30 Day Anime Challenge Day 4

At first I was going to say none…but then I thought about it…

Day 04: Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed?

Digimon Fox Kids Poster

Okay, I will preface by saying “ashamed” is not the right word. It’s more like embarrassed a wee bit. I mean, there’s no reason to be embarrassed for having liked this anime (at least the original season vs. it’s rebooted series that I couldn’t get into). So, what show am I embarrassed a bit by enjoying? Digimon. I never understood the Pokemon craze myself. I was a diehard Digimon fan. My sister and I each had our favorite cast member and our favorite Digimon. I can’t remember how we ended up watching this show. It was either one of the Saturday morning cartoons we actually tried watching or it was an afternoon cartoon we were able to get home early enough to watch.

I only find it embarrassing for the most part because…yeah…it’s a little silly and childish. But still…it was good. The term digimon is coined from the phrase digital monsters and it was about such monsters living in a world parallel to our own created by Earth’s various communication networks. So we end up with kids who get their own digimon and undergo quests and journeys in the parallel world to save both the Digital Universe and Earth from evil. Yes…I still find this show better than Pokemon. At least, the first original series. I couldn’t get into the other seasons as much.

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