30 Day Manga Challenge Day 21

I think I used this manga for another answer 😦

Day 21 – A manga that deserves more recognition?

Imadoki coverI’m curious. Are we talking about in Japan or in the US? I think Cat Street by Yoko Kamio is a great manga that could use some mainstream US love. I also think that Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion could use more recognition. Sure…there is the anime. It’s available in the US. It’s not based on the book series at all, though. I’m not quite sure how popular the manga is, but it’s a favorite of mine. It really is. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s only 5 volumes. Quite short. Yes, the ending is very open and leaves you wanting more…but I do like the story. Some things could have been explained a wee bit better, but yeah, great manga.

What else…I think Ouran, HanDan, ParaKiss, Fushigi Yuugi, etc. are pretty popular…right?

What is a manga series that I haven’t talked about yet? Oh, heck, I’ll make my final answer Imadoki by Yuu Watase. It’s a short little gem. It’s available in English. I really have no idea how popular it really is. So…I’m basing it not on deserving more recognition, but the fact that I love it and hope people take the time to give it a gander. It’s nice how this group of totally different kids end up joining together to form a gardening type club. High school angst, first love, a girl trying to be with someone else other than the boy she loves, etc. But still good.

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