Crazy Love Episodes 55-56 Recap

It’s frustrating. That’s all I can say.

So…shall I go into great depth with these two recaps? No. I won’t give you a play by play of all the inane events that happened. Oh, sure, there was relationship progress…and some company progress from Yoo Jung…but…I just feel very dissatisfied for some reason. Maybe it’s the weather.

So, the key points of episode 55 are as follows:

  • Jae Hyuk arrives on scene in time to find Min Jae running with tail between his legs. Jae Hyuk rescues Mi So and demands to know what happened, but she says everything was only an “accident.” Right. It’s an accident when someone douses a place in kerosene and lights a match (or in this case throws down a lighter).
  • Myung Ja and Na Young try to cover up Min Jae’s crime, but it’s too late as Yoo Jung has already found out and won’t let Min Jae go.
  • Mi So again says it was all an accident to Yoo Jung and tells her to drop any investigation and charges against Min Jae since Mi So doesn’t want her “dead” daughter to learn about this side of her father. Yoo Jung then asks Mi So to make a cake for her lost daughter Da Hae.
  • Oh forbids Yoo Jung from forcing Hae Ryung to go to her therapy sessions. He knows his daughter best and knows they won’t help her at all. Right. It’s good to let her continue her craziness as long as her secret of killing someone doesn’t get exposed. Eyeroll.
  • Jong Hee confirms the identity of Pineapple-ssi and is horrified to the point she ends up agreeing to a blind date for herself annoying Chan Ki.
  • Kyung Soo berates Mi So for not telling him about the fire and Mi So asks a favor—help her bake a cake for Yoo Jung.
  • A very nice and romantic and horribly corny cake baking scene ensues which poor Jae Hyuk witnesses. I’m sure it wouldn’t be so bad except he saw a very, very passionate kiss betwixt the two.
  • I also don’t remember what episode it’s from, but we also have Chan Ki trying to stop Jong Hee’s blind date and Jong Hee asks Chan Ki about Attorney Seo’s private life. She also gets fed up and tries to get Mi So to finally talk to her about her love.
  • Oh, and we start seeing Kang and Oh sucking up to Mi So because of her promotion to Team Leader.

All in all…Mi So’s “saintliness” has turned into plain stupidity. And the fact that Min Jae seemed unperturbed because he believed Mi So would save him is just…well…spot on, but still…it shows a disgusting lack of conscience on his part, but I guess that’s to be expected since he wasn’t remorseful at all about beating her thanks to the Hae Ram incident. Seeing Na Young’s house of cards tumble down is highly amusing, though. I loved it when the drunk Min Jae tries to get a little nooky and she pushes him away saying no intercourse on doctor’s orders and he had better never come near her. Hahaha. Wasn’t she just saying that they could try to get pregnant again a couple episodes ago? I was also laughing when Myung Ja blatantly lets it slip to Yoo Jung that it was Min Jae who started the fire in the warehouse.

What I do find interesting is that the security guard supposedly saw Min Jae arguing with Mi So and starting the fire. If that is the case…how come he didn’t intervene in the first place and stop Min Jae? That’s some pretty shitty security if you ask me.

Key points of episode 56 are:

  • Kyung Soo gets Mi So to finally call him by his name instead of Attorney Seo.
  • Yoo Jung uses the fire incident to manipulate Myung Ja into selling Yoo Jung her shares of CK to save Min Jae.
  • Na Young starts pushing away from the Lee family and tries to get Jae Hyuk to forget Mi So and choose her since her carefully plotted life of grandeur and power is quickly disappearing like sand clutched too tightly in a fist.
  • Mi So wishes to meet one of Kyung Soo’s friends to learn even more about her lover.
  • Jae Hyuk and Mi So share a special brother-sister lunch in which they both try to talk the other into starting over with a new happier life.
  • We learn that Hae Ryung has kept a DVD of her killing Kyung Min so that she will never forget what she did and try to treat Kyung Soo well (that’s not going too well).
  • Mi So shares the birthday cake with Yoo Jung who tells her about Da Hae which ends with the two women sobbing their hearts out (separately).
  • Kyung Soo introduces Mi So to his reporter sunbaenim who asks Mi So to hold on to Kyung Soo who has finally restarted his life since his brother’s death.
  • Mi So vows to never let go of Kyung Soo come what may and invites him out on a date.
  • Jae Hyuk lies about Kyung Soo having a girlfriend on the side as Tae San worries over what to do about his son-in-law and daughter.
  • Jae Hyuk is caught between a rock and a hard place when Hae Ryung spots Kyung Soo out on his date with Mi So.

So…will Hae Ryung learn about her husband’s “affair” this week? I wonder. She can’t point fingers, though, because she’s much worse than he is.

I must also pause and say that Mi So’s expression when Reporter Ma was talking to her privately was very misleading. She looked unhappy and frightened. Kind of like she didn’t want to deal with Kyung Soo and his baggage, and then in the next scene, she’s smiling at him happily and being all lovey dovey and refusing to let go of him no matter what. NOT well played at all.

I’m also quite fed up with the mother-daughter scenes. I don’t know why but they irk me to no end. But…I complained a lot about the slowness and dragginess of certain aspects of Smile, Donghae as well. There’s really no such thing as a well-paced and well thought out daily drama. At least not yet for me.


  • newkdramaaddict

    Boy I wish Thorn Flower was subbed decently! Okay, now that is off my chest, let’s get with it. Mi So, Mi So; when is the strong Mi So going to take over the body of the doormat Mi So? When she covered for Min Jae and said it was an accident, that was the last straw! I’m ready for her to find out about Hae Ram and get freaking tough!! From the previews, I don’t think it is time for crazy train to find out. As you said, Hae Ryung has done worse but have we forgotten? The biatch is CRAZY!!??

    • If Hae Ram is in the hereafter (we all have our doubts) then it doesn’t matter if Mi So tries to cover up for daddy dearest because Hae Ram would be able to see all the bad tings that Min Jae has done. I think it would make her unhappier to see her mother willingly suffer because of Min Jae, so Mi So’s reasoning is invalid.

      She’s beyond crazy, she’s a complete psycho. Oh the joys of her finding out and going all psycho on Mi So. But…it is a rather difficult mess to extract oneself from so Kyung Soo…how will he ever unglue himself from that family?

      • newkdramaaddict

        That’s the million Won question I’d like to see. I don’t know HOW they will resolve (or dissolve) that relationship, short of Kyung Soo finding out about his brother.

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