Crazy Love Episode 61 Recap

Mi So…is somewhat allowed to be ignorant about Oh Tae San and Hae Ryung and just what they will do. Sure, she knows Hae Ryung is basically off of her rocker, but she’s never really experienced the younger woman’s true psychotic nature and she doesn’t know Oh Tae San first hand. But Kyung Soo…how is he so blind? Yoo Jung and Jae Hyuk have told him time and again, but he just doesn’t get it. Babo. Major babo. You’re going to protect your woman? Great. Let me know how that goes with a father-in-law who would rather kill you then keep you.

We open with Yoo Jung slapping Mi So hard across the face for being the “other” woman seeing her son-in-law. This gives Han Na Young great satisfaction. Yoo Jung isn’t stupid, she knows that Na Young is an evil plotter, but since Mi So confirmed she was dating Kyung Soo…she just can’t deny it. We all know Na Young will use this knowledge to her advantage. Mi So leaves the office in tears and Na Young rubs it in her face that Yoo Jung will probably never forgive her.

Hae Ryung is livid to learn that the two-faced Mi So is the other woman. She goes to CK to investigate Kyung Soo’s office and finds the love letter and tie. She goes to throw them out, but says that Kyung Soo should be able to keep a memento of his love since soon it will only be a memory. Uh-oh. Psycho is gearing up to go completely mental. She goes to leave and runs into her husband. She says she stopped by to see him, but realized she had an appointment. She does try to get her husband to ‘fess up about the other woman, but Kyung Soo remains mum.

Oh reports to Jong Hee that she saw Mi So coming out of Yoo Jung’s office crying. Jong Hee immediately rushes to her friend who confirms that Yoo Jung knows the truth now. Jong Hee scolds Mi So for being so truthful and takes the distraught woman home. Fancy Mi So saying she can handle anything as long as she gets to be with Kyung Soo, but she’s hurting and very upset that Yoo Jung will never be able to forgive her this transgression. Idiot. What did she think would happen? That Yoo Jung would welcome her with open arms after learning that Mi So is seeing Hae Ryung’s husband. Tsk, tsk. Kyung Soo then gets a text from Mi So cancelling their Han River date as “something came up at home.” Oh, and Jong Hee is livid to learn that it was Na Young who spilled the beans.

Mi So is depressed and listless and Jong Hee sends her to their room. Enter Moon Do in his brand new shirt bought with Yoo Jung’s gift certificate. He’s planning on wearing it to his friend’s daughter’s wedding. He wishes to go to thank Yoo Jung in person for taking such good care of his girls. This alarms Yoo Jung and she says a visit isn’t necessary, but Yoo Jung is too busy to see him. Fine. He will thank her with a small gift that Jong Hee and Mi So can take to her later. I think Chan Ki picks up on something, but I could be wrong because he never confronts Jong Hee about her strange behavior. Yoo Jung and Mi So stare forlornly at their matching bracelets.

Anywho, Kyung Soo calls Mi So’s phone which she left in the kitchen. Jong Hee answers it and Kyung Soo immediately demands to know what happened at home. Jong Hee then tells him everything that went on at the office and how Mi So is suffering. Needless to say Kyung Soo is unhappy that his mother-in-law found out and that Mi So is hurting over the loss of her mother figure. Use your head. You should know what would happen in such a situation. Nobody uses their brain except to plot useless revenge schemes for no good reason in this drama.

Both Kyung Soo then enters and tells Yoo Jung about how much Mi So wished to be upfront with her. Yoo Jung responds by asking him to never mention Mi So to her again and to tell him that she understands how much pain Mi So must be in right now. The problem lies with the fact that as much as Yoo Jung loves Mi So…she is Hae Ryung’s mother first and foremost. Yoo Jung then warns her son-in-law to keep his mouth shut and keep both Tae San and Hae Ryung from learning Mi So’s identity or else.

Yoo Jung goes home to see Hae Ryung and Tae San happily playing Jenga to relieve stress. Hae Ryung follows Yoo Jung into the bedroom and says it is really on a distraction to keep Tae San from finding out that Kyung Soo has a woman on the side. She cannot have her father ruin her game before it gets started. Yoo Jung is horrified. She urges Hae Ryung to just end things all ready and divorce Kyung Soo. Hae Ryung won’t. It’s not about love, she has to teach him what it means to betray her. Oy. I will point out that while Kyung Soo has always been cold and distant, he was pretty much faithful to her for the most part. She started carrying on with Jimmy before he ever really did too much with Mi So and we both know that at least he and Mi So haven’t slept together yet. Can’t say that about Hae Ryung and her boy toy. I love how she, like Min Jae, can overlook her own shortcomings and infidelity (sarcasm, obviously).

