Kazoku Game Episode 6 Recap

Whoops. With a daily drama that’s ongoing and doing all the normal summer work…yeah, it’s hard to keep on top of other dramas. My apologies. I will hopefully be getting the rest of the series done in a more timely manner now.

This episode opens with Shigeyuki narrating. He talks about when he was born and how he developed an inferiority complex thanks to his “perfect” older brother. Meanwhile, his father scolds him for being stupid while his mother ignores him because she is depressed. He had a hard time making friends and because of the poop incident, he became a recluse. Then Koya came into his life. A lot of things have happened since then. Is Koya just using him for his own amusement? We cut to Shige getting beaten up and then his friend Sonoda comes in and actually stands up for him. Of course…both boys end up getting beaten up together, but still. They have a good bond now. Here’s hoping this friendship lasts for Shige.

Kazoku Game ep06 (848x480 x264).0005

Meanwhile Shinichi is opposing being put under Koya’s tutelage. The more his father insists and the more Shinichi protests, the more pictures Koya keeps showing behind Kazu’s back. This finally gets Shinichi to break down and agree to being tutored. Guess he isn’t ready for his bad nature to be brought to light to his family. After this has been agreed upon, Koya then asks if he could live with them for summer vacation to help the boys along. Kazu and Shinichi are against this, but Kayoko quickly agrees as she knows Shinichi is doing some shameful things. Enter the movers with Koya’s things, surprising the entire Numata family. He is nothing if not fast in his plans.

Kazu goes downstairs for dinner and complains to Kayoko that Koya is more like a freeloader than anything else. Kazu asks if he can help with dinner. He wishes to add grated apples to the curry and Kayoko flips out and tells her husband not to touch things in her space. Koya then comes out and dinner is served. Niether Kazu nor Shinichi are happy with Koya’s presence at all.

From the moment Shinichi wakes up Koya follows him taking pictures everywhere. Shinichi asks where he stores all of the pictures and Koya replies in his heart. At school, Shinichi’s girlfriend approaches and tells him Takatsu is coming. So…he didn’t die at least. Shinichi then recalls telling the other boy to die. Feeling guilty yet? Shinichi approaches Takatsu and asks if it’s his fault that his friend tried to kill himself. This surprises Takatsu, but he does agree it is. Shinichi turns and walks away.

Shinichi tries to sneak out of the school when he gets a text from Maki asking to meet up. He then gets a shock when Koya asks if they are still meeting. The tutor thinks the two fit together as they are both self-centered. When Shinichi gives him some attitude, Koya says it would be good if Takatsu had some of Shinichi’s attitude. Koya then asks how Shinichi drove the boy to suicide. Shinichi insists he didn’t do anything and Koya says that you can drive someone to it without dirtying your own hands. Shinichi says he just told the boy to die. No one would think anybody would hang themselves because of that. He then turns and walks away. Koya quickly follows after him. Did Shinichi not consider Takatsu’s feelings? How would Shinichi know the feelings of someone who wishes to die? A valid point. Koya then snaps and grabs Shinichi, forcing back against a wall, arm pressing into his neck. Koya says that Takatsu surely felt more pain in his heart than what Shinichi is feeling now:

“Have you ever thought about how much your callous words hurt him? Have you ever considered that he relied on you as his last hope before hanging himself? Did you think about his despair when tying that rope to the pipe in the clubroom”

Koya finally lets the boy go and Shinichi collapses to the ground as Koya yells at him to try to think about how Takatsu felt. Shinichi snaps back asking the tutor to try to understand how he feels right now. How is Shinichi supposed to concentrate on his studies with someone following his every move? He asks Koya to stop caring about him. Koya folds his arms over his chest and says he understands with a dark face. He then walks off. Surprising.

At work, Katsuno is encouraging Kazu to switch to Asami since Kayoko is getting out of hand. They stop by and ask to see her and lo and behold, it turns out Asami Maika is NOT who they think she is. I guess that’s right. Kazu didn’t know about her duplicity yet. Meanwhile, Shinichi is meeting with Maki (the fake Asami Maika) and telling her about how Yoshimoto Koya moved into his house now. This surprises her. Shinichi then reveals Koya is his tutor now. What will he do now? Shinichi says he will force Koya out. They just need to find who else Koya must have driven to suicide like Maki’s family.

