30 Day Manga Challenge Day 20

Awww, I technically already answered this when I answered the questions about the manga I quit reading.

Day 20: A manga you started out enjoying but ended up not liking as much?

First and foremost will always be Vampire Knight. That being said, there are a good deal of manga that I start out liking, but end up not liking as much. Why? Ongoing series with lots of chapters tend to get horrendously repetitious and there just comes a point when you are completely frustrated by redundancy and all the hell the mangaka puts the main characters through. It’s the same with daily dramas (and dramas in general, too).

Koukou Debut

An example would by Koukou Debut/High School Debut by by Kawahara Kazune. Oh sure, I loved it right to the point where our clueless tomboy ends up with her awesome coach who’s training her to become more feminine. I love the story, I really do. But then…it doesn’t end and keeps going to a point where I think it should have stopped. I still like it, but my love for it has dimmed. Hmm. I can probably rattle of dozens of manga with the same problem. Even the Red River got to be boring and less loveable as the plot became very redundant with everything that could possibly get in the way of the leading couple’s relationship getting in the way. A good story, still, but I don’t have as much love for it.

This is why I don’t like long series. But then again, it’s hard to find that series that is just the right length that doesn’t drag or get too redundant and has a satisfactory ending. It’s…kind of like Dickens. How so? Dickens had a basic idea of how his books would go, but due to popularity of the serialized chapters, books morphed and grew much longer based on how readers reacted and the story’s popularity. I think it’s the same with manga. There’s an idea. If the manga becomes a hit, it can stretch on past the point it should and then it might find a less than satisfactory end when the ardor has faded.


  • I sort of agree, in that High School Debut did tend to keep going longer than you expect it to. But I found I didn’t mind that because I was still enjoying it. I think I said once that Yoh is my favourite manga character. I think it’s because of him that HSB is one of my favourite manga. But when I’m choosing a manga to read, I will usually try to pick a shorter one, for exactly the reasons you said. It’s why dramas are always better at 16 episodes rather than 24. There are only so many storylines to retread.

    • Yeah, it wasn’t horrible and I really enjoyed Yoh. He was refreshing for some reason. It just…seemed to lose a little steam when she decides to play cupid herself for her friend. But…I should probably give it another go.

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