Crazy Love Episode 62 Recap

Face palms, sighs, amazement over idiocy and pride in a matter that one should not be prideful in at all. Aigoo. This drama. It started good, it really did. Then it went down the crapper.

So, Mi So leaves Hae Ryung to take the call and Kyung Soo gets Mi So to tell him where she is because he’s frightened of her being left alone with his wife. The annoyed Hae Ryung leaves as Kyung Soo arrives. He finds Mi So sitting alone and she talks about how she just wants to tell Hae Ryung the truth because she hates lying to her. Besides, the girl will find out eventually. Why not now?

Can you hear yourself? I’m sorry, yes, let’s tell your lover’s wife that you’re having an affair with him because you feel guilty that she isn’t aware of the truth and she’ll have to know about it some day. Um…if you have these thought’s you’re a complete moron. These thoughts do not really mean go tell the wife, but get the heck out of the relationship until he’s free. Don’t date. Don’t kiss. Don’t get any nooky. Steer clear until the man is officially divorced. No guilt. Not really. But no. She has to keep with him because heaven forbid they wait to start their relationship when they are both available.

Kyung Soo does get Mi So to promise she will abide by Yoo Jung’s urges and not tell Hae Ryung. Yeah. Kyung Soo knows Psycho Wife is crazy. He doesn’t know quite how much, but even with her saying she’ll agree to the divorce, it doesn’t mean she won’t pull the antics that she’s pulled on every platonic woman in his life. Anywho, Yoo Jung goes home and tells her husband to let the two kids divorce. Tae San is shocked to hear from his wife that Hae Ryung has agreed to divorce Kyung Soo and he’s very unhappy to hear that she’s still seeing little Jimmy. So Tae San says he will meet with Kyung Soo to give him the go ahead to start the process. Yoo Jung once again asks about the reason Hae Ryung quit therapy and her husband explodes. Now that’s not suspicious at all. Eyeroll.

Kyung Soo walks Mi So home and she asks about his conversation with her oppa. Kyung Soo says Baek was just worried and asked after Kyung Soo’s plans. Kyung Soo says he replied by shamelessly saying that he will protect his woman. Right. Not possible. Mi So then spots her father and pulls Kyung Soo out of his line of vision. After Moon Do safely passes by, Kyung Soo grabs Mi So from behind. Looks like seeing Moon Do frightened him. Really? You’re that afraid of your lover’s father? Sigh…this relationship…what does it have going for it beyond their love for one another? It gets no one’s approval and Mi So’s entire family is against Kyung Soo. Moon Do doesn’t like him because of the factory incident and even though Chan Ki warmed up to Kyung Soo, there is no way he’ll accept his noona with a married man. Rightly so.

I’m all for defying family at times for love. But…this love…not really seeing the point of isolating yourself from everyone. Isn’t that a more unhealthy love? Didn’t these two have enough of such relationships?

Anywho, at work Yoon arrives to state that Yoo Jung as swapped Mi So out with Na Young for a conference that Mi So spent a month preparing. Yoon leaves and Na Young cockily talks about how Mi So deeply betrayed Yoo Jung. In front of Oh and Kang. Right. Yeah. She’s already breaking her promise to Yoo Jung by insinuating things in front of others. This is a secret that can’t last. One, Na Young is NOT one to be trusted to keep her yap shut and two, Mi So and Kyung Soo see each other frequently in the office still. Idiots. Apparently they missed the lesson that discretion is the better part of valor. That’s…the right phrase, right?

Oh and Kang leave and Na Young tells Mi So to hurry and quit since Yoo Jung is only hesitating on firing the girl because of the stupid broth idea. Jong Hee angrily says that whether Mi So quits or walks out on her own has nothing to do with the wench so Na Young just needs to butt out. Seriously. This is getting ridiculous. Na Young then gives the two girls some busy work that makes Jong Hee livid. They need to send out promotional letters to all thousand something VIPS of CK. Mi So notices that Jong Hee is unwell (after Jong Hee tries to get her to quit CK with her, but Mi So explains she can’t out of respect for Yoo Jung) but Jong Hee shakes this off and goes about her task as cheery as she can be. Jong Hee definitely strong compared to her best friend.

Min Jae shows his idiocy to his mother yet again by saying he is definitely sure there is something between Yoo Jung and Na Young since she appointed Na Young to attend the conference over Mi So. Myung Ja cannot believe this. She already knew that, she wants to know just what the info is. Min Jae grumpily says he will never learn the reason since Na Young doesn’t even speak to him any more. Myung Ja isn’t happy to hear this. We also get to see Kyung Soo try to hedge around the reason his wife went to see Mi So. WHY is he buying his wife’s lies? I’ll let you in on a little secret, desperately wishing for something to be true because you want it to be…doesn’t make it true. Hae Ryung will never be a sane, rational, forgiving person you nitwit.

