Crazy Love Episodes 57-58 Recap

Just as our OTP is getting all lovey dovey censure and a crazy wife are starting to rain down on them. This is to be expected. I don’t think there is really any society that is too accepting of affairs.

Ah, the absurdity and childishness that happens in these two episodes. It’s almost like our serious drama with a strong start has petered into a trite, typical, and somewhat childish drama. Sad.

We open episode 57 of Crazy Love with Baek rushing and dragging Hae Ryung from the mall before she can confirm Kyung Soo is really there with someone else. Close call. I’m surprised that Mi So and Kyung Soo didn’t hear her yelling as Jae Hyuk drug her away. Once that unknown crisis has been averted, we cut back to see our pair. Mi So has finished all her her shopping and Kyung Soo throws a bit of a childish tantrum. She bought things for her father and brother…what about him? LOL. Mi So smiles at his childish behavior and quickly goes to help him pick out a new outfit. This makes Kyung Soo happy as the clothes are handpicked by Mi So, plus she agrees to give him a heart sign when he has on the outfit she likes the most. Cute. Silly. Still good.

Baek drops Hae Ryung off at Tae San’s office where they both throw fits. Tae San warns her that if she continues this behavior he will not stand for it. If she’s doing this to end things with Kyung Soo then she just needs to le the man go already. If she doesn’t wish to end things with her hubby then she had better stop or else. Hae Ryung is incensed that she had to give up her pretty doll. Ommo. Sure, Jimmy is out for all he can get…but…still…he’s a human being, not a toy (even if he doesn’t care about the analogy and basically sells himself to rich women). Of course, Baek is all tortured and worried about his precious Mi So. He knows how bad things are liable to get if the pair are uncovered.

Mi So and Kyung Soo get take out and go back to the office. HOW can these people act so lovey dovey at CK when rumors can easily spread? Especially to Yoo Jung who is Kyung Soo’s mother-in-law? Anywho, Mi So has a special tie that she picked out for Kyung Soo before he met her at the mall. Kyung Soo is happy and vows to never take the tie off. LOL. He also insisted on wearing the clothes Mi So picked out back to the office only to have to change into a suit for a meeting.

Meanwhile, Chan Ki is trying to get Jong Hee to notice him, but she can’t as she’s too preoccupied with Mi So and Pineapple-ssi. Poor Chan Ki is really upset about this. Poor boy. Looks like he has decided he genuinely likes Jong Hee and wants her to notice him as a man (once more). Jong Hee then leaves to meet with Mi So where she tells her friend that she has nothing to be ashamed or sorry of, but she still needs to end things before things get much, much worse. Mi So can’t do that. She’s already reached the point where she can’t live without Kyung Soo. Not that I have any experience in the matter…but can you really not live without someone else? I think you can. Sure…you’ll be heartbroken and miserable…but can you really be happy as things stand? This seemed a trite and forced scene. Mi So almost seemed like a whiny little kid when pleading with Jong Hee to support her.

Jong Hee works everything out on paper the next day at the office and realizes that Mi So’s relationship to Kyung Soo could send them both packing from CK since Kyung Soo is Yoo Jung’s son-in-law. Jong Hee flips a gasket. She then eats the paper to hide the evidence. Oy. Meanwhile, Mi So hand delivers a present to Yoo Jung—it’s a tea cup and saucer and what looks like could be some tea, too. Yoo Jung is very happy and flattered by the gift. She broaches the Min Jae subject once more and Mi So again says to leave it be. Yoo Jung promises and then says that Myung Ja sold half of her shares so that makes it easier for Yoo Jung to get rid of Min Jae should he step out of line again. She then gives Mi So an envelope to take to the merger office. Excuse to see Kyung Soo!

Myung Ja drags her son into the office. He only has one shot, don’t blow it. Min Jae would rather blow it as he’s terrified of his ex. How could she escape the fire unharmed? And how is it that she gets to be happy while he suffers? He wishes her to suffer as well. Myung Ja cannot believe her son and says if he’s that afraid just beg. Min Jae refuses as he has his pride. Riiight. He then goes to the bathroom (code here for trying to runaway) and runs smack in to Mi So. He immediately drops to his knees and says he was wrong and begs for her forgiveness. Mi So tells him that she will only forgive him once so he should curb his temper. She leaves and Min Jae immediately springs to his feat and mouths off. Enter Na Young who shoots him a look of disgust before leaving.

Mi So delivers the documents and since OM is getting ready to leave, Kyung Soo has her stay under the pretense of delivering her response back to Yoo Jung. Once OM leaves, Kyung Soo complains about how he’s been aching to see her. He then has her straighten the tie she bought him. LOL. While it is childish, it’s nice to see this side of Kyung Soo after his morose hangdog puppy days. Although…I’m sure we have more of those moments coming. Mi So reveals Jong Hee has found out and Kyung Soo vows to do whatever it takes to make Jong Hee their ally.

