30 Day Anime Challenge Day 1

I am too old to remember correctly.

Day 01 – Very first anime?

What would that be. Well…according to my father my sister and I used to watch Robotech all of the time when we were little. I was born in 1985 which was when that series first was brought over to the US. I recall it vaguely, I really do…but I can’t remember it all that clearly. The first anime that I really remember watching is none other than Sailor Moon. It used to be on every day at like 10-10:30 in the morning. My sister and I would watch it right after watching Blinky Bill (got to love that koala). We even “taped” the audio of episodes. Not quite sure as to the reason we taped the audio…but we did. At that time did I know that was anime? Heck no. It wasn’t until later that I understood the difference between anime and American cartoons.

And…after Sailor Moon came Ronin Warriors, Escaflowne, and Inu Yasha. The first two were on FOX Kids on Saturday. Thankfully I think Ronin Warriors actually got the ending aired. The same could NOT be said of Escaflowne, so I waited for years to find out what happened (I bought the series on VHS when it came out and then later on DVD).

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