Crazy Love Episodes 63-64 Recap

Crazy is right. I did have to laugh when Na Young meets and experiences Psycho Wife for the first time. She has definitely met her match…isn’t it funny how Na Young and Psycho are very similar. Both women think things that don’t belong to them belong to them. Both women sneak around, act, lie, and cheat to get what they want. Oh…and let’s not forget that both women tried to kill Mi So and have her raped. They are definitely cut from the same cloth. It’s just that Psycho is just more of a powerhouse than Na Young.

It’s also pretty ironic how Min Jae and Hae Ryung are a lot alike as well. Min Jae is a sniveling mama’s boy with a bad temper dying to escape. Hae Ryung doesn’t snivel, but she’s a daddy’s girl with a vicious temper she hides under an “normal” act (though she’s not one to hide it for too long). Both overlook the fact that they are to partially blame for their marriages’ breakdown. Min Jae cheated on his wife with Na Young, but conveniently forgets that when he levels adultery at his (then) innocent wife. Hae Ryung pushes all blame onto Kyung Soo and Mi So, when she hasn’t been faithful (I think technically she cheated in the truest sense first), is insanely jealous, and possessive, and never once considered her husband’s true feelings.

So Mi So gets kidnapped by Jimmy and Baek rushes after the two as fast as possible while Hae Ryung tells Kyung Soo about the “present” she’s surprised for Mi So which will destroy the woman. Kyung Soo also rushes out to save her while Hae Ryung gives an evil smirk before going back to her constant angry mask. This poor actress must wear herself out with this role. It’s a wonder she has a throat left with all that screaming she does.

Anywho. When Mi So comes to Jimmy is undressing her in front of a camera. Like before, Mi So fights and makes a run for it. Unfortunately the door is locked and she can’t figure out how to open it. Jimmy drags her back to the bed and Baek who is searching and yelling, finally hears her screams. He easily opens the locked door, unbuttons his collar a bit and tells his sister to get out of there. She doesn’t have to be told twice and hightails it as Baek starts punching the heck out of Jimmy who pleads for mercy and says it was all Hae Ryung’s doing. This really displeases Baek. He gives the young man one more punch for good measure and finds Mi So crouching in the hall. He takes off his jacket to put around her and helps her to her feet.

As the two are leaving, Kyung Soo arrives. Baek tells him this was the reason he wanted the two to end things. Hae Ryung is bad enough, but if Tae San catches wind, it’s all over for Mi So. Jae Hyuk tries to lead her away, but the idiot wishes to stay with Kyung Soo. The unhappy Baek reluctantly leaves her and heads home. Mi So assures the unhappy Kyung Soo that she is perfectly fine.

Get a clue. At this point, I’m not saying blame Kyung Soo because you confronted Hae Ryung and refused to leave her husband alone, so…yeah…but still. At this point, even though you love him, it’s just best to let go for the moment. Hanging on right now is suicide.

Hae Ryung is angry that Jimmy failed. How dare he? Hae Ryung is shocked to learn that it was Baek and not Kyung Soo who put an end to things. She calls up Baek who tells her that he doesn’t think Tae San should know. This makes Hae Ryung slightly happy I guess, but she is livid when the angry and shaking Jae Hyuk tells her that he’s doing his best to reign himself in, but next time (if there is a next time) all best are off. This angers and shocks her and she vows to take down Baek with her.

I won’t go into detail about Kyung Soo and Mi So. They, of course, won’t give up. I’m not saying they should give up on one another. That’s not it. Mi So is unhappy that Hae Ryung won’t quietly divorce. Kyung Soo isn’t happy to file a suit, but he will do it as he wants out now. Obviously, a suit will take longer than a mutually agreed upon divorce. Mi So is unhappy that she can’t do everything she wants with Kyung Soo now, but she doesn’t mind waiting as long as they get to be together in the end. So…why didn’t y’all wait to seriously start this relationship until he was free and clear of Psycho?

