30 Day Manga Challenge Day 19

You may not believe this answer given my love of this series…

Day 19 – A manga that you disliked at first but came to enjoy later on?

Believe it or not the answer to this challenge is Skip Beat! by Yoshiki Nakamura which chronicles the life of Mogami Kyoko as she tries to get revenge on her first love and childhood friend Fuwa Shotaro by entering the show business industry. When I first started reading this manga, I thought it was way over the top and stopped. But then I came back to it and fell completely in love with the plot and the characters. I especially love crazy Kyoko with her grudge spirits and Tsugami Ren with his tragic past. Sho isn’t bad as he’s a character who grows on you, but he disappears quite frequently from the plot and thus isn’t all that much of a rival for our leading man Ren.

I really like seeing how our characters evolve and discover things about themselves. I originally thought this would be a silly and trite manga, but there is much depth here and I would recommend anyone to read this manga. It’s seriously good.

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