30 Day Manga Challenge Day 15

Zettai KareshiHalfway point for the challenge!

Day 15 – The saddest scene?

Um…this is kind of hard. The saddest scene? I can’t actually think of one. Maybe when someone died or a good best friend in a manga is thoroughly rejected… Of course, I can’t think of one scene that stands out as the saddest. As much as I really despised Zettai Kareshi by Yuu Watase…maybe the scene where Night shuts down for good with little hope of ever resurrecting (thus why our leading lady ends up with her best friend instead of the robot she loves).

I actually think this scene was made more dramatic in the drama versions than it was in the actually manga. In here, Night simply went to sleep quietly without Riiko every knowing that he was failing. Oh, sure there were hints with him being constantly tired all of the time, but she really had no idea that there would come a day when he would cease functioning altogether. It should have been even more dramatic…but it is definitely a little less so than the live action versions.

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