The angry Hae Ryung goes to rush out of the house when her mother enters. Hae Ryung confesses she knows Mi So is dating Kyung Soo and then tells her mother what she tried to do to the other woman. This earns her a slap from Yoo Jung who also says that if Hae Ryung doesn’t want to be put into a mental ward, the girl should stay put and not chase after the two. This makes Hae Ryung think her mother is against her. Yoo Jung knows that what Kyung Soo and Mi So is doing is wrong, but that does not give Hae Ryung the right to do something that low and dirty to another human being. Agreed.

Ah, I almost forgot. Mi So’s solution to the Hae Ryung problem and the kidnapping is to stick like glue to Kyung Soo. Right. Because that will make things better. You’re better of sticking to Jae Hyuk like glue for the moment instead of Kyung Soo. Yes, Kyung Soo can fight, but the two of them sticking so close and being so obvious is the problem. Why don’t they get that?

The next morning Jong Hee is livid  that Mi So stayed out all night with only a text. She quickly lies to Moon Do that Mi So had an early meeting and left before he was up. Moon Do accepts this and gives milk to Jong Hee to share with Mi So. Chan Ki comes out of his room and has a hard time meeting Jong Hee’s eyes. The boy is so nervous he goes back into his room, wondering why Jong Hee seems so normal. Don’t tell him that she was so drunk she forgot! Meanwhile Jong Hee rushes out of the house feeling guilty as sin about lying to Moon Do.

Hae Ryung confronts Kyung Soo about staying out all night with Mi So and screams that she will never divorce him. Kyung Soo replies that he already has Tae San’s consent to the divorce so it will behoove Hae Ryung to play nice and follow suit like originally planned. Hae Ryung is livid and tells Kyung Soo she won’t willingly divorce him so he can go ahead and file the suit.

Yoo Jung apologizes to Mi So for what happened with Hae Ryung. This illustrates why she wanted to keep Hae Ryung in the dark as Hae Ryung is not mentally stable. Enter Na Young. Mi So leaves and Na Young starts threatening Yoo Jung with leaking the secret because she’s not treating Na Young as a trusted right hand. Um…blackmail does not equal trust. Babo-ya.

Jong Hee confronts Mi So who tells her that Hae Ryung found out. Jong Hee is horrified to hear this. Now what will they do? Mi So then gets a call from Jae Hyuk and goes to meet him. She apologizes for not calling him like she was supposed to and assures him that she is fine. We then get more pleading from Mi So for Baek to like Kyung Soo and be on their side. Jae Hyuk doesn’t want to and Mi So explains that its thanks to Kyung Soo that she was able to open herself up to love once more.

I will pause here and say this: How much time has even really passed? When did Mi So stop believing in love? I don’t see how she can sound like she’d closed herself off from love because we didn’t really see that happen with her at all.

Myung Ja meets with Na Young and Min Jae to get Na Young to use her influence on Yoo Jung to increase the spending limit of Myung Ja’s corporate card and increase the expense account. Looks like Myung Ja uses the company’s money to buy designer goods to look the part of CK CEO. Shakes head.

Meanwhile, Hae Ryung does something really, really stupid. She goes to daddy. She doesn’t want him to interfere, but she blabs about Kyung Soo’s other woman? Knowing she slipped up she tries to quickly assert that it was just a bar girl that Kyung Soo carried on with to get back at her for Jimmy. I have to say Tae San is just like Myung Ja in that cheating is okay for his child, but not their spouse (not that he agrees with what Hae Ryung is doing). Double standards.

Mi So and Jong Hee head home form shopping. MI so is pretty lifeless after her multiple confrontations with Hae Ryung. When the two girls enter the Yoon house, their sits Psycho with Moon Do. Jong Hee immediately tries to confront Hae Ryung, but Mi So stops her and the two go into their room.

