30 Day Manga Challenge Day 23

I just don’t know.

Day 23: The best manga villain?

See, the problem is I don’t read manga where you have a “villain” in the strictest sense let alone someone you can call great. Psycho exes, people with grudges, etc., but no real villains. Thus…I can’t really answer this question. Hmmm. I haven’t read far enough in Bleach to talk about how amazing Aizen is as a villain. I haven’t gotten far enough in Kuroshitsuji to see the awesomeness that apparently is Undertaker as a villain. I dropped Escaflowne as I preferred the anime to the manga, so I don’t even know who the real villain is. InĀ Magic Knight Rayearth I don’t recall a true villain even though there was bad guys and I don’t think any of the baddies in Sailor Moon can ever be considered the best.

Actually…I would possibly say Darcia from Wolf’s Rain, but that’s an original anime in which a manga series was created from and it wasn’t that he was the best, he was just…all angsty and awesome. I blame my friend Logan’s love for Darcia. I was infected by it.

Or…let’s go with creepy, psychotic, possessive older brother Aoyagi Seimei from Loveless by Yun Kouga. Sure, haven’t finished the manga…but Seimei…deliciously evil and very complicated. He appears to be the epitome of perfection with a very, very dark streak.

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