Kyung Soo meets with Tae San who urges him to process the divorce right away. Kyung Soo agrees to this and hands over documents giving back all that Tae San ever gave him and his family. Wow. Tae San says he hates it when Kyung Soo takes forever to make a decision, but he likes that once he does, he moves fast. Tae San then makes Kyung Soo promise never to reveal his evil deeds or else. Kyung Soo reluctantly agrees if it buys him his freedom.

Baek enters as Kyung Soo is leaving and Tae San tells him everything. So…is he really letting Kyung Soo go? Tae San laughs. Kyung Soo isn’t aware how hard it is to go back to having nothing, plus he has no idea he’s just another fish caught up in Tae San’s net. Tae San never let’s go of his fishies. Oh, and it’s a lot easy to kill Kyung Soo to keep him quiet if he’s no longer Tae San’s son-in-law, right? Yeah, you know what’s going through Baek’s mind right now. He wants his darling Mi So far away from Kyung Soo even if the lawyer manages to get divorced. Yeah, she’d be collateral damage in a war with Tae San.

Chan Ki rushes home because Mi So called him to tell him Jong Hee is unwell, but upon arrival he finds her drinking! Jong Hee tells him she knows why she’s ill and her only cure is alcohol. Chan Ki drinks with her (he’s only allowed one glass due to his kidney problems) and complains about alcohol’s bitter taste (true, I can’t stand many alcoholic beverages since I hate the taste of alcohol—especially beer and rum. Jong Hee says it’s sweet tasting when you’re unhappy. Chan Ki mistakenly thinks that Jong Hee is upset over unrequited love for Baek. Wrong-o.

Jong Hee gets drunk and Chan Ki carries her to her room. She makes him promise he will never do “that” (getting involved with a person he shouldn’t be). Chan Ki, happy to have her faith in him, kisses her. Jong Hee is shocked and then grabs him and the two have a very awkward make out session. Chan Ki looked so shocked and unsure when Jong Hee started being the aggressive attacker. Funny. I can stomach them over the other couples right now, even if their characters get annoying.

Kyung Soo calls up Mi So so they can go home together because he’s frightened now if he doesn’t see her home safely. Mi So goes to meet him and Hae Ryung (who has been hanging around the office since she met with Kyung Soo who grilled her about meeting Mi So—she lied and said it was to apologize for overreacting about Mi So going shopping with her mom) quickly rushes into the elevator. She hits the emergency stop button and grills Mi So about dating Kyung Soo. Mi So quickly says she is and apologizes for hurting Hae Ryung, but she loves Kyung Soo and won’t let him go.

Hae Ryung’s anger goes through the roof. She objectifies Kyung Soo like a possession and this makes Mi So angry. Kyung Soo is a person, not a thing. Our resident idiot then tells our resident Psycho that Hae Ryung can do whatever she wants to assuage her anger. Hae Ryung’s response? I’ll kill you since you took what is mine. While being strangled, Mi So insists she loves Kyung Soo and won’t let him go. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. I mean, good for you knowing that you love him and won’t let him go…but…do you really need to say that to the possessive Psycho Wife?

Kyung Soo goes running to find Mi So when she’s late and doesn’t answer the phone. He finds Hae Ryung rushing out of the elevator and sees Mi So sitting on the floor. Mi So tells him to run after the upset Hae Ryung who calls up Jimmy to do something for her. Of course Kyung Soo doesn’t listen. He goes out and gets her medicine for her strangle wounds…how does that work? Mi So doesn’t accept this and tells him how brave and strong she was. Again, not brave, not strong. That’s more like shameless, stupid, and brazen. Kyung Soo hugs her and tells her what a great job she did and she then cries and says she was afraid of Hae Ryung. Like with Yoo Jung, Mi So feels better now that Hae Ryung knows.

We then cut to the next day. Mi So plans to meet Kyung Soo after work for a date. Jimmy shows up with an injured hand and asks Mi So to help him load a statuette into his car. Mi So being the idiot she is, does so. I’m pretty sure that whole building belongs to CK…so why would some random guy be taking a statuette from the building? As Mi So goes to put it in the car, Jimmy grabs her and chloroforms her. It’s at this moment that Baek arrives and sees Jimmy shoving someone into a white car (Hae Ryung’s?). He’s immediately alarmed, but he gets out of his car to watch Jimmy speed off. WAE?

End episode. WHY did Baek get out of his car instead of immediately tailing Jimmy. Even with a hat on, it was easy for Baek to see it was Hae Ryung’s boy toy. So why get out of the car especially when you see a woman’s legs sticking out of the backseat and how Jimmy was acting? And let’s not forget that shattered statue head.

One comment

  • Talk about wanting to choke a bitch!! I don’t know who I want to choke more: Mi So or Hae Ryung! I don’t think we will see a backbone grow at all in the drama! Sometimes I question my sanity as to why I am still watching but then thankfully I watch Ugly Alert to remind me everyone isn’t seriously STUPID!!

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