30 Day Manga Challenge Day 12

I at first thought this question might be hard, but after thinking on it, I guess it really wasn’t.

Day 12 – A manga you used to love but don’t anymore?

Kaikan PhraseI was thinking about mangas that I started out enjoying but hated by the end or dropped because the enjoyment was lost, but then thought this should be about a series that I actually completed. Thus, Kaikan Phrase [aka Sensual Phrase] by Mayu Shinjo is the hands down winner. This was a risque manga that revolved around a famous rock band who were known for their sexually suggestive lyrics. A young high school girl decides to enter a song contest and accidentally bumps into the lead singer who snatches her lyrics and creates a song from them. She then becomes the lyricist for the band and the love interest of the lead singer.

The plot got terribly redundant as is quite common in longer series. Fight, breakup, makeup, lather, rinse, repeat. Oh, and you have all these people trying to interfere with our main couple’s love from left and right. The poor other band members never really got all that much page time, which is a bit of a shame. While I stuck with this manga all the way through, I just fell out of love with it. Sure, it did tackle some tricky issues, but not on a very big scale and they didn’t offer too much insight into those things, either.

So…a long drawn out ending with too much…sex, violence, and turbulence for the main couple. This was a manga I had collected and then just gave away because I never wanted to re-read it again.


  • LOL my answer would actually relate to your Day 13 answer. A manga I used to love but don’t love anymore is..BLEACH. T___T

    • I haven’t made it past where they go to rescue Rukia (several volumes into that story line right now) because that’s where my friend’s collection stopped as we were waiting for more volumes to come out, so I can’t say I dislike it yet.

      • That was back when Bleach was good! So long long ago. Well I think after the Hueco Mundo arc (Rescue Mission #2) Bleach isn’t as great as it used to be. T_T I don’t even know what’s happening anymore with Ichigo getting all of these power-ups.

        • Ah, the joys of long, drawn-out series. I always end up losing interesting in things that are open-ended with no firm plan on how to end things. Those types of books and manga get repetitive and start getting boring and far from the original plot you once enjoyed.

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