30 Day Manga Challenge Day 16

Um…a toughy because I don’t keep track of this stuff too much…

Day 16: A manga that isn’t licensed but SHOULD be?

Most of the manga I read has been licensed as I have checked them out from my local and college libraries or I have bought them or seen them in stores. Thus…between that and what I read online…I’m never 100% certain if others are licensed or not.

Cat Street

That being said, I really enjoyed the series Cat Street by Yoko Kamio (of HanDan fame). This is a manga series that saw a live action adaptation which wasn’t bad, but wasn’t the best since it deviated so much from the original plot. Anywho, the story revolves around Aoyama Keito. She is a 16-year-old recluse who used to be a popular child actress. After something that happened, she develops stage fright and shuts herself off from the world. She then encounters a teacher of a free school who invites her to stop by since she spends all day doing nothing. Keito does, but is put off originally, however, when she has no real place to turn to, she ends up going back and slowly the people at the school become her friends and she is brave enough to start her acting career once more.

Sure, there are times it gets a bit laggy, but I really, really loved this manga. I would love for it to have an official, licensed English version, but alas, it does not. I was hoping with the popularity of HanDan this series would eventually see release in the US, but nope. If you can find the scanlations online, do check it out.

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