The two go to the hospital where the supposedly real Yoshimoto Koya lies comatose. Shinichi and Maki enter and Maki seems to be affected by the man in the bed. She does eventually come in and Shinichi begins questioning the man’s mother. The woman apologizes and says that she cannot say anything even if she wants to. Shinichi begs for her to tell them what really happened as he’s afraid his family will end up like hers and Maki’s. The woman says this is the last time Shinichi is to come to the hospital. She then takes out a picture showing her son with his uncle who was the vice principal at the junior high school where the real Yoshimoto taught. So…would this man know more about Koya? Maki and Shinichi then spot Koya in the background of the picture and learn that Koya was also a teacher at that school.

Shinichi arrives home to find his family having a barbecue outside at Koya’s request. He is not happy to see how Koya easily manipulates his mother by treating her better than her family ever has. Shocker. Later, Shinichi tries to study, but he can hear Shige’s and Koya’s friendly banter. Apparently Koya is insisting that some Mano likes Shige, but refuses to say how he knows until the younger boy passes the elite high school exam.

We then cut to Koya silently reading while Shinichi works hard at studying. The boy finally turns to look at his tutor before handing over his work book saying he’s done. Koya disinterestedly takes the book and starts looking it over. Shinichi then questions why Koya is so different with Shige. Koya grins. Wasn’t Shinichi the one who said not to care about him and now he wants Koya to care? LOL. Shinichi glares before turning back around.

The next day Shinichi goes downstairs to see Koya, Shige, and Kayoko happily playing Jenga. He says nothing and just heads out the door. He meets Maki to find the vice principal as he is certain his family will fall apart soon with Koya’s presence. The vice principal only has praise for the real Yoshimoto Koya who would have made a great teacher if not for the accident. Shinichi then points out the fake Koya and asks about that teacher. We learn his name is really Tago Yuudai. He was not a bad teacher, but he did not get along with the real Koya or any of the other teachers for that matter. The older man that takes out a paper and shows the two. Shinichi then asks what happened to Yoshimoto. The man says he fell down the stairs and hit his head many times, but even though the incident was suspicious, the police ruled that it was an accident. Shinichi asks if it was Tago who pushed Yoshimoto. The man can’t answer the questions, but Tago was the first to find Yoshimoto.

The two leave and Shinichi and Maki both believe that Tago must have pushed Yoshimoto. Maki says they have no proof of this. Shinichi knows this and says they must ask around about the incident and learn more from the other teachers. Maki offers to do this herself so that Koya will not be suspicious or find out what Shinichi is up to. She wishes to be his support this time. Looks like the two could be developing a good relationship of some sort. This really seems to please Shinichi.

"I want to be your strength this time."

That night at dinner Kazu proposes going on a family trip since the kids are on vacation for the summer. He even invites Koya, but says the tutor will have to pay his own way. Kayoko asks where they will get the money and Kazu talks about cashing in their fixed deposit (which Kayoko cashed in to buy stocks that kind of tanked). Kazu then asks where they want to go—even overseas is fine. Koya jokes that if they do that, then Kazu will have to pay his travel expenses for him. Kazu insists that isn’t necessary since Koya earns money as a teacher. Enter Shinichi. He looks very displeased at the sight and rushes up to his room without saying anything.

Once there the angry young boy takes out his box cutter and begins stabbing and shredding his pillow. Koya comes in and stops him. Shinichi vows to protect his family and Koya laughs and tells the boy to be serious. Shinichi doesn’t wish to protect his family, but his halfhearted and convenient environment. Koya tells him to stop trying to act cool and wonders how many more days until no one knows Shinichi’s whereabouts. Threat? Or something else? Koya then leaves the angry boy alone.

The next day Kayoko is looking at her dwindling stock when Koya comes down asking after Shinichi. He sees what she’s looking at and Kayoko quickly tries to hide it. Koya doesn’t remember recommending that stock to her and tells her immediately to sell it. Kayoko doesn’t want to, but Koya is very insistent so she reluctantly does. She lost roughly 950,000 yen. Ouch. Kayoko then asks what she should do. Koya walks away and goes into his bag and pulls out an envelope. It contains roughly one million yen and he gives it to Kayoko to cover her loss. She is reluctant to take it, but Koya insists since it is partially his fault. He then asks when she will face her husband and children at long last.

