Crazy Love Episodes 59-60 Recap

Aigoo. I have to say that at first, I really didn’t mind Kyung Soo and Mi So. Of course, that was at the time when they were more of friends and now they have officially gone on to dating. And…come on…dating in plain site when one is still married at the office where the man’s mother-in-law works no less…how stupid can these two be?

Let’s see. You know you are not in a good relationship when…

  • You have to hide the fact that you are dating
  • No one supports your relationship at all (there are, of course, exceptions with this one because sometimes happy couples are disapproved upon for various reasons)
  • Your relationship make you feel and overwhelming sense of guilt
  • Let’s not forget that one person is currently in a relationship with someone else and to make matters worse it’s not a girlfriend, but a wife
  • Your lover’s wife is a psychopath

Did I leave anything out? I think that Mi So and Kyung Soo do not have reasons to be whiny little children. Ok…Mi So more than Kyung Soo whines. How dare Jong Hee not be on her side? Looking at the situation, no good friend worth their salt would be on your side and should be trying to talk you out of it. That BS of as long as you’re in love or as long as you’re happy is just that—BS. Yes, there are times when you do have to put other people aside and live for yourself and your own happiness. That being said…completely ignoring how others are feeling and selfishly pursuing something like this is not good.

I don’t care that it was hard for Mi So and Kyung Soo to make this decision. Truthfully, they should NOT have made this decision. They could have waited until Kyung Soo somehow managed to extricate himself. They could have tried to hold their feelings in check until it was better timing. But no. The fools rush in headlong into the fire. They are not very stealthy and it’s a wonder no one has found out until now.

So…how to approach this…I kind of don’t want to do a full recap of both episodes…sigh.

So Hae Ryung confronts Kyung Soo and when he doesn’t do his normal annoyed protests, he confirms that he really is having an affair. Of course mummy dearest drags Hae Ryung off and Hae Ryung once again goes off about how Yoo Jung isn’t her real mother and always sides with Kyung Soo instead of Hae Ryung. And when Yoo Jung asks about the treatment program Hae Ryung throws a fit because her mother wishes to see her crazy as well.

We get shaky bad acting from Jong Hee. Sure, she gets the nerves across, but the shaking is too much and looks to forced. She’s very worried now and is determined that Mi So end things fast before Kyung Soo’s crazy wife comes after her. Meanwhile, Mi So says she really wanted to storm up to Hae Ryung and berate her for treating Mi So’s Kyung Soo that way. Omo. The gall if she really had. But she restrained herself. She then tells Kyung Soo that she doesn’t care if Hae Ryung comes in and yanks her hair. She will accept it all as she loves him and won’t leave him. Gak. Not the best attitude to have. The eternal doormat. Well…she would deserve some sort of punishment for an affair with a married man, wouldn’t she? Sigh.

Yoo Jung calls Kyung Soo into her office to apologize and is horrified when Kyung Soo admits that there is another woman which is why he wishes to leave Hae Ryung. Actually, he says that he and Hae Ryung were talking about divorce before the other woman. Well…I’m not sure that’s 100% accurate. But Kyung Soo is adamant he won’t change his mind. Yoo Jung does warn him about the wrath of her husband. Kyung Soo really doesn’t seem to understand just how bad his father-in-law is as Jae Hyuk keeps telling him the same thing over and over again, too.

The angry Hae Ryung is drinking at a bar when Jimmy comes to see her. She asks if he knows why she likes him and she explains it’s because he does everything she says. She then attacks the boy and they go up to a hotel. Later Jimmy wonders if Hae Ryung wants him to search out the mistress. Not yet. She wishes to play hide and seek. She will hold off to let the two burrow and hide. That will make finding the woman much more fun. Because find her she must and Hae Ryung will have fun teaching her a lesson to never be forgotten.

At the Lee house, Myung Ja says that Mi So is not successful because Yoo Jung is on her side. Yoo Jung only recognizes talented people and will quickly throw those away who don’t fit the bill. Thus Mi So is the genuine article. Myung Ja urges Na Young to come up with an idea as good as her rival’s. Needless to say Na Young is very unhappy about this. When the childish Min Jae goes to finish breakfast in his room, Myung Ja asks about going to the OB/Gyn to see the sex of the child. Na Young quickly lies and says that she went the day before and learnt she was having a boy. Myung Ja is at first ecstatic but starts smelling something fishy.

