30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 30

It’s over! It’s over. I’ll take it now it’s over. Sorry, I was channeling some SPEED there. Now it sounds like I’m hopped up on drugs, lol. Anywho, today marks the final day in the 3o Day Asian Music Challenge.

Day 30: Your all time favorite K-Pop song?

I’m going to answer with other flavors of Asian music as well.

Favorite Jpop song?

Utada Hikaru’s “Eternally”

Favorite visual kei song?

A tie between Alice Nine’s “White Prayer” and the GazettE’s “Reila.”

Favorite j-band song?

A tie between Weaver’s “Hard to Say I Love You” and flumpool’s “Over the Rain.”

Favorite kpop song?

Hmmm…that’s a toughy. Methinks a toss up between “Waiting for the Time” from the DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo ost and Infinite’s “Be Mine.”

Favorite k-indie song?

10cm’s “Nothing Without You” (do they count as an indie band?)

Favorite krock song?

“Fed Up!!!” by Toxic and “Hold Me” by AXIZ

Favorite cpop/twpop song?

I think a tie between Rainie Yang’s “Ai Mei” JJ Lin’s “Love U U” and Bii’s “Come Back to Me”

Favorite Thai song?

“No Room for the Word Fear in Love” by Oasis

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