyung Soo goes back to the office where Hae Ryung awaits. She has no remorse for what she did as it is all Mi So’s and Kyung Soo’s fault that she had to do that. Kyung Soo cannot believe she does not feel badly for doing something so horrible like that. He then confesses that he and Mi So were coming clean to her family, so there was no need for Hae Ryung to jump the gun. I actually enjoyed this scene. Why? Kyung Soo did grow a bit of a spine and did raise his voice and tell it like it is. So Hae Ryung wants to push all blame off on him, huh? Fine. Does she know why he introduced Mi So to his hyung? Because he knew that his hyung would love her and be on their side. He now knows why his hyung hated his wife so much. Shock. She’s cold and never once considers anyone else and only focuses on herself.

Wow. Kyung Soo even says that he thought he could make the marriage work even without love, but as hard as he tried to be open and understanding of his wife, she never reciprocated. Thus why she complains about him being fake around her. Who’s fault is it that he’s that way? True…we have no idea about the prior 4 years of their marriage, so maybe he did try more then, but when she never got better… why was he sticking it out? A sense of duty and owing Oh Tae San? Anyhow, I really like this. Kyung Soo won’t go back to being the same dishrag it seems. He will tell Hae Ryung like it is and let her know she is not without blame. Of course, Hae Ryung will never accept that there is something wrong with her. But…how can she deny it when Kyung Soo and Yoo Jung are both telling her she’s not right and does things to other people that humans just shouldn’t do?

Jong Hee tells Mi So she can’t go into work since Moon Do knows that Kyung Soo is currently working at CK as well. No, Jong Hee will take some time off for her until things cool down. Enter Moon Do who starts throwing out Mi So’s clothes and threatening to burn them. Mi So is not repentant at all. Even though she’s hurt her father, she can’t leave that man. She begs for Moon Do to understand, but he can’t. Jong Hee stops him from hitting Mi So again and he tells his daughter that he will never approve of Kyung Soo whatsoever. Mi So cries and Jong Hee is seriously on her and Kyung Soo’s side. Jong Hee believes Mi So is being an idiot for not telling Moon Do what he wants to hear and stopping her relationship with Kyung Soo in the time being until things blow over. Mi So refuses to do this as she can’t and doesn’t want to lie about her love for Kyung Soo.

Jong Hee delivers this news to Kyung Soo. He feels horrible about it all. He feels even worse that all he can do is ask Jong Hee to please take care of Mi So. Jong Hee then goes to her office and catches Oh and Kang telling Na Young about how Moon Do called in sick for Mi So and told them that Jong Hee would be turning in her resignation for Mi So. Jong Hee is startled. Will she really have to submit it then? Jong Hee asserts that it is all a misunderstanding. Oh and Kang are sent from the room and Na Young gloats about what happened. Jong Hee puts two and two together and cannot believe what Na Young has done. Jong Hee also insists that neither she nor Mi So are quitting CK.

Na Young goes to visit Yoo Jung with documents about her organic dessert. She finds Yoo Jung on the phone with her older sister who has just sent a box of Da Hae’s stuff so that Yoo Jung can send it all to a PI. Why now? After all of these years, why is Yoo Jung searching even harder for Da Hae? Why couldn’t she do that 20+ years ago when her baby girl went missing the first time? I’m also very curious to know just who Mi So’s biological father was/is. Anywho, Yoo Jung quickly puts the box away. Na Young rejects the New York manager position and Yoo Jung says she shouldn’t as it is the last thing Yoo Jung will do for her. Na Young, of course, cryptically states they will see about that and how it felt like it was more of Yoo Jung getting rid of her. She then shares the news about Moon Do finding out about Mi So’s affair with a married man and ordering her to resign. Yoo Jung is not happy about that at all.

Moon Do is at Baek’s apartment drinking and pouring his heart out. The only thing Baek can do is listen with a broken heart. I feel really badly for Moon Do. He actually says this is the first time in his life he’s hit his daughter and also the first time in his life that he ever regretted bringing her home. Moon Do assures Jae Hyuk that he does not hate Mi So at all, he’s just broken hearted as it is all his fault. If only he hadn’t adopted her, if only he hadn’t gotten into debt, if only he had managed to keep his factory. If only. Life is a game of “if only” some days. But… just blame it on fate. This was all set up to bring those two together. Who knows if they would have met if it wasn’t for these unfortunate circumstances.