At CK, Yoo Jung is talking with Mi So about how well the product is doing when they see an angry Myung Ja storm in. She immediately goes to the planning office and demands to know about the miscarriage. Na Young quickly and unrealistically puts all blame on Mi So once more. Enter Mi So. Myung Ja launches to attack, but Yoo Jung keeps her from slapping Mi So over the miscarriage. Yoo Jung points out just how manipulative and evil Na Young is and walks out with Mi So. Assa! Although we all know Yoo Jung will turn on Mi So soon on account of the affair, I rather enjoyed that scene. Of course, Myung Ja is also well aware how evil her new daughter-in-law is. Her decision is that Min Jae should divorce…for a second time. Min Jae cannot believe this is happening yet again. Actually…isn’t it weird a little bit about just how much  Min Jae’s character has changed? Sure he would go against his mother at times which would mean he threatened to leave with his wife and daughter. But he was never so complacent or childish or willing to stick up for Mi So like he does the psychotic wench. What gives?

Of course, after Yoo Jung has defended her, Mi So wishes to tell the VP the truth, but just as she is about to Hae Ryung enters. Mi So is dismissed. Hae Ryung says that she doesn’t want her mother to say anything to Tae San as she and Kyung Soo will take care of this problem themselves. Kyung Soo made this mistake solely because she snuck around on him first. Thus, she should give him a chance to see the error of his ways. Riiight. Like Hae Ryung would ever stop seeing her boy toy?  Eyeroll. Yoo Jung wishes to believe Hae Ryung, but she really isn’t that stupid to believe in her daughter’s sudden maturity and sanity, is she?

Anywho, Psycho goes into Kyung Soo’s office and immediately says she will divorce him like he wants. There’s no use holding onto a man who doesn’t want her. Like that’s ever stopped her.  I can’t believe Kyung Soo is buying all of this BS. But…it’s because he wants to believe in Hae Ryung and that she will free him to be with the woman he really loves. Idiot. She leaves his office and vows to never let him go and wonders about how far the woman can bury herself. Jong Hee sees her leaving and flips out. She rushes to see Mi So who is not in the office and who doesn’t have her phone. Jong Hee’s idea is to call in reinforcements – Baek Jae Hyuk.

Mi So is on the roof when Kyung Soo comes up. He lets her know about the divorce and she tells him how close she was to telling Yoo Jung. She has the strange feeling that Yoo Jung will be supportive. Oh…really? Why is that? Because she treats you like her daughter? I don’t think so (especially since she has no idea that Mi So is Da Hae yet). Mi So also thinks that Jae Hyuk will be their strongest ally. NOT. Oh, sure. He’ll try to keep things swept under a rug for her protection, but he will NEVER support their relationship. Mi So is really a bad judge. Kyung Soo understands that Mi So wishes to tell Yoo Jung, but feels that now isn’t the time. Mi So agrees to keep the secret.

Moon Do sends Chan Ki over to Baek’s with some kimchi. It’s sooo cute how Baek treats him as his adorable little brother. It’s also cute just how much Chan Ki continues to resist. Baek tells Chan Ki that he is meeting Jong Hee later and then he gets a text from Jong Hee urging him to secrecy. Chan Ki wails that his noona is betraying him. Awww. If Jae Hyuk doesn’t realize Chan Ki’s crush now…it’d be surprising. He goes to meet with Jong Hee who tells him about Mi So and Kyung Soo. Baek already knows and is against it as well. He will try talking to Kyung Soo again. Like that’s worked so far.

