30 Day Manga Challenge Day 18

Well, I’m technically cheating a bit since I never finished this manga series…but that’s okay. And for those who don’t know, BL = boy’s love. Yes, this question in the challenge is about same sex couples.

Day 18: Favorite BL/yuri couple?

Gravitation posterThanks to nichan in college I discovered the anime Gravitation. I even started collecting the manga it was based off of. Well…the manga kind of got annoying after several volumes so I stopped reading it, but I still love the anime version. So…this applies more to the anime than the manga, but oh well. I did check to make sure this wasn’t an anime challenge question as well, and it’s not. So no repetition at least.

Eiri Yuki and Shuichi Shindo are my favorite couple. You have the insecure rocker who falls for the cold and insensitive novelist with a painful past. I actually love all of Eiri’s put downs. They were flat and deadpan and oh so dead on. Shuichi’s character can be quite manic. That being said, these two were pretty good foils of one another and could be cute together, especially when Eiri would show his softer side to Shuichi.

While I don’t recommend the manga, I can definitely recommend the anime if you like Japanese music and aren’t too uncomfortable with yaoi. Not that this is graphic by any means like some of the stuff you can find out there. The English version isn’t as bad as say Fruits Basket‘s and I quite liked Eiri’s voice. But the Japanese version isn’t bad either (audio-wise).

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