30 Day Anime Challenge Day 2

While trying to think of answers for the manga challenge, I kept on thinking of anime I could use to answer the questions…

Day 02: Favorite anime You’ve watched so far?

As much as I love Sailor Moon, hands down the answer is none other than Escaflowne! This series which I originally watched in English on Fox Kids, was cancelled just at a critical moment with the doppleganger episode. So I had quite the wait for the series to be released on VHS to learn what happened (believe it or not, my house didn’t have internet until after I graduated from college, so no googling for answers or for where I could finish the series).

EscaflowneAs much as the ending of the anime kind of let me down, it was sooo good. It was anime crack. The story revolves around Hitomi Kanzaki, your average high school girl who likes to tell fortunes. On the day that she decides she will confess to her long-time crush Amano, a strange boy appears out of thin air slaying a dragon. Hitomi ends up getting sucked into his world with him. It’s a place called Gaia and the Earth hangs in the sky above. Gaians calls the Earth the Mystic Moon. Once there, Hitomi ends up tagging along with Van trying to find a way back home.

Crystals, fortunes, wishes, Atlantis, Draconians, knights, the bond between brothers, giant robots and more is what Hitomi finds. Along with love. I highly recommend this series. There was some things that didn’t make too much sense at times, but I really just enjoyed it. This is an anime that I have watched time and again. At like 20-24 episodes, it’s relatively short. And the soundtrack! The BGM was all amazing and fitting and I loved the opening and ending songs. Yoko Kanno’s music never ceases to amaze.

There is a movie version of the anime. It’s a stand alone and takes on a very different plot from both the manga and the series. I liked both.

You should definitely check out “Yakusoku wa Iranai” (loosely translated as I don’t Need Promises or Promises are Unnecessary) by Sakamato Maaya who voiced Hitomi in the series and “Mystic Eyes” by Wada Hiroki.

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