Meanwhile, Baek meets with Jimmy, takes his phone, twists the boy’s arm behind his back, and deletes all photos of Jimmy and Hae Ryung. Baek then gives the boy some money and tells him that he will regret it if Baek has to come back again because Jimmy disobeyed orders and saw Hae Ryung. Eh, typical. Oh…and I forgot to mention earlier, that Hae Ryung was supposed to meet Jimmy at that store and that he saw Kyung Soo out on his date with Mi So. You know that won’t be good later.

Chan Ki tries once more to appeal to Jong Hee. This time he dresses in a suit and bring his guitar to CK to serenade her. Unfortunately Jong Hee is too preoccupied with Mi So and Kyung Soo to actually listen to his song. This gives poor Chan Ki so many mixed signals that he has no idea how to interpret if Jong Hee likes him or not. Poor boy.

Baek then calls up Mi So who rejects his request to meet as she has plans. Na Young overhears this and of course knows Mi So is talking to Jae Hyuk as that is the only person Mi So calls “oppa.” Na Young tells Mi So that her ogranic dessert idea was shelved all thanks to Mi So. Our girl stands up for herself and says she’s not to blame and that she doesn’t want to fight. When Na Young persists, Mi So drops the subject as she’s getting sick of it.

Jong Hee goes to find Mi So and tell her to once again end things because of just how bad this will be if it hits the fan. Mi So again refuses and proposes a dinner out and karaoke. Jong Hee, since she’s so stressed quickly agrees. Of course this is a setup. Mi So brings Kyung Soo and this really unsettles Jong Hee since she invited Jae Hyuk. Neither man is happy to see the other. Baek is introduced as Mi So’s close oppa. The two girls go outside to talk leaving the men inside.

Baek explains how close he is with Mi So since their orphanage days and how she is his one and only sister, his one and only family and because of this he doesn’t want her to get hurt because of Kyung Soo…thus…the lawyer needs to end things now.

End episode.

58 starts up once again with this conversation. Baek warns Kyung Soo that he has no idea just how bad Oh Tae San is and to quickly end things. He also warns Kyung Soo to keep mum to Mi So that Baek knows about their relationship as there is no need to worry her since Kyung Soo will be ending things soon, right? Jae Hyuk goes to leave and Mi So is disappointed that he’s leaving so soon. Baek forces a smile and tells her that something came up suddenly, but he’ll see her later.

Mi So explains to Kyung Soo that Jong Hee left due to shock. Kyung Soo is still reeling from this conversation from Baek. Mi So then proposes a date since they are all alone now. Kyung Soo hesitates, but agrees. Meanwhile, Chan Ki tries to talk to Jong Hee, but she is not in the mood. The unhappy boy leaves and she scolds the roses Kyung Soo bought her for involving her in that nightmare.

After their date, the two go to their park and Mi So asks if he’s still upset about the whole Jong Hee situation since he didn’t laugh once as the movie they saw was a comedy. Kyung Soo lies and says he was just nervous to finally be out with her at the movies. He was nearly shaking and kept holding tightly to her hand. The next day Mi So tries to talk to Jong Hee, but her friend has has enough for the moment. They go to leave and Moon Do reminds Jong Hee about the blind date at lunch. Mi So is mystified and Jong Hee snaps that just as Mi So doesn’t tell her everything, Jong Hee doesn’t have to either. Touché. She leaves and Chan Ki worries about how to keep her from dating the Baek Jae Hyuk doppleganger.

Jong Hee runs into Kyung Soo first thing and barely greets him before leaving. When Mi So enters, Jong Hee quickly comes back to drag her away. Smart. Too much interaction at the office is definitely NOT a good thing. Anywho, Baek meets with Yoo Jung who hands over information about the shares. Looks like it wasn’t Yoo Jung, but rather her husband who purchased half of Myung Ja’s shares. Yoo Jung warns Jae Hyuk not to let Kyung Soo know this.

Jae Hyuk leaves and runs into Na Young who immediately launches into him about constantly coming to CK to visit Mi So. Looks like Na Young is really unaware about his connection to Yoo Jung…that’s probably a good thing. Anywho, Baek does ask if Mi So is in and is told she’s at a meeting. The topic then gets around to Min Jae and Na Young bullying Mi So. Na Young says Baek’s threats won’t scare her and she will keep going after Mi So until she’s crushed. When Jae Hyuk mentions the fire, Na Young is shocked and outraged that he was there to save Mi So from her sorry fate. Aigoo.

Myung Ja shows Min Jae that she sold half her shares for him. Min Jae says that with the merger company, such a thing makes his mother vulnerable, but he doesn’t care since it means he’s back in his old position once more. Myung Ja asks after her son’s plans and Min Jae’s response is to rely solely on the now incapable Na Young. Myung Ja doesn’t like this one bit and says he can’t trust anyone—not even his own children. It takes a while for that insult to hit home. He’s such a dimwitted dunce.

