30 Day Anime Challenge Day 10

Not 100% certain about the meaning of this question…

Day 10: Favorite fighter anime?

What qualifies as a “fighter” anime? I don’t know. People give examples of like Bleach and Dragon Ball Z (which I have caught a few episodes of but not enough to say it’s that one). So…my initial guess was something like Angelic Layer or Naruto. I haven’t watched either 😛 Escaflowne has lots of fight scenes, but that fits more under mecha I think. So…yeah. Can Inu Yasha count? Or the totally awesome Ronin Warriors? Yeah, I’ll go with Ronin Warriors.

The premise of the series is 5 young men bearing special weapons and armors band together in order to defeat the evil emperor Tulpa who is trying to take over Earth. They fight a lot. They are warriors, you know. 😛

Wanna share your thoughts?

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