Shige and Sonoda are out playing and I have to say it’s kind of cute to see how Shige is kind of impersonating Koya’s speech and actions. Enter two other boys asking Sonoda and Shige to come hang with them since Yamao has been too bothersome. The boys cautiously agree and start playing together. One boy even apologizes to Shige for all he’s done under Yamao. Well…it looks like the boys are honestly changing and Shige’s life is genuinely improving. So is Koya really “evil”? That remains to be seen.

Kazoku Game ep06 (848x480 x264).0054

Maki meets up with Shinichi and says she found a motive for Tago to kill Yoshimoto. This immediately catches Shinichi’s attention. Maki then pulls out a recording and says if Shinichi shows that to his parents then he can definitely have Koya fired. The only problem is that Koya still has evidence against Shinichi. The boy isn’t worried about that and asks after the motive. Maki takes out the picture of the boy we’ve seen haunting Koya’s memories and learn that Sanada Souta committed suicide due to bullying. This really catches Shinichi’s attention. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Kazoku Game ep06 (848x480 x264).0055

Kazu and Koya have their sauna time and Kazu reveals that it turns out he was deceived by Asami. He wonders just who the woman is and why she approached him. Koya asks if he’s bothered by it. Kazu says he is and that the family trip is to help get over Asami. Koya then asks if Kazu wishes for him to find the woman. Does Koya know where she is? Koya says he has an idea and he will help if Kazu wishes to find her and end things once and for all for the good of the family. Kazu lies and says that is definitely what he wishes.

Kazoku Game ep06 (848x480 x264).0058

Shinichi sneaks through Koya’sthings while he’s in the sauna with Kazu trying to find the evidence Koya has against him. He does find the bloodstained keychain that Koya always carries. Shinichi puts this back and finds a USB. Koya asks him what he’s doing and tries to open the door. Shinichi holds it shut and asks if that’s where the picture data is stored. The boy then vaults out of the room with Koya rushing after him and Kazu wondering what is going on. Kayoko is shocked to see the half-naked Koya chasing after Shige and trying to get the USB back. Shinichi manages to toss the USB drive into the boiling dinner. Kayoko quickly turns off the burner and asks her husband what is going on. He doesn’t know. Shinichi happily breaks free from Koya’s grasp and says he’s finally free of him and then proceeds to tell his parents that Koya is a murderer. Tense atmosphere.

Shige happily arrives home to find the whole family gathered in the living room looking very serious. Shige is told to sit down and join them and Shinichi calls the family meeting  to order to discuss the dismissal of tutor Yoshimoto Koya…or rather Tago Yuudai. Kazu asks what that means and Shinichi says that is Koya’s real name. Shinichi then takes out the Toudai yearbook and shows off the real Yoshimoto Koya. Shige is asked if he knew about this and Shige says he knew that Yoshimoto was not Koya’s real name.

Shinichi defends Shige saying that alone wasn’t enough evidence, but now the high school student has gathered information and testimonies. He turns to Koya, does the tutor remember vice principal Takayanagi? Koya looks at him and Shinichi continues. 8 years ago, Yoshimoto was an exemplary teacher loved by everyone while Tago was the black sheep who was unsociable and didn’t get along with any one. Shinichi accuses him of pushing Yoshimoto and Koya finally talks. He doesn’t wish to be accused of a crime with no proof. Shinichi grins and reaches into his bag to pull out the picture of Sanada who killed himself after being bullied by Koya.

Shinichi gets up and then puts in a DVD which contains footage about Koya’s former coworkers talking about him. They talk about how dark and unsociable Koya was and how they believed he pushed the real Yoshimoto down the stairs. They then say that it was Koya who bullied Sanada. I wonder… Anywho, supposedly Koya pushed Yoshimoto down the stairs to keep the bullying a secret and then  quickly quit school afterward. Shinichi pauses the video and Kazu says it must be a lie and Kayoko asks if Koya really bullied the child. Koya says nothing and Shinichi answers for him. Yes, he did.

