30 Day Manga Challenge Day 22

This answer and reasoning will probably sound weird, but here goes.

Day 22: A manga you wish didn’t exist?

Model covers

No, I will not be going off a manga I hate but rather a manga I enjoyed but confused the heck out of me. I really wish that Model by Lee So Young did not exist. Then I would never have read it and reread and reread it again to try to figure out what the heck happened. I own the entire 7 books. I love the entire 7 books. I do NOT love the ending that makes no sense and parts of the plot that could have used some better explanation. Thus…when we end the series, I have no idea what happened nor what I am supposed to think happened to get to our happy ending. Sooo confusing.

It’s a vampire story. A young Korean woman studies art in England. She ends up making a deal with a vampire to paint his portrait in the exchange that he drinks her blood every now and then. Enter in a young man who thinks he’s the vampire’s son, a mysterious model turned housekeeper, a ghost, and an angel who is linked to Michael’s and Eva’s pasts and throws everything into chaos. It’s good. It really is. But again, the ending that makes no sense makes me wish it didn’t exist. 😛 Go figure.

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