Tae San goes home to find his wife in bed and unhappy. Why? Well…she has to hide Kyung Soo’s affair and Hae Ryung is getting worse without going to the program. Tae San says he didn’t want to upset his wife with the truth and she tells him that even if it was Hae Ryung’s decision to quit, he shouldn’t have let her. Yoo Jung then wonders what her husband and daughter are hiding. Tae San insists it is nothing, but Yoo Jung isn’t stupid. There’s something between the two that they are hiding from her. I really do hate how they always throw up the fact that Yoo Jung isn’t Hae Ryung’s birth mother. It’s hurtful as you know how much Yoo Jung considers herself to be Hae Ryung’s mother. Yoo Jung should never have chosen to marry Tae San…I wonder if she did just because he was a single father and she had all of her love for her missing daughter to give.

Na Young finds out through Manager Oh that rumors are flying that Kyung Soo is Yoo Jung’s son. Na Young tries to find out but Yoo Jung’s personal files are locked. Thus Na Young steals into Yoo Jung’s office and learns that Kyung Soo is married to her daughter. This makes Na Young smile. She’s got what she wants to destroy Mi So’s relationship with Yoo Jung now.

The next morning Na Young goes to tell Yoo Jung everything, but Mi So enters and Na Young decides to let the news wait for the time being. Meanwhile, Hae Ryung pays her lover to stalk her husband and take pictures of him together with his lover. She wishes to know who the woman is. Jimmy wonders what Hae Ryung will do to the woman. Hae Ryung isn’t certain yet. Jimmy wishes for her to ditch Kyung Soo and be with him, but Hae Ryung cruelly reminds him he’s just her doll. Nice. But…he’s a gold digger so he can’t care too much.

During their date, Mi So and Yoo Jung are called mother and daughter and Mi So is shocked when Yoo Jung lies and says they are. She is happy and even more guilty. Yoo Jung will be so hurt by her betrayal, won’t she? Duh. Yoo Jung says that shopping with Mi So was just what she needed to feel better. The two go out to eat and Yoo Jung cuts up Mi So’s noodles for her. Yoo Jung then reminisces for the umpteenth time about how similar Da Hae and Mi So are. Of course…I guess Yoo Jung is unaware of Mi So’s background and the fact that she was adopted.

Kyung Soo has the papers all drawn up. Hae Ryung comments on just how fast he was. Kyung Soo wants to submit the paperwork to the courts that week if possible. Hae Ryung begs him to hold off until after her father’s birthday party. Kyung Soo agrees and the then asks Hae Ryung to stop doing what she is doing (drinking and seeing Jimmy, etc.). He also wishes for her to continue the program. Hae Ryung talks about how they will soon be strangers and then asks how the other woman made him fall for her. Kyung Soo reveals that he was the one who pursued her, not the other way around. Hae Ryung leaves and wonders just who the woman is to make Kyung Soo chase after her. She’ll find out soon enough.

Yoo Jung and Mi So go back to the office and Yoo Jung happily hangs on to the pajamas that Mi So bought her. Mi So wanted to buy prettier ones, but Yoo Jung likes the pajamas that they picked out together at the market. She can’t do such things with the high class Hae Ryung. Yoo Jung says that she wishes to do more such dates with Mi So making the younger girl tear up and rush out of her office.

Hae Ryung scoffs at her mother’s pajamas and when Yoo Jung asks about divorce, Hae Ryung denies it. She won’t let him go. She then talks about the puppy her parents bought her. It was a friendly puppy wagging its tail and being good to her friend. So Hae Ryung made it so her friend would never like puppies again. How so? She drowned the puppy and gave it to her friend as a gift. Omo. This shocks Yoo Jung. HOW could that have been swept under the rug? But…what great proof of just how jealous, possessive and crazy Hae Ryung really is. Hae Ryung says that she has matured and won’t do such a thing to the other woman. Right. Not believable. Mi So’s life is in danger…again.

Hae Ryung leaves and runs into Mi So. She complains about how much she hates her unnie and then sees the bag Mi So is holding. Inside is matching pajamas. Hae Ryung goes ballistic and tries to rip the pajamas without success. She throws it on the floor and tells Mi So to leave her mother alone or else. Mi So apologizes for offending the woman and Hae Ryung stalks off. Jong Hee witnessed all of that and is not happy at all—especially when Mi So says she will take all Hae Ryung dishes out.