Then comes the scene I enjoyed the most out of these two episodes. Min Jae goes to his office all happy and gets a big scare to find Jae Hyuk waiting for him. Min Jae immediately tries to flee, but Baek catches him and locks the door. Min Jae immediately starts sniveling. Doesn’t Jae Hyuk know that Mi So forgave Min Jae? Baek doesn’t care. He has already issue a warning which Min Jae ignored. Too bad we don’t get to see Min Jae get beat up, but we do get to hear him plead for Baek not to hit his face. LOL. Somehow I doubt Baek complied to that request. I’m a bit saddened that we also didn’t get to see what Min Jae looks like after Baek worked him over. I so recalled the scene in Daredevil where the bad guy says that he was exonerated (found not guilty) and Daredevil replied not in his book. That is obviously what Baek is saying. he doesn’t care of baby sister/love of his life forgave Min Jae because he can’t.

I was laughing so hard by the time Baek emerges from the office and calmly brushes himself off…like Min Jae is dirt he’s trying to make sure doesn’t cling. Anywho, Baek heads to the parking garage where he meets with Kyung Soo who brings up the Mi So issue once more. Baek tells him that even if Kyung Soo escapes unscathed, Oh Tae San will kill his Mi So. Awww. I’m sure that basically means Baek will die, too because he won’t let anyone harm his Mi So and would die protecting her. These words seem to really hit Kyung Soo. Thy should. He should be aware of just how evil the Ohs are (I’m excluding Yoo Jung here as she’s not all bad…).

As Jong Hee fixes her makeup and Kang and Oh wish her luck, she gets a call from Chan Ki complaining of pain. She immediately rushes out and over to the Yoon house to take care of him. It was so cute and sweet how she was going to try to piggyback him all the way to the hospital herself. Instead, Chan Ki says it isn’t that serious and he took medicine. Thus he’s in heaven as Jong Hee rubs his “hurting” stomach for him. Well, that plan worked this time.

Baek is over for dinner and he fits in so well and naturally as part of the family. He is all happy and smiles until he sees Mi So stare forlornly at the phone. Jong Hee tells Mi So to put the phone down and concentrate on eating. Later Mi So sneaks off to her room. So why is she depressed? Kyung Soo hasn’t called her all day! The horror! Didn’t she just see him that morning? She texts him and he’s at the office all depressed and worrying over Baek’s words. He meets with Mi So who asks him what happened. Kyung Soo is happy to know she’s worrying about him and just says he’s tired from a long day in court. Mi So then promises to recharge his batteries and has him sit down to listen to music. She starts singing along and soon enough Kyung Soo joins in. The moment is then overtaken by the actual singer who sings the song. I have to say that I was surprised that Go Se Won has a fairly decent voice. Why is that shocking…I don’t know. I’m tone deaf. You don’t want to hear me sing willingly.

Baek goes to leave as it is late. Chan Ki says Jong Hee needs to stay away from blind dates and concentrate on Pineapple-ssi. Jong Hee quickly shuts him up and drags him away as she asserts she is working on the situation now. Moon Do then tells Jae Hyuk that he considers him as his son and really hopes that Baek will be able to quit Tae San Capital now. Baek apologizes for making him worry and leaves. Jae Hyuk doesn’t want to stay, but again, he knows better than anybody else how much Tae San doesn’t let go.

Still…Jae Hyuk goes to Oh Tae San and requests his freedom. Tae San asks why and Jae Hyuk replies that he has found his family. That’s right. His orphan sister, correct? Tae San then asks if Jae Hyuk remembers coming to him with his best friend pleading for Tae San to save him as he was married with two kids and a third one on the way. Tae San did. Why? He wanted Baek’s fierce loyalty and devotion to family to be his. He’s disappointed that Baek wants to go his own way know. Tae San tells the younger man that it’s not him who decides when the end is, it’s Tae San himself. The older man tells Jae Hyuk not to worry as he will not hold on to him forever. When the time is right, Tae San will let Baek go. And if Baek is feeling too uneasy with his work for Tae San Capital, he just needs to concentrate on working for Yoo Jung then. Not surprising at all.

Mi So meets with Yoo Jung about the promotions for the new item when Yoo Jung gets a call from Dr. Kim and learns that Hae Ryung has taken herself out of the treatment program. This does not make Yoo Jung happy. She promises to talk to her daughter and then tells Mi So that she and Jong Hee are going to a new promotional event with her that day. The trio head out where they pass by Kyung Soo. At this time, Hae Ryung meets with Jimmy who tells her about Baek’s threat and the envelope of money. He then reveals that Kyung Soo has a woman. Hae Ryung is in shock. She immediately goes to CK to slap her husband and demand who the woman is as Yoo Jung, Jong Hee, and Mi So look on in shock (and worry).

End episode.

Don’t expect 59 to be up tomorrow as Chani-chan will be in town!!!! Woohoo!!!


  • I don’t usually watch daily dramas as the sacrificing everything for everyone else but herself trope drives me batty BUT I am totally addicted to your recaps! I even want to check out Ep. 58.

  • Wow. I’m happy that you’re enjoying the recaps and it makes you actually want to watch the drama. It was good to begin…but is now entering a very annoying and drug out plot.

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