30 Day Anime Challenge Day 3

Isn’t it weird to have a crush on a cartoon or manga character?

Day 03: What character was your first anime crush?


I’m not 100% certain on this question, but I know it’s one of two characters. The first is Darien (aka Tuxedo Mask) from the anime Sailor Moon. I don’t know why, but I liked him. Then there is Sage from Ronin Warriors (aka Super Samurai Troopers). Sage was a quiet and retrospective character. I liked that about him. I also loved his powers which revolved around light (I think his key power phrase was something about thunderbolt cut…which actually has nothing to do with light, but sound. I think my older sister really liked Roan or however you spell his name. He was pretty reticent at times, too. He had blue hair. My sister always wanted blue hair. 😛

One of the funny things about both characters is that its not like they are amazingly well drawn either. So…why a crush? Hey, I was an elementary school student at the time.


  • I used to have crushes on anime/manga characters all the time, lol. Usually just because of their looks; there are some beautiful guys in the Final Fantasy game series as well. I’m with you on Darien in Sailor Moon, I watched that when I was a tween and I remember really liking him. I only remember the beginning though, when he was all mysterious. He was less interesting later on.

    • Funny how some characters lose appeal when their mysterious auras are gone. I vaguely remember being a huge fan of Alan when the Treed storyline was going on.

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