The next day Na Young blackmails Yoo Jung. What are her demands? Get rid of Yoon Mi So and green light all of Na Young’s product developments or else Na Young spills the beans about Kyung Soo’s identity and the affair. Yoo Jung agrees to this, but refuses to fire Mi So because Queen’s wishes to have her around for the merger to be a success. Na Young concedes to this as long as Mi So gets gone in the long run. Yoo Jung warns her about loose lips and what will happen if she blabs. I have this feeling that Na Young might not get to keep the secret, but we’ll see.

Mi So then arrives and apologizes knowing that nothing she can say will make Yoo Jung forgive her. Yoo Jung repeats what she warned Kyung Soo about and tells Mi So that she cannot take her work lightly and quit. She must stick things through to the very bitter end. Of course Mi So isn’t happy. In this situation, there is no good ending for her at all. Even if Yoo Jung could find it in her heart to forgive the woman.

Baek arrives to meet with Kyung Soo and runs into Jong Hee who reveals what happened. Baek is immediately on alert. If Hae Ryung and Tae San find out like Yoo Jung did…all hell will break loose and Hae Ryung is already in danger of knowing (he doesn’t know that Jimmy had a picture on his phone saved). He goes off in search of the lawyer who has gone off to find Mi So. He talks to her about what happened and says that he’s sorry for the situation, but he will spend the rest of his life being good to her so stay strong. Sometimes…you have to wonder is love worth this much pain and hassle? I am a firm believer that while love can be powerful, it doesn’t conquer all and is not always enough in a relationship.

Enter big brother Jae Hyuk. He sends Mi So away. She doesn’t wish to leave, but Kyung Soo assures her it’s okay. Mi So leaves and Baek once more tells Kyung Soo to end things now. Kyung Soo gets Baek’s worry, or so he says. Jae Hyuk says that while Mi So may be a diversion from Kyung Soo’s boring (not the right word) wife, she is his own precious sister, thus he can’t stand by and let her go through hell. Kyung Soo says that he will protect “his woman” from whatever is coming and Baek yells out that Hae Ryung had him followed and Mi So’s identity has almost been revealed. Jae Hyuk says that while Hae Ryung is bad, Tae San is infinitely worse and won’t let either Kyung Soo or Mi So go. Kyung Soo is still stupid enough to believe that he can extricate himself from both his wife and father-in-law with no problem. Idiot.

Baek then seeks out Mi So. She asks him why he didn’t tell her about knowing. And then says she understands he must be disappointed, but she would like for his blessing basically…or something along those lines. Actually…just moral support. But, like Jong Hee, Baek can’t give it to her. He tells her that since she’s his precious little sister, he can’t have her walk into the fire he knows is there. He apologizes for this and walks off. Awww. You know…Park Sun Young has a rather bad habit of putting on a slightly pouty teenager expression when the people she wants to be on her side, aren’t. Or is it just me?

Na Young meets with Myung Ja who demands to know what she did to get Yoo Jung to go ahead with the organic dessert. Na Young refuses to tell and when Myung Ja raises her voice, she gets upset and basically threatens the woman. Myung Ja replies she is naturally loud. LOL. Na Young also confirms that she just may not be on Myung Ja’s and Min Jae’s side. It’s all dependent on Myung Ja’s actions. Na Young gets up to leave and Min Jae rushes in. Na Young coldly ignores him and he happily tells his mother about Yoo Jung letting their product launch. Myung Ja complains about the idiocy of Min Jae and tells him to find out what dirt Na Young has on Yoo Jung.

Hae Ryung takes an icepick and murders innocent ice daydreaming about how to kill Mi So. Should she drown her in a bathtub? Psycho Wife then looks at the icepick in her hand. Nope, she’s got a better idea. She texts Mi So asking to meet and Mi So being Mi So (an idiot) she goes to meet her apologizing to Kyung Soo for postponing their date again. Kyung Soo calls her up just as Hae Ryung asks Mi So what she thinks of Kyung Soo. She urges Mi So to take the call and we end with Kyung Soo demanding to know where Mi So is as Psycho unwraps her icepick. Is she stupid enough to try to kill Mi So in public?

Looks like Mi So has tons of near death experiences in the next episode. Let’s count how many times she nearly dies in one episode, shall we?


  • Both Mi So and Kyung Soo are babo! I swear!!!!!

  • I think MiSo feels always deeply guilty for having lost her child . That’s why she offers herself as a victim .Kyung Soo also feels guilty for not having followed his brother’s advice and having done so many bad things for Oh TaeSan . That’s why he doesn’t do anything either .
    We mustn’t forget either the title : Crazy Love . MiSo would have dies from the pain of losing her child , had it not been for Kyung Soo .
    Thanks for your recap , always alert .

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