Shinichi says Koya first approached Sanada acting all empathetic when the boy approached him about a domestic violence issue. Apparently Koya did have a talk with Sanada-kun’s father, but that’s where it ended. Sanada pleaded for Koya’s help, but he refused. This sent the boy to Yoshimoto for help and Koya took this as tattling on him. Thus he began bullying Sanada. Koya then became frightened of the vice principal learning of the bullying and pushed Yoshimoto down the stairs. After that, Sanada committed suicide in a mountain hut.

Kazu demands to know if that is really true. Koya says nothing and Kazu angrily demands an answer. Koya shoots back that there is no proof one way or another that proves he’s done any of that. Shinichi counters with that there is no proof against it either. Touché. Shinichi then charges that Koya is using his current name to escape his past. Didn’t Koya tells Shige that he killed someone? Isn’t that person Yoshimoto? Or was he talking about Sanada? Shinichi yells at the tutor to say something.

Koya smiles. Shinichi asks why he’s laughing. Koya smiles again and says the boy came up with an interesting made up story. Shinichi is quick to gloat that it is all true. Koya says he didn’t do it and Shinichi yells that he’s a liar and Koya yells back he didn’t do it. Kazu says they also don’t want to believe Koya did such a thing. This shocks Shinichi. However, Kazu finishes with it is best for Koya to leave since the boys don’t trust him and with such a relationship, nothing good will come of it. Shige is quick to pipe up and assert his trust in Koya. He doesn’t believe Koya killed anyone. Besides, Koya is the only who has been fully on his side. Without Koya, Shige would be a loser who is bullied and probably would have committed suicide like Sanada. It was Koya who saved him.

Shinichi says that reasoning is what makes his little brother a loser. He grabs Shige’s shoulders and asks about Koya’s murdering comment. Shige calls it a lie to scare him. Shinichi says there is no way that is possible and shoves his brother to the floor. Kayoko rushes to her younger son while Shinichi continues insulting Koya. Shinichi doesn’t care if Koya is a bad person or has unconventional methods. Why? Because Shige’s having fun now. He can go to school thanks to Koya. He can make friends thanks to Koya. He can have fun everyday thanks to Koya. This is the first time Shige has ever felt this way and he wants Koya around to teach him more and more. Kayoko hugs her crying son and Koya looks touched by this.

Kayoko then adds her two cents. She wants Koya to stay as he really is the only one who managed to help Shige and she doesn’t want her son to revert to his old habits and ways. Shinichi is horrified. Kazu then asks Koya once more if he really did it or not. Koya asserts he really didn’t. Kazu then accepts this and Shinichi asks why. They can’t blame him without evidence. Koya will continue as Shigeyuki’s tutor. Shinichi cannot believe this. It’s strange, isn’t it? Why doesn’t the Numatas believe in what he, their own son, is saying. The unhappy boy leaves the house and Kayoko goes to follow, but Kazu stops her telling her to leave the boy alone. Koya says it is all his fault. Kazu brushes this off and tells the tutor that he can tell them everything at a later date. Koya agrees to this and sits down. Kazu then whispers to him that he’s counting on him about Asami. Koya smirks.

Maki meets with the depressed Shinichi and asks what happened. Shinichi replies that Koya took his family away. Shinichi tears up and cannot speak. Maki hugs him to her and says that he has her because she believes in him. Dang. That sounds an awful lot like what Koya has said to Shige. Anywho, Shinichi cries his bitter little heart out in her arms.

At the Numata home, Shige asks if Koya really did it. The tutor pulls out multiple USB sticks and starts singing and laughing. That was all planned? Why? Of course…is his ultimate goal reforming both Shinichi and his parents? Will doing such a thing help? And when will we learn the whole story? Anywho, we then cut to see a depressed looking Koya sitting in the darkened Numata living room. Sooo many unanswered questions.

The next day Kayoko’s neighbors ask her how her internet stocks are going and Kayoko announces she quit them ash she’s not cut out for them. Her neighbors then give her hot tips on stocks. No…don’t do it! Meanwhile, Koya meets with Shinichi’s girlfriend and shows her photos of Shinichi shoplifting. Interesting.

End episode.

Really, really a crazy show. This had very high ratings and received numerous awards. You can see why. It’s a very intriguing drama that has you questioning everything.

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