Moon Do then talks about how he and his wife used to volunteer at the orphanage. He pulls out Mi So’s first letter to them which was the drawing of a smiling flower. This child who was so grateful for them coming to spend time with them, poured her heart into that drawing and Soo Min told her husband that they had to bring her home with them. Stop. Doesn’t this make it sound like the Yoons were planning on it being Mi So all along and not Na Young? But the only reason Mi So got adopted by the Yoons was because he switched the papers. Talk about some plot inconsistencies.

Kyung Soo stops by the Yoon house where Chan Ki scolds him for everything. Doesn’t Kyung Soo know that Chan Ki admires him and held him up like a real brother? So how can Kyung Soo do this to his family? How can he make Mi So a home wrecker? When Kyung Soo opens his mouth, Chan Ki cuts him off. Yes, he knows that Kyung Soo’s home was wrecked long before this, but that’s not how society will see it. Chan Ki then berates the lawyer for not getting a divorce before starting this relationship. Enter the drunk Moon Do and Jae Hyuk (well…Jae Hyuk is sober). Moon Do tells Baek to get rid of Kyung Soo and Kyung Soo profusely apologizes and gets down on his knees. Baek hands Moon Do over to Chan Ki to take inside and tells Kyung Soo that doing this will do no good. True. Baek then goes inside leaving the forlorn lawyer outside as it starts to rain.

Inside, Mi So pleads with Jae Hyuk to be on her side and again whines about no one being on their side. They love each other. Why can’t people understand that and understand that they are hurting, too? Baek goes to leave and is initially going to just breeze by the still kneeling Kyung Soo, but he does go stand over him with his umbrella for a little while. I don’t think Baek hates Kyung Soo, the situations just never work in the favor of them becoming truly closer.

Yoo Jung leaves the office early and Na Young promises to mail the package for the secretary. Yoo Jung is an idiot for not seeing to this personally as well all know Na Young is not to be trusted. Meanwhile, Tae San worries over his wife and then complains that she’s been stressing herself out too much with Hae Ryung and the merger. Na Young goes home to find Myung Ja royally kissing but. She even made dinner! She also talks about going to an herbalist to see about getting a concoction to help Na Young get pregnant again (with a boy). Na Young doesn’t know what to say to this sudden change and heads into the room to change before dinner. Min Jae quickly sits down to eat and wonders how his mother can make something so tasteless. Looks like there was a good reason for Mi So to do the cooking. Speaking of Mi So, I had to love it when Min Jae exclaimed about Myung Ja doing such a thing for Na Young when she’s never done such a thing for Mi So. Anywho, Na Young takes out the box she stole and is horrified to find a matching bracelet to Mi So’s. Does this mean that Mi So is really Yoo Jung’s daughter? Duh. We are so going to have a Smile, Donghae plot where bad person finds out truth first and goes out of their way to make sure the truth stays buried for nefarious purposes.

Jong Hee comes home and is horrified to find Kyung Soo sopping wet and still kneeling. She goes inside and immediately berates Moon Do for his treatment of the younger man. Mi So overhears this and comes out and immediately rushes out of the house after learning her father left Kyung Soo out in the rain kneeling all day. Well…Moon Do does have a point that he didn’t force the young man to do so. Mi So finds Kyung Soo sitting at the bottom of the stairs and immediately holds him. The two then share a kiss.

End episode. All hell is breaking loose this week with Hae Ryung trying to kill Mi So again and Na Young trying once more to join forces with Psycho Wife against Mi So.


  • I don’t feel Park Sun Young is acting any bad . I have loved her for her acting for ten years .

    • She’s not a bad actress. She made me hate her in…Truth? Whichever series where she had her servant’s daughter take her college entrance exam for her. That takes skill (or horrible acting, but in that case, skill). I know she can act well…but for whatever reason, after the Hae Ram incident, it felt like her acting got a bit weaker at times.

  • If nothing else, the kisses are sure realistic!! But of that. I have to agree that Chan Ki’s berating of Kyung Soo was on point. I know it is wrong but at the same time, such sadness for him; however, Mi So’s father, I have no respect for the man. I think that has been my problem for him since the loan sharks and just about everything else he has done. Then to say, he should have left her at the orphanage?! No words!

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