Hae Ryung asks about Mi So and Moon Do explains she’s the perfect daughter. Enter Jong Hee and Mi So once more. Hae Ryung leaves and Mi So follows her out. Hae Ryung says she came to see Moon Do faint, but thought better of it. Mi So cannot believe this girl would take things this far. Boy, do people keeping underestimating Psycho Wife. Hae Ryung warns Mi So that if she doesn’t leave Kyung Soo alone, she’ll tattle or worse. Mi So goes back inside where Moon Do tells her that she is to sever all ties with Kyung Soo’s wife as Kyung Soo is a man he will never be able to forgive. And this attitude is the reason Mi So is afraid to tell her family.

Chan Ki confronts Jong Hee about the kiss and it seems she really doesn’t remember it. Poor Chan Ki. Meanwhile, Yoo Jung, sick of Na Young, tells the young woman that she will be sent abroad to New York to manage the branch that will be there. Na Young does not take this kindly at all. Yoo Jung is getting rid of her because she’s afraid of her, right? Yoo Jung says that isn’t the case. She and Na Young are just too different. She then explains about Myung Ja using Na Young’s name to try to increase her spending limit. This sends a frustrated Na Young to her husband and mother-in-law begging them to stop. Na Young dresses down Myung Ja for making the company as bad as it is before leaving and still not revealing her dirt on Yoo Jung.

At CK, Baek sees one of his men following Kyung Soo. His man says it was under Tae San’s orders. Baek goes to see Tae San who tells him about what Hae Ryung told him. Baek quickly confirms the lie as truth and insists that since it was nothing serious, he didn’t tell Tae San about the bar girl. Tae San seems to accept this, but you know his mistrust in Kyung Soo will not be assuaged so easily. This is what poor Jae Hyuk oppa has been worrying incessantly about since he found out the truth.

After her disappointing meeting with Yoo Jung, Na Young calls Hae Ryung out. Right. Hae Ryung cannot stand Na Young who is shocked to find out that Hae Ryung already knows about Mi So and Kyung Soo. Hae Ryung says she doesn’t need trash like Na Young’s help when Na Young offers to reveal the affair and somehow keep Kyung Soo’s name clear. Not sure how that could happen. Na Young then reveals that Yoo Jung has known about Mi So and Kyung Soo for awhile. This makes Hae Ryung livid. Of course, Hae Ryung still refuses help from Na Young and storms off to confront her mother. Yoo Jung pleads with her daughter to understand why she kept the secret, but Hae Ryung won’t and basically disowns her mother.

Mi So, like an idiot, leaves her phone on her desk after a conversation with Kyung Soo. Na Young sneaks a peek and sees Kyung Soo inviting Mi So to visit his hyung. Na Young immediately texts Hae Ryung with this information. The girl throws another screaming hissy fit.

At his brother’s grave, Kyung Soo introduces Mi So and proposes to her with a diamond teardrop necklace. Reminds me of my aunt and uncle. They started dating while he was still married to his first wife. He proposed before he was officially divorced. They even went through with a wedding ceremony before the divorce was officially finalized. Several months later, they then officially married when his divorce was finalized. Life…is definitely akin to fiction, ne? And this is just another reason to add to my disbelief in the institution of marriage. Kudos to the people with the faith and trust and determination to make it last.

So what does Psycho Wife do? She seeks out Moon Do and tells him that Mi So is dating her husband. Enter Kyung Soo and Mi So at this exact moment.

Too tired to tackle episode 65 tonight. But…it looks like our couple will be going through some familial persecution. Not surprising one bit.


  • When will he find out about his brother? That is the only way Kyung Soo will develop a backbone. Mi So? I really get tired of her making excuses for people who try to kill her. First Min Jae; correction, first Na Young and now crazy ass Hae Ryung?!! I also question my sanity as to why I’m still watching it but again, it’s like the freight train on the railway track, you just can’t get off if you want to go forward.

  • I despise Mi So’s Dad. He cared nothing about his daughter when it came to the loan sharks, now he is regretting bringing her home from the orphanage? Disgusting man!

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