We cut to Tae San staring at the DVD of Hae Ryung’s murder and recalling his daughter’s words. Enter Baek. Tae San asks if Jae Hyuk took care of Jimmy. Jae Hyuk asserts that he did. Tae San then tells him to follow Hae Ryung to be certain. Okay. Tae San then wonders what to do about Kyung Soo. He’s all for killing the man for his daughter and he won’t hesitate if he learns about Kyung Soo doing anything bad to Hae Ryung. A big problem is how much Kyung Soo knows about his shady business practices. Things will be so much easier if he can find dirt on his son-in-law. This shakes Baek. Yeah. It would, wouldn’t it?

Jong Hee meets with Kyung Soo and says she will never agree to his relationship with Mi So. She explains what happened between the two women earlier and says that when all is said and done it will be Mi So who will be hurting the worst. Jong Hee would rather be the enemy standing between them than be a supportive friend throwing her dear Mi So to the wolves. Kyung Soo does mention the divorce, but Jong Hee tells him to wake up and smell reality. Given Hae Ryung’s personality, she won’t let go as easily as he thinks right now. Too true.

Jong Hee gets home and her attitude has the boys worrying that she had a fight with Mi So. When Mi So goes to talk to her, Jong Hee reveals her conversation with Kyung Soo and how she refuses to support their relationship. Mi So is very unhappy. She needs one friend who knows and will be supportive. Jong Hee apologizes, but she can’t as she knows it’s wrong to continue the relationship especially because of Kyung Soo’s crazy wife. Yep. But Mi So refuses to end things.

She then goes to meet Kyung Soo who brings her chocolate to cheer her up. Mi So then berates him for what happened with Jong Hee and for not telling her about Jae Hyuk’s disapproval. She wants him to share everything with her so he isn’t the only one suffering all by himself. Kyung Soo apologizes and compliments her strength. He will do so in the future. It really isn’t strength…it’s stupidity. What makes Mi So think she can really handle all the baggage and pain that will come with this love? I don’t think she can or Kyung Soo for that matter as well all know that Mi So will have her life threatened for the umpteenth time thanks to Psycho Wife.

The next day Yoo Jung sends Kyung Soo and Mi So off together for Queen’s anniversary celebration. Mi So is nervous and wonders if she should really be there, but Kyung Soo tells her to relax and they go off. Meanwhile, Myung Ja is insisting that Min Jae divorce Na Young and Na Young needs to leave CK as well. Na Young threatens back that she is the only person in CK that can save Min Jae and Myung Ja so the older woman had better reconsider. Sheesh. Na Young then spies the couple and cannot believe how audacious they are. She happily tells Mi So that she will have a surprise waiting upon her return.

Baek goes to the Queen’s function with Tae San who wants him to gauge what the reporters are talking about while Tae San talks with Queen’s. Tae San has just made his exit when Baek spots Mi So and Kyung Soo happily chatting. He then also spots Jimmy snapping pictures of them. Jae Hyuk immediately beats Jimmy up, takes the memory card from the camera and viciously stomps the camera into pieces as Jimmy runs away. Crisis averted?

Na Young goes into Yoo Jung’s office to report that Kyung Soo has been having an affair with Mi So since before Mi So’s divorce (actually…it was really after the divorce that their mutual relationship started…but Na Young always believed Mi So was a conniving person, so she honestly thought that Mi So was really having an affair). Mi So and Kyung Soo get back to CK where they arrange a date before Mi So goes off to see Yoo Jung who immediately asks if her dating Kyung Soo is true. Mi So unhappily confesses it is and gets a hard slap across the face. Not surprising as Yoo Jung really does love her mental step-daughter. Hae Ryung meets with the beaten Jimmy who requests reparations for his camera before showing Hae Ryung a photo he got on his phone that Baek didn’t catch. Hae Ryung is shocked to see her most hated unnie is the one dating her husband.

End episode. Next week starts Hae Ryung’s wrath. Mi So beware as there’s a storm coming that you are nowhere near ready for.


  • Thanks for your recap . I think that were it not for Park SunYoung ; I wouldn’t watch that drama . But I like it and I am looking forward for MiSo’s happiness : a long way to go …

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