30 Day Anime Challenge Day 6

So many characters to choose from.

Day 06: The most annoying anime character?

DilandauAs much as I love Sailor Moon, I have to say Serena/Usagi. The character is seriously annoying. I think the various English voice actresses and how crappy they could be didn’t help. A grating voice on top of an annoying idiotic character? D’oh.

And due to me hating the English voice actor when I watched Fruit’s Basket, I have to say Ayame. His character wasn’t too annoying, but his voice drove me up the wall!!!!!!! Thus I can only watch Fruit’s Basket in Japanese. Why no good voice actors like in the awesome Wolf’s Rain?

And…what’s his name…Dilandau from Escaflowne. This boy was seriously crazy and psychotic and so annoying. It’s really crazy when you learn why Dilandau is as messed up as he is. I am sure there are many more, but these are the three I can think of.

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