30 Day Anime Challenge Day 12

Good question.

Day 12: The anime you’ve rewatched the most?

I’d like to give a special shout out to anime movies. Thus I have to say that Howl’s Moving Castle and Cowboy Bebop are the two anime movies I watch often. As for which anime I’ve rewatched the most…wow…I don’t know. With Sailor Moon, I started rewatching it when it was taken off and then brought back on and then I’ve spent years picking up and watching the episodes I’d missed…so not really rewatching, per se, but just catching up. Same with Inu Yasha. I’ve only ever watched Loveless, Legend of Basara, Ouran High School Host Club, and Wolf’s Rain once. I haven’t managed to finish collecting Boys Before Flowers yet…

So it comes down to two anime I believe. That would be Ronin Warriors and Escaflowne. I think that I have probably watched Escaflowne at least one more time than Ronin Warriors. Probably because it remains my favorite in spite of the ending which wasn’t an unhappy, tragic ending, just a slightly disappointing one.

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