30 Day Anime Challenge Day 8

I hate epic questions apparently.

Day 08: Most epic scene ever?

Well, let’s see. There’s the fight scene where Serena battles it out with Queen Beryl. I think that was an epic fight. It was epically drawn out. Each different challenge was from the Nega Moon to the Nega Verse to the … Allen and Anne with the tree episodes. And let’s not forget all the things that happen when the English version stopped and the Japanese continued. Like how Serena almost kubutzed the world. Wolf’s Rain…epic…the ending was wicked in a way. I loved the villain in that anime.

Escaflowne had that one scene where it took Hitomi forever to get Van out of Escaflowne as he and his guy mellif (I know I just slaughtered that spelling) were basically becoming one and he was physically becoming a part of his giant armor robot thingy. There was also the final battle against Tulpa in Ronin Warriors. When my favorite baddies became goodies and tried to bit the hand that fed them while our good guys did their best to stop the evil giant head once and for all.

Or…how about the final battle scene of Magic Knight Rayearth when we learn the truth about what makes that world tick and what the girls need to do to save it?

Yeah…really…I have nothing in mind that screams epic at me.

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