30 Day Manga Challenge Day 13

I’m not exactly sure, but I do know Bleach has some epic scenes. Would I label any of them as the “most epic ever”…that I don’t know.

Day 13 – The most epic scene ever?

I haven’t finished Bleach yet. It’s very looong. It contains lots of battle scenes. One scene that I found particularly epic was when Ichigo was fighting with himself to stop himself from becoming a hollow and learning the true name of his shinigami/soul cutter’s sword.

Ichigo from Bleach

BLEACH scanThe second scene I found epic was when Ichigo fights Urahara as the final test in a set of three tests to help prepare Ichigo to go rescue Rukia from the Soul Society. I love Urahara for some reason 😛 He’s the kind of character that seems mischievous and mysterious and like he will remain neutral of everything, but it turns out he’s not who you think he is. Sure, he does love teasing Ichigo mercilessly, but his prowress and soul cutter sword cannot be denied and he has no problem training Ichigo go overcome his hollow issue and become a true shinigami.

Those two are two of my favorite “epic” scenes, but really, this manga is filled with great scenes and action sequences. Sure, it can take a while for a storyline to continue on, but this manga didn’t bore me and kept me reading. Until my friend’s collection caught up with the recent releases. There are more, but I just haven’t had time to pick it back up. There’s like…500